Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday night out

Last night was VERY interesting!!! A. came over and surprised by staying the night, leaving us to go out and have fun. We went to Carrows to have breakfast and of course needed an excuse to eat the berry cobbler (so effing gooood) after that we took Nala to empty out her anal glands (yes I said her anal glands, meaning her ass ok..) After her "treatment" I take her out to pee when S.F called me (btw it is her 23rd birthday today!!! Happy birthday my sweetheart!! Wish you were here...keep you head up and do what you do best, hopefully we will see each other soon)... as I was taking Nala out and she pooped on the grass, surrounded by other dogs poo, this dude comes out of his shop and as I am on the phone, he comes up behind me and says "DO YOU NEED BAGS FOR THAT?!" while handing me 2 brown bags...I just look at him with my mouth open while S.F is on the line talking...I look at him dumb funded and say "oh my gosh, you are soooo kind, how did you know I needed the bags. Amazing!! Thank you soo much" and he just stared at me, not knowing what to say and went back to his shop mumbling...Some people have no life!!
We finished our business at the Vet and went back home. Sitting at home trying to figure out what to do we thought of the most obvious thing, get donuts. We go to Foster's and buy a dozen assorted and he throws in mini donuts YUMMY for free!!!
We get back home and enjoy the donuts while watching Twilight, again!! A. kept saying nasty things about Edward and what she wants to do with him..I had to actually hit her to make her shut up!! haha...
We got dressed and went to one of the most amazing restaurants in LA (according to me). It is C&O Trattoria in Marina Del Rey. The Italian food is amazing!! The garlic rolls they give throughout dinner are just to die for!!! We got there pretty late because A's navigation system is busted so we kept getting lost but still had a great time!! After dinner we headed across the street to a bar called Cabo (I think). It was an interesting bar to say the least. We get there and it is not too crowded so we start drinking, 3 girls at a table. At first the guys in the bar are all staring because we are not regulars but no one approaches us. An hour later the bar gets full and one guy comes up to us and wants to buy us shots.....We kindly turn him down, which sets him off on a rant about how amazing he is (not even close!!!)..Everyone around us are staring, he knocks a chair over when he tries to sit down next to me...At first we didn't wanna be rude so we talked to him but he quickly turned very obnoxious and started using the N-word...That is the last word you want to use around me so my mood just goes down and I am about to punch him. This apparently turned him on because now he refuses to leave my side...He starts saying how he bought us our drinks, I look at him and say "you didn't buy shit, we got this ourselves.." and he tells me to go fuck myself because he did buy them...WTF..Did he get us the drinks with our money or is kind of interesting how he thinks by making shit up and cursing at me I would want him more..At this point I am almost sitting on top of A. just to get away from him but he just got closer...He kept saying "we should make out" HELL NO ASSHOLE!! Finally S. had to get the security guards. They take him aside, leaving his cellphone on the table. After staying with him for 5 minutes they left his side and as soon as they turned their backs he was right back by our table. As he walks up to us both security guards take him outside. He stands outside for 30 minutes trying to get back in, which obviously does not work. S. goes out to smoke and sees that the cops are at the bar talking to him. He got handcuffed and kept trying to escape! one girl passed him and he shouts out "hey bitch" leading to him getting his body slammed to the cop car by the police. It took the cops a long while to get him in the car and leave...After that some of the guys dared to approach us, basically using his behaviour as an excuse to talk to us "uhm yea I saw what cool...are you guys ok? well if uuhhhmmm you want uhm you can uhm hang out with us uhm yea hehehehe.." "yea thanks we will think about it" NOT.. Toward the end of the night 3 guys come up and start talking to us, Shane, English Rich, and Jon. Smart, not cute, and funny guys and we had a blast with them...The bar closed and we were heading out, one of the hosts was standing outside the restroom while I was in there and when I got out he had made me a napkin rose..aaawww soo cute!!! I got outside and the girls were still talking to the guys. This really drunk guy came up to us and started talking when 2 guys passed us. The drunk guy tells one of the guys who was walking with his bike "yea keep pedaling and maybe I will join you" or something like that...this is apparently some sort of diss so the other shouts back "yea sure you fat bastard" and before we knew it, they were fighting. The guy on the bike was throwing the drunk guy around and then the drunk guy was just pounding on the guy with the bike. It was all a mess until the friend of the guy with the bike tried to stop it, and one of the hosts of the bar ran and helped out. We turn to leave and look back, the guys are now HUGGING!! *sigh* All I can say is; boys boys boys. Boys will always be boys...
We get in the car ready to go home...of course we get lost haha..we get home, me and A. talk for a while about the interesting night we had and finally went to sleep...Now A. left to continue her "conference" hahaha in Long Beach and S. is sleeping..Nala is sleeping next to me farting away...I am gonna go have a donut and tan on the balcony....Until next time party people


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