Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching up

Wow, it has been a while since I wrote anything in the blog...Well, I don't know if there is much to say really. On Sunday A. and her friend were supposed to show up but since it was Persian New Year her friend could not make it so A. went over to her cousins house to help out a little...I have gotten a letter from Homeland Security stating they have received my money so now I am just waiting to know whether I can get the work permit or not, fingers crossed. I spent Monday running errands at school for my application, now I am just working on my Personal Statement which I will send over soon. When I was done with my errands A. and I had donuts (there was a period in my life I was REALLY bummed so A. would pick me up from my house in Glendale and we would drive to Yum Yum and have donuts while I would pour out my heart so now it's our own thing). The donuts were soo good, Foster's, if you can you should try them out :) Anyways, she took me to Pasadena and we spent the day eating food, we did NOT like at all, eating Pinkberry, YUM, and walking around in shops looking for dresses for A. to wear as maid of honor at her sister's wedding. No luck there at all. We headed to Glendale to have a drink and eat good food. We ended up at Charles Billiard, it is a cool place to just chill and have drinks while playing pool. We both had a beer each before it was time to head home again. I was exhausted when I came home, had been out all day :)

I spend Tuesday working on my Personal Statement as well as catching up on some of my favorite shows such as Chuck and NCIS...Love those shows, check them out!!

Today I did not do much except watching Liar Liar and some other things, made some pasta (nothing else in the house haha) and then headed to the gym. After my shower I took Nala out for a walk and now we are both sitting on the sofa. Me, exhausted yet very satisfied as I always feel after a good workout, and Nala lying next to me with her ears perked up, in case anyone farts... Now I have to do some research for my next outing with A. on Friday. Until later buddies


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