Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Back to school!!!!

CSUN library! (fun fact, this school is used in many different movies, such as: Georgia Rule starring Lindsey Lohan, Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman)

Sitting at a familiar place, Cal State University, Northridge, my undergrad school. I am sitting in the Student Union computer lab helping A. find some articles for her paper for one of her classes. It feels great being back here and remembering the panic I used to have when writing papers last minute for my own classes. When we came to school I was immediately greeted by a familiar face, M, and after seeing the same faces for over a month it felt wonderful! It also helps to know he is a sweetheart who says the sweetest things :) I just wanted to write a small entry while waiting for A. to finish up her work. Before I left the house, my computer was delivered by FedEx so I will go home and write on my own computer again! Poor S. has probably missed her computer since I have been hogging it haha. We went to the park and had a cute picnic, me, A., S., and Nala. It was great sitting there eating, watching the people and geese by the lake. I realized I was no good company and was grateful that A. and S. kept each other company while I walked ahead with Nala. Walking is something I treasure and living in California it is hard to actually find nice places to walk to. When I go on walks I forget all my worries and just enjoy my surroundings so when we where at the park I just forgot all around me and the only ones in my world were me and Nala. I would have kept walking if we hadn't reached the car and the girls wanting to leave. Once I start walking it is hard for me to stop. Walking halfway through the park the girls chose to sit for a while. I took Nala away from people and other dogs so she could run around with no leash. I have not seen her that happy in a while. I ran with her and quickly realized my cardio really SUCKS!!! Back to the gym it is with no excuses!!! After we went to the market, drove to the park, ate, walked around the lake, me and A. headed to school, where we are at the moment as I said before haha. I feel really energetic and could spend the whole day outside but duties need to be taken care of so no more running around at the park for now :(

(This sign will spell CSUN no matter the angle you read it from)
A. is done now so we are leaving the lab. Until later sweethearts...


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