Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Soon I will know..hopefully

Done with applications..Now I hope to get a positive answer as soon as possible...I have a couple of things I need to do on Thursday so if S. can take me to school that would be great, I hope to publish my books soon or at least find an illustrator to add pictures.

Me and S. went out with her friend on Friday and it was real fun. We ate at a place on Sunset called Sushi Dan and it was great food, I had the chicken tiriaky (don't like seafood so chicken is always a safe bet). After a couple of bottles of Japanese beer (quite good actually) and sake (first time for me and I don't know if I can say it was good) we headed to a really small bar a couple of minutes away, Trocadero. It was super small but really nice, we had a couple more drinks.
(This is where we sat) (Outside seating)
(Very small but a picture of the bar itself)
I saw the oldest child of the show The Nanny, at the bar. I don't know her name but I recognized by her mouth, it looks funny. Anyways, she was having a great time with her friends but nothing extravangant, not like a woman and a man sitting on the sofas streching their legs in the air as if they are dancing ballet. When the woman's legs went up in the air a couple of people turned their heads but when the man's legs went up there EVERYBODY in the bar were watching. My Lord was that guy flexible!!! He did moves many women only dream of doing.
(She looks the same I must say)
We grabbed a cab to go to S's friend's house. We got in, he turned around the corner and we reached our destination. I started laughing so hard and affirmed he is a true DIVA...He had to pay 7 dollars just for a cab that took one minute haha but it was an interesting experience. It was totally different from when we took the damn cab from our house and got stuck in traffic on the way to S's friend's house. Of course while sitting in the cab for an hour S. had to have a full on conversation with the driver. When we got to her friend's house the driver wanted her number, in case we would want a cab to go back home we would call him. However, S's amazing friend's sweet roommate took us home which was very pleasant where we were enjoying AMAZING music! Both guys are really sweet!!! Hopefully we can do it again soon...Now I will go eat some food before S. starts yelling at me and both S. and H. start their rants about their issues (they are just joking with each other but can't help but wonder if there is any truth in it)...Until later lovelies...


Monday, March 30, 2009

With every heartbeat...

Awesome song by Swedish pop artist, Robyn!! Check it out!!!

until later music lovers


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday night out

Last night was VERY interesting!!! A. came over and surprised by staying the night, leaving us to go out and have fun. We went to Carrows to have breakfast and of course needed an excuse to eat the berry cobbler (so effing gooood) after that we took Nala to empty out her anal glands (yes I said her anal glands, meaning her ass ok..) After her "treatment" I take her out to pee when S.F called me (btw it is her 23rd birthday today!!! Happy birthday my sweetheart!! Wish you were here...keep you head up and do what you do best, hopefully we will see each other soon)... as I was taking Nala out and she pooped on the grass, surrounded by other dogs poo, this dude comes out of his shop and as I am on the phone, he comes up behind me and says "DO YOU NEED BAGS FOR THAT?!" while handing me 2 brown bags...I just look at him with my mouth open while S.F is on the line talking...I look at him dumb funded and say "oh my gosh, you are soooo kind, how did you know I needed the bags. Amazing!! Thank you soo much" and he just stared at me, not knowing what to say and went back to his shop mumbling...Some people have no life!!
We finished our business at the Vet and went back home. Sitting at home trying to figure out what to do we thought of the most obvious thing, get donuts. We go to Foster's and buy a dozen assorted and he throws in mini donuts YUMMY for free!!!
We get back home and enjoy the donuts while watching Twilight, again!! A. kept saying nasty things about Edward and what she wants to do with him..I had to actually hit her to make her shut up!! haha...
We got dressed and went to one of the most amazing restaurants in LA (according to me). It is C&O Trattoria in Marina Del Rey. The Italian food is amazing!! The garlic rolls they give throughout dinner are just to die for!!! We got there pretty late because A's navigation system is busted so we kept getting lost but still had a great time!! After dinner we headed across the street to a bar called Cabo (I think). It was an interesting bar to say the least. We get there and it is not too crowded so we start drinking, 3 girls at a table. At first the guys in the bar are all staring because we are not regulars but no one approaches us. An hour later the bar gets full and one guy comes up to us and wants to buy us shots.....We kindly turn him down, which sets him off on a rant about how amazing he is (not even close!!!)..Everyone around us are staring, he knocks a chair over when he tries to sit down next to me...At first we didn't wanna be rude so we talked to him but he quickly turned very obnoxious and started using the N-word...That is the last word you want to use around me so my mood just goes down and I am about to punch him. This apparently turned him on because now he refuses to leave my side...He starts saying how he bought us our drinks, I look at him and say "you didn't buy shit, we got this ourselves.." and he tells me to go fuck myself because he did buy them...WTF..Did he get us the drinks with our money or is kind of interesting how he thinks by making shit up and cursing at me I would want him more..At this point I am almost sitting on top of A. just to get away from him but he just got closer...He kept saying "we should make out" HELL NO ASSHOLE!! Finally S. had to get the security guards. They take him aside, leaving his cellphone on the table. After staying with him for 5 minutes they left his side and as soon as they turned their backs he was right back by our table. As he walks up to us both security guards take him outside. He stands outside for 30 minutes trying to get back in, which obviously does not work. S. goes out to smoke and sees that the cops are at the bar talking to him. He got handcuffed and kept trying to escape! one girl passed him and he shouts out "hey bitch" leading to him getting his body slammed to the cop car by the police. It took the cops a long while to get him in the car and leave...After that some of the guys dared to approach us, basically using his behaviour as an excuse to talk to us "uhm yea I saw what cool...are you guys ok? well if uuhhhmmm you want uhm you can uhm hang out with us uhm yea hehehehe.." "yea thanks we will think about it" NOT.. Toward the end of the night 3 guys come up and start talking to us, Shane, English Rich, and Jon. Smart, not cute, and funny guys and we had a blast with them...The bar closed and we were heading out, one of the hosts was standing outside the restroom while I was in there and when I got out he had made me a napkin rose..aaawww soo cute!!! I got outside and the girls were still talking to the guys. This really drunk guy came up to us and started talking when 2 guys passed us. The drunk guy tells one of the guys who was walking with his bike "yea keep pedaling and maybe I will join you" or something like that...this is apparently some sort of diss so the other shouts back "yea sure you fat bastard" and before we knew it, they were fighting. The guy on the bike was throwing the drunk guy around and then the drunk guy was just pounding on the guy with the bike. It was all a mess until the friend of the guy with the bike tried to stop it, and one of the hosts of the bar ran and helped out. We turn to leave and look back, the guys are now HUGGING!! *sigh* All I can say is; boys boys boys. Boys will always be boys...
We get in the car ready to go home...of course we get lost haha..we get home, me and A. talk for a while about the interesting night we had and finally went to sleep...Now A. left to continue her "conference" hahaha in Long Beach and S. is sleeping..Nala is sleeping next to me farting away...I am gonna go have a donut and tan on the balcony....Until next time party people


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching up

Wow, it has been a while since I wrote anything in the blog...Well, I don't know if there is much to say really. On Sunday A. and her friend were supposed to show up but since it was Persian New Year her friend could not make it so A. went over to her cousins house to help out a little...I have gotten a letter from Homeland Security stating they have received my money so now I am just waiting to know whether I can get the work permit or not, fingers crossed. I spent Monday running errands at school for my application, now I am just working on my Personal Statement which I will send over soon. When I was done with my errands A. and I had donuts (there was a period in my life I was REALLY bummed so A. would pick me up from my house in Glendale and we would drive to Yum Yum and have donuts while I would pour out my heart so now it's our own thing). The donuts were soo good, Foster's, if you can you should try them out :) Anyways, she took me to Pasadena and we spent the day eating food, we did NOT like at all, eating Pinkberry, YUM, and walking around in shops looking for dresses for A. to wear as maid of honor at her sister's wedding. No luck there at all. We headed to Glendale to have a drink and eat good food. We ended up at Charles Billiard, it is a cool place to just chill and have drinks while playing pool. We both had a beer each before it was time to head home again. I was exhausted when I came home, had been out all day :)

I spend Tuesday working on my Personal Statement as well as catching up on some of my favorite shows such as Chuck and NCIS...Love those shows, check them out!!

Today I did not do much except watching Liar Liar and some other things, made some pasta (nothing else in the house haha) and then headed to the gym. After my shower I took Nala out for a walk and now we are both sitting on the sofa. Me, exhausted yet very satisfied as I always feel after a good workout, and Nala lying next to me with her ears perked up, in case anyone farts... Now I have to do some research for my next outing with A. on Friday. Until later buddies


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Someone special

Twilight came out on DVD last night and of course S. rented it..We saw it when it came out in the theaters and it was great. As we watched it last night, I felt a rush of loneliness...I want my own Edward Cullen, minus the vampire aspects haha...I mean to have someone who wants to protect you and knowing you mean everything to them is wonderful. I hope everyone out there, that want someone in their lives, will get what they want.

Here in Cali, it's kind of hard to find someone special for me. I have very high standards and when all my friends say I am picky, I simply point out their love lives. I know one girl (former friend) who is getting married for the second time, after serial dating and sometimes at the same time, she is 24 years old. Other friends that date one scum after the other...To me it is all a waste of time to give every guy that hits on me a chance. I mean if that were to happen I would never sit at home because I would be too busy being out there dating and getting disappointed. If it doesn't click there is no point. I have tried with guys that it does not click with and no use at all...Instead I get to know guys I find as potential and if I like them then I give them a chance..So far the people I have chosen to date end up being good guys (some of them haha) but something is off, usually timing haha...Now that 6 people I know (my age) are getting married this summer/year it starts feeling lonely. My mom keeps telling me to find this "dashing" American boy and settle, easier said than done mom!!! If you can find him, I will settle haha...Anyways, until Mr. Right comes along I will have to focus on staying alive and getting my law degree...Not hard at all..ehem...Until next time all you out there

Sealed With A Kiss by Brian Hyland, Gary Geld and Peter Udell 1962

Tho' we gotta say goodbye for the summer baby I promise you this -I'll send you all my love every day in a letter sealed with a kiss. Guess it's gonna be a cold, lonely summer but I'll feel the emptiness. I'll send you all my dreams every day in a letter sealed with a kiss. I'll see you in the sunlight I'll hear your voice everywhere I'll run to tenderly hold you but baby you won't be there.

(A part of the song but the lyrics are pretty)



(Facebook vs.

So I think I must be one of the few people that is not a member of Facebook...I read in the news that Facebook has changed its appearance and the members are raging...All you Facebook members I can say; It is ok! You will get used to the new Facebook and you will be as annoying as you always were when you signed up. Every time I talk to one of my friends that I have not spoken with in a very long time the first damn question is; Do you have Facebook? Answer: NO DAMN IT!! I DO NOT HAVE FACEBOOK...It is not weird or anything like that just a choice I made so deal with it!!! Also the reason why Facebook changed appearance is because this new micro-blogger website, Twitter, is getting bigger every day...Several celebrities are members and the purpose of this thing is to basically just write what you are doing right now....That is all..You write in the box: "I am eating veggie pizza and it's good"...Interesting I like to say...celebrities like Demi Moore and her husband are avid members as are Tina Fey, John Mayer, Britney Spears, President Barack Obama (not kidding, saw it here and many many more...If you are interested in what celebrities, or your friends are up to at the moment, then join Twitter...easiest way to not have to actually write anything of importance and good way to waste some time when bored...warning: maximum of 140 words for each entry so choose your word cautiously :P

Twitter..Who will win?)

Anyways, I thought I would write a little about that because I am totally bored, I feel my braincells rage because they have nothing to do...Is it possible for your braincells to go on strike? Well, mine are planning a strike in the nearest future if their demands are not met, they demand: STIMULATION :)

Until next time bored kin...


Friday, March 20, 2009

Relaxing day with A

Oh what a day! It started as any other morning, fighting neighbors and then A called and said she was on her way to start our day together. She came over and we went to school to fix some things and had lunch. After that she wanted to surprise me so I sat in the mini cooper (still can't get over the fact that she is driving a mini haha) with my eyes closed. I kept guessing where we were heading and when she finally told me to open my eyes I saw Fridays. I started laughing and she told me to turn around. She wanted me to relax so she was taking me to Color Me Mine. This is a place where you sit down and choose any pottery from their selection and you color it. I will pick up my heart shaped box with a ballerina next week, along with A's polka dotted piggy bank hahah They will put it in an oven and burn it so it will look really nice once it is done..It was really cute..Apparently Paris Hilton is a frequent visitor...

After we were there for 3 hours (I was the one who took too long because A was done after 30 mins haha) we went to a Chinese fast food restaurant. We ate quickly and headed over to Blockbuster. We wanted to rent Twilight, because A has not seen it (I know, how?!!) but it will come out tomorrow so we can rent it another time...All other good movies were either out or A. had seen them. We ended up renting Internet Dating with Katt Williams....I love the guy, he is hilarious but this movie was like a porno minus the sex. It was embarrassing to watch but what was worse was that we would not turn it off.

As soon as the movie was over A had to leave. It was a lot of fun, as I always have with her and I got to leave the house again YEAY!!!!! I will see A and A on Sunday again but unfortunately it will rain so no fun activity but we have fun no matter what we do...Since this is the first time in a long time Nala was alone without me S. said she refused to eat and was just sitting by the door crying. Broke my heart...This is what I was scared of, she was used to me leaving the house but since I got out of school and have not really left the house so much she has gotten used to me always being at home with her.... :(
Well, I am gonna watch the new episode of Gossip Girl..until later lovelies

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy happy happy :)

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY to all you Irish people out there :) I forgot it was today until A. suprised me by stopping by and took me and S. out for dinner and drinks...I never celebrate St. Patrick's day because I am not Irish nor do I live in New York but of course, today, I was the one drinking and now my room is make my head spin right round, right round!!!!!!
One thing you need to know; green beer tastes like water with a dash of piss in the color of green!! Do not get drunk unless you are with people you can rely on, people that will take care of you (especially if you know you will get yourself in trouble)...
Anyways, I am gonna watch a movie if I do not pass out before then...Happy green day all you out there...until later drunk people


I am back

I have not been able to write anything because our Internet got cut off and it took them too long to turn it back on!! But no worries, nothing interesting has happened except I just finished my 3rd book and doing revisions now...Hopefully my children's books will be on store shelves soon, that would be soo amazing!!!

I have to tell you what happened Friday when me and A. had dinner at Fridays...The waitress seemed to be sick of living (I just love to have servers with that attitude...not). I forgot my ID so A. ordered Pineapple Malibu for me to drink...The waitress comes out with the drink and it is PINK..WTF?!!!! Pineapple is yellow! How can you mess that up?!! She brought out our food and of course she messed that up but nothing serious...what pissed me off was that she came by our table and saw I was holding the drink and FLIPPED out. She asked for my ID and I told her I forgot it and she started yelling about her not catching me with the drink in front of me again or she would take it away....It was so embarrassing to be talked to like a little child...If she had been discreet about it I would not have been so mad but her yelling in a restaurant, my blood started boiling. S. brought my ID and I had it on the table so I was drinking...She comes back to the table after we tell the other waiter to check my ID so I can drink. He says he will tell our waitress to come and check it. She sees the drink in front of me and my passport is right next to my drink. I just see her hand reach for my glass so before she can take the drink I pick up the passport and give it to her. She would not stop apologizing the whole night....I was so mad, I told A. not to leave any tip but she did anyways...Overall we had a good time...We drove in A's new car; a creme colored mini cooper hahahaha....I do not like that car but sitting inside was not too bad and the engine makes NIIIICE sound...purrzz like a tiger haha...
(This is what it is supposed 2 look like, not pink! But not in a glass like this though...)

I woke up today by my manager calling and leaving a voicemail saying the amount on our rent bill is not accurate and I should not pay it any attention. This is at 9.30 in the morning. Yea, because at 9.30 in the morning I am thinking about what the rent bill states...NO I AM DREAMING....while listening to my voicemail I got a call from Homeland Security (think it's hilarious to say I spoke with Homeland Security haha) and I had to pay 370 dollars because my check bounced due to the fraud on my account. Thanks to A. I could pay it all, hopefully I will get my work permit and my life can actually start moving! My Tmobile bill was off the chart...they claim I went over my minutes, interesting considering the fact that during the 4 years I have been a customer it has NEVER gone over my minutes...nowhere close to going over...this sux in comparison to Swedish mobile network. In Sweden, when you get a phone call, you pay NOTHING, some plans allow you to speak for free all day if it is the same network....usually the bill ends up at (maximum for me 50 dollars) but here I owe about 300 dollars for some odd reason!! A's friend A. will call Tmobile n check what is up their BUTTS!!! Other than that I am sitting on my sofa enjoying the warm and sunny weather here in LA. Nala is already out on the balcony trying to squeeze herself close to the railing because there is a small stream of sun...I wrote the third book yesterday on the balcony and actually got tanned! Felt good and relaxing!! My stomach is making music along with Nala's so I am gonna get something to eat and force her to eat instead of tanning (which is harder than you would think)...until later missed ones


Friday, March 13, 2009

They freak me out!!!

If there is one thing you need to know is I have severe Arachnophobia....When I see a spider I start panicking and hyperventilating. My first instinct is to run but with no other choice but to stay I start shaking and crying.
S. was gonna clean the balcony yesterday but when she tried to pick up the garbage can, filled with water, she pulled her back, leaving her in severe pain. I thought since I have nothing to do I might as well just clean it today. It started ok but when I started sweeping I saw something go back and forth. I took a closer look and freaked out. It was a SPIDER...I knew I had to kill it because Nala was out on the balcony and I don't want her to get hurt so I got the bug spray. It took a couple of seconds before I grew a pair and started spraying. I don't know how I managed to keep spraying. The thing didn't die at once but kept crawling. I literally thought I was going to pass out. Now everything looks like it's crawling and it is itching all over my body. Just writing about this is hard. Not only are my hands shaking but as I write about it I see it all in front of me...People say I am silly for being scared of these creatures and in fact they are more scared of me than I am of them. I seriously doubt that, I do not see them panic and run away when they see me, au contraire, they come towards me!!! I have been really scared of bugs as long as I can remember but only grossed out by all other bugs while spiders actually freak me out!!! S. asked me what I would do if I live by myself and had no one to remove the spiders. I simply told her" "the spider has a new place to live because I will leave".

One time when my sister was about 4 years old, I was sorting laundry at home and noticed a small black spider crawl in the bag. I freaked and ran out. My mom was not home so no one could kill the thing. I looked at my sister and told her to kill it. She refused to. I stood outside the bathroom where the bag was, not being able to physically move. I started laughing hysterically, as I always do when I am really scared or nervous. I kept pushing her toward the bathroom but she was determined not to go. What I forget to tell you is that she was 4 and I was 16!! She laughs at me about it as often she can. We both stood on the carpet in the hall waiting for my mom to come home.

Another spider incident was when I was sitting in my brother's room watching TV. I saw something crawl down from nowhere (you know like the small ones do). I screamed and before I knew it I took the remote and slammed it down on the bed and ran out. I forced my dad to search the whole room (mind you the spider looked like a small dot). Of course he found nothing at all. I went back to the room and lifted the remote. It started crawling, sending me out screaming for my dad. He came to the room and when he saw the size of the spider he started laughing. He took the spider while laughing, looked at me and said "you are too funny!!!" turned and walked away.

Another incident was when I was with my ex and S. We were in his car on our way home from miniature golfing when I saw something crawl on the window on MY SIDE. I start panicking, trying to take my seat belt off, go to the back of the car. Of course he would not let me move because we were on the freeway. When he noticed how scared I was, he exited and pulled the car over. I ran out of the car and said I will not get in the car unless the thing is out. S. and him looked all over when they finally said it was out. I hesitated to get back in but I was nowhere close to my house so I had to get back in. I calmed down and when we were close to our house I just heard my ex yell at me to get out. I was shocked and he kept yelling at me to get out. When I saw another spider there was no need to tell me again. I got out and this time I refused to get back. He laughed, told me to get in and I do not remember what happened after that.

Another time I was doing laundry with S. in our first apartment in Glendale. We were walking to our door, me first. In front of me, dangling from the lamp above our apartment door, was a white spider. I was holding an IKEA bag and when I saw the spider that bag flew back and I ran to the other side of the building. At first S. was laughing but when she found no way of killing it she got serious. She tried to spray it but more spiders came falling down. I started crying and told her there was no way I was going back home. I told her I would sleep outside. It took 2 hours to make me move and finally get inside. Every time I got closer to the door I started crying and seeing the spider in front of me, even though S. had killed it. After that I could not walk in and out of the apartment without panicking.

At school I was in class and this girl had a speech when I saw a spider crawl on the desk next to mine. I tried not to make any noise at all because my teacher was a total bitch so she probably would have yelled at me haha (this was last semester by the way). The speech took FOREVER! I almost told her to shut up and rap it up but had to bite my tongue. My teacher noticed my fidgeting and whispering to my friend so she asked what was going on. When I told her and explained my fear she had someone take it away. One girl was like "oh, no don't kill it! Remove it outside in the hallway". My instinct was to slap her silly and tell her to eff herself. What do you mean hallway?! I have to walk there!!! My friend took the spider, freaking me out, and released it outside on one of the trees. I was so relieved it was nowhere in sight. I thought people were gonna laugh at me but most understood except the "free spidey" girl.

(Where is my prince to save me from the spiders?!)

I have many more stories about my lovely spider incidents but I do not want to bore you. Now I will remain on the sofa until the girls come home...Until later

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Britney Spears is funny!!!

You have got to watch this, or should I say hear. Poor thing sounds soo mad. It is hilarious though, such a rookie mistake....

Now you tell me this is not funny. Keep going strong girl haha

I am sooo clumsy!!!

Clever as I am I injured myself again today. I was playing with Nala and decided to lie down, on my stomach, on the sofa. I caught her ball and threw it away. I was getting up when I lifted my head really fast (for me not to have my hair in my face) and SLAMMED the back of my head on the side of the coffee table. I got up and was dizzy with a throbbing head. I checked for blood, there was none, and 2 minutes later I had a huge bump. It was really painful and I even shed a couple of tears before I wabbled back to my bed. I kept myself occupied so I would not think of the killing headache I got and finished the second book, first draft that is....I will start the third soon but before I do that I am gonna look in to some publishing companies and copywrite laws and so on. I also need to find a illustrator for the books because A. said most companies prefer that. Speaking of A. she is gonna talk to her teacher about some stuff concerning me and if I am lucky I might be involved in something very exciting. Unfortunately I cannot disclose any information about it, at all!! Right now I am waiting for the girls to come home and cook dinner (very late considering it is 9.20 pm and they are not even here yet) and planning more about the
project I have for the books....

Until later ladies and gentlemen

(Even grown men cry when bumping their head)


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh what a tart!!

A. just left and is heading home after a long day with me. After school we decided we were hungry so we went to Vons and got a few groceries for dinner. I met M. again but this time he was wearing a suit as it is his Godmother's birthday haha, so cute. We passed the cake section and found the most amazing fruit tart and decided we had to have it! After waiting for 5 minutes the deli guy asked if he could be of any assistance. We picked up the rest of what we needed and went to pick up our tart. He had packed down the tart and we were ready to pay. We head to the line and OH MY GOD!!!There were 3 registers open so the lines were from the registers, down the aisles, and to the other side of the store. In front of us was this HUGE woman with nasty hygiene and beard as well as mustache. As we were standing in line she kept complaining about the length of the lines and how bad Vons is, her dinner was half cooked and she will never return to the store again. Ok lady, complain to the people that give a damn. I understand the frustration but sometimes you just have to deal with it. Anyways, we headed home and all day we were listening to the radio or heard music at school. Everywhere we went they were playing Ne-Yo. I told A. he is one of my favourite artists and she had the audacity to tell me she had no clue who he was. WHO IS NE-YO?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!! So I explained who he was, told her which songs were his, showed his video when she finally said: "Oh, this is Ne-Yo. Huh...ok cool"....OK COOL!!! THAT'S ALL YOU CAN SAY???!! OH COME ON!!!! Saved by the phone call, I had to drop the subject when a friend called her. I have made it my mission to enlighten A. about the life in the entertainment business and the people in it! She looked at me and smiled and said: "Ok, you can try but I have to warn you. Many have tried and not succeeded." Now I am more that intrigued by my mission. I will succeed A! Mark my words, you will learn about the entertainment business when I am done with you!! When we got home S. started making Swedish potato salad and A. fell in love. We ate it with grilled chicken. Really yummy!!! As dessert we had the fruit tart and WOW! It was delicious!!!!! Perfect ending to a wonderful day...It was very light and fruity, just as I like it!! With our stomachs full we sat down and worked a little bit more on the books and then she had to go home. Now the dishes await me and then I think I will go to sleep....Until later gentle people of the world...

Back to school!!!!

CSUN library! (fun fact, this school is used in many different movies, such as: Georgia Rule starring Lindsey Lohan, Jane Fonda, Felicity Huffman)

Sitting at a familiar place, Cal State University, Northridge, my undergrad school. I am sitting in the Student Union computer lab helping A. find some articles for her paper for one of her classes. It feels great being back here and remembering the panic I used to have when writing papers last minute for my own classes. When we came to school I was immediately greeted by a familiar face, M, and after seeing the same faces for over a month it felt wonderful! It also helps to know he is a sweetheart who says the sweetest things :) I just wanted to write a small entry while waiting for A. to finish up her work. Before I left the house, my computer was delivered by FedEx so I will go home and write on my own computer again! Poor S. has probably missed her computer since I have been hogging it haha. We went to the park and had a cute picnic, me, A., S., and Nala. It was great sitting there eating, watching the people and geese by the lake. I realized I was no good company and was grateful that A. and S. kept each other company while I walked ahead with Nala. Walking is something I treasure and living in California it is hard to actually find nice places to walk to. When I go on walks I forget all my worries and just enjoy my surroundings so when we where at the park I just forgot all around me and the only ones in my world were me and Nala. I would have kept walking if we hadn't reached the car and the girls wanting to leave. Once I start walking it is hard for me to stop. Walking halfway through the park the girls chose to sit for a while. I took Nala away from people and other dogs so she could run around with no leash. I have not seen her that happy in a while. I ran with her and quickly realized my cardio really SUCKS!!! Back to the gym it is with no excuses!!! After we went to the market, drove to the park, ate, walked around the lake, me and A. headed to school, where we are at the moment as I said before haha. I feel really energetic and could spend the whole day outside but duties need to be taken care of so no more running around at the park for now :(

(This sign will spell CSUN no matter the angle you read it from)
A. is done now so we are leaving the lab. Until later sweethearts...


no excitement...

Today has not been too exciting, the weather has been gray with a hint of Sun, and this day has literally passed with me in front of the computer watching TV shows. I started my day with calling Planned Parenthood. Of course I was on the phone for 20 minutes, 24 callers ahead of me, only to find out that the system was down and I had to call back. I chose to give them a second chance so I called again after a couple of hours. I was on the phone for more than 20 minutes, 26 callers ahead of me. When I started talking to the woman I told her I was an international student and asked how that would affect the fees. She put me on hold so she could look in to the matter, I waited for 10 minutes only to find that I got disconnected. My patience ran out and I did not call back. I will have to find a solution for my problem elsewhere instead, nothing else to do. So as I said my day passed with me in front of the computer and playing with Nala. Tomorrow A. will come and we plan to go to school and fix some stuff for her class and then go to Balboa Park, have a picnic and let Nala run around a little. She is getting lazy and fatter, exercise is needed for this little sweetheart. Now A. is calling me so, until later darlings...


Sunday, March 8, 2009


(One of the main streets in Glendale, Brand. It looks different now but this is where I used to live)
I used to live in Glendale, CA, when I first moved to USA. At first I was shocked at the large number of Armenians living there (majority in Glendale are Armenians) but then I felt like home. The city is safe and friendly (most of the time and I also believe it is because I can pull off looking like an Armenian haha) and walking around the city is no problem. For the lazy ones there is a bus that is "ok" to take as it takes you all over Glendale (beeline) and to nearby cities. Me and S. really miss Glendale after living here in Northridge.

If I choose to stay here in California I want to live in Pasadena, great city, and build a family. Pasadena is really close to Glendale and other cities and there is so much to do there. The neighborhood in some of the places are really quiet and safe meaning great to raise children. I do not know why I am thinking about family already considering I have no special someone in my life at the moment haha. I guess it is my biological clock ticking. I have always loved children and wanted like 4-5 children but now I think I want around 3. Funny thing is that just a couple of months ago, and years, I really wanted to get married and settle down but last night I spoke with A. and came to the conclusion I do not have that need any longer. I want to have a family of my own in the future but for now I want to live my life and experience as much as possible. When I am ready for marriage there will be no other thoughts in mind. Now I am just rambling on again as usual.

My whole intention of talking about Glendale was to tell you that now that I am looking for jobs, most of them are in Glendale and mostly law firms. Interesting that I moved from the city that has what I need at this moment. To get from here to Glendale takes about 20 minutes by car so you can understand that without a car it is gonna be tough. Well, I will apply and will take it from there, if I get a job I will find a way to get to Glendale and if I do not then I will keep looking. Now S. is studying for her midterm tomorrow so I will try to help her as it is media law, very interesting. Until later fellow people


Saturday, March 7, 2009

How exciting!!

So excited!! I feel on top of the world!! When my sister was younger I used to either sing or read when putting her to bed. There were times she did not want to hear any of the old books read to her again and she made me turn on my creativity and make up stories. One night I made one up and she fell in love so it became a constant request. I had to tell her not to request it too often as it would grow old and I needed time to make new ones up. I have wanted to write books of my own, one about my life (writing the blog is almost like writing my book but as my teacher would say "it is just a shitty first draft"), and I also wanted to write children's books. One day me and A were tossing ideas on what we can do (both are without jobs and in great need of money) so we said let us start writing children's books. We will start from there and continue with "bigger" books (lack of better words). The first story is done, there are some changes that need to be done but nothing big. We are now looking for images as well to go with our ideas for these books. They will not only be books but we have other things planned, which I of course cannot disclose here, you will have to wait until they are published. Yes, you read it right, they! We will not stop at one book but there will be more. If anyone knows anything about publishing let me know...I am just so excited because I have something to do now and I love it. I usually hate writing (in comparison to speaking hahah) but once the fingers hit the keyboard it is flowing. I cannot write anything at the moment as Nala is pushing her face on my lips for kisses and blocking my capability to write. Until next time sweet future readers...


Thursday, March 5, 2009

(Click on the picture to see the actors missing because blogspot cuts to fit the picture)

My hands are stiff from the cold weather here in so called Sunny Cali. Me and S just returned from a brisk walk to Bank of America, my new bank...I have been dealing with the scam this whole time and finally got a detective assigned to my case. When I called he was away from his desk so I am going to try calling again tomorrow. I also called Southwestern Law School and the fee that the LSAC website require is a must to pay, no way around it....Time will tell if I can afford paying on time before the due date is up...This has basically taken up all my time (a lot of time spend on the phone, which is normal here in America) but I did have time to discover 2 new shows that I watch on, Dollhouse and Lie to me...both are interesting shows. Dollhouse is about this house that takes girls and guys who are in trouble with justice and give them a "choice" to participate in the life at the dollhouse...when the girl (which is the main character in this show, echo played by Eliza Dushku) agrees, they take her to the "genius" who basically puts them in a chair and erases their memories to make their minds turn to a blank slate (with the exception of basic functions like reading, speaking, eating and so on). These people are called actives and their role in the dollhouse is to be "rented" out to wealthy people. One case was about a man whose daughter was kidnapped and he needed an expert on negotiation so the "genius" puts the active in the chair and puts a chip in the chair. The chip contains exact personalities of what is needed, in this case an expert on negotiation. When the "treatment" is over the active becomes the person whose identity was in the chip and the active actually think they are that person. Anyway, the show has just started and is aired on Fox for people living in LA and for the rest you can watch it on The other show is really cool and addicting, A. introduced it to me, Lie to me...It is about these experts that work with various justice firms such as FBI and so on, and their job is about reading people and their behaviour. By reading people they can tell who is a potential threat, killer, lover and so on. The title of the show indicates how they know when people lie to them by just listening to the voice (you cannot lie on the phone haha), reading the face and body...It is really interesting because it is also very educational. I have started looking for small signs and it actually works so I would recommend you to watch it on or Fox.. But if you cannot handle it, by that I mean in the end learning to read people that you basically will know everything then watching it would be a bad idea because they teach the viewer very well.....Now, as my hands are defrosting and I will warm up some cinnamon buns, I will watch another episode and talk to S. I will try to read her as she answers some questions I have in mind, hopefully I will be able to read her every move hahaha When I am done you will never lie to me because it is useless hahahahhaah...until later lovelies
(If you wanna see the woman on the right side just click on the picture and you can see who it is..she is famous but I forgot her name..sorry)

Monday, March 2, 2009

More determined than ever!

I know I haven't written anything lately but that is because I have been trying to collect my thoughts for the meeting with Wells Fargo bank manager, Elizabeth Alaniz. A. knew I was not feeling too good so she came to my rescue and spend Sunday as well as Monday here with me. We spent Sunday just eating lunch at a place called Bolivar in Chatsworth. It is a Colombian restaurant and I have been looking for it for over a year. I had some of their empenadas in class once and my friend gave me the name of it but I thought I lost the card. When I was looking for my papers to send to the government for my work permit I found that small card :). We had their empenadas, I was starving and greedy so as soon as the waitress brought them out I took a bite and burned my whole mouth. The whole day was horrible because no matter what I would eat it would burn. The roof of my mouth started peeling today, needless to say it is a very uncomfortable feeling. After the restaurant we headed to Vons to get some things I needed to bake Swedish cinnamon buns, kanelbullar. We rented 3 movies, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, and Sexdrive (of course A's choice haha). All movies were interesting in their own way but the best one I must say was Vicky Christina Barcelona. To make the buns took about 2 hours (and three tries because I misread the recipe on my cell phone and converted from Swedish measurements to American), but A. loved them. We popped in the movies and watched all three. We went to bed at 4 am. It was a lot of fun even though we were veery sleepy by the time we watched the last movie. A. slept in my bed and I slept on the sofa in the living room. As I told you earlier, they were gonna come and change our door today, Monday, and FedEx were scheduled to pick up my computer. I woke up around 9 am because I thought FedEx called the house but it wasn't. I decided to wait for the men to come and fix the door so I could take a shower while they were working on it. They came around 10 am and I hit the shower. Oh my Lord did they make a lot of NOISE!!!! They finished fixing the door at 2 p.m! During that whole time I was in the bathroom until I woke A. up so I could get in to my bedroom. Nala was really anxious so there was a lot of barking in our house...We got ready to leave to the bank and the only thing missing on my door was a doorknob and a lock. Kind of important, don't you think? Anyways, the guy came and fixed it and we headed to the bank. I was greeted by the assistant bank manager, who after hearing what I had to say seemed like she was about to put every penny in my account. She went to the back and when she came back it looks like she drank some water that made her grow a pair. I was sitting there arguing that the teller made the mistake by not putting the check on hold. She tells me that due to the fact that I have been in good standing with the bank they did not want to hassle me and therefore cash the check, BULLSHIT IS WHAT I SAY!!!!! After I started losing my patience because now she tells me that since I filed a police report it falls under the responsibility of the police and there is nothing they can do. Her F*&^$ING bank manager came up and said, "I couldn't help overhearing what you were talking about. Would you mind explaining your situation for me?" IF YOU OVERHEARD ME THEN WHY DO I NEED TO START OVER AGAIN!!!!! I did what was asked of me only to get the same answer, "the system approved you so there was no need to put the check on hold"...I don't feel like re-telling the story because there was a lot that was said but what I can say is that this Elizabeth Alaniz was degrading and rude. When she could not argue against me but not claim I was right, she just kept repeating what she was saying. Well ladies and gentlemen, this bitch has picked a fight with the wrong person. I can argue until my face turns blue and I will. I will do my own research and talk to a detective about what I can do as well as talk to some lawyers and as God is my witness this woman will pay for her actions!!! She claims we both lost on this matter and when I stated that she would get her money back from insurance she simply said we are both at loss....dumb nut, by not denying it I now know they get there money back. She thinks she is talking to an incompetent person, well she is wrong and she has simply messed with the wrong girl!!!

I got in the car and was raging, which caused me to cry for 5 mins and then my fighting spirit came back and I have decided they will not get away with this and IF I ever become a lawyer I will take on as many cases against Wells Fargo as possible. This bank will pay for mistreating their customers!!!! I know I am not the only one who has suffered!!! Now it is their turn!

I am re-living my anger now so I better stop and do something that will take my mind off of this situation for now...but first I am calling a detective so I can get some advice on what to do.

Until ladies and gentlemen