Thursday, February 19, 2009

What now?!

I do not have much to say except THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!!! It felt sooo good when I opened my closet to take out a shirt and it was warm!!!! My closet is facing the outside wall so if it is cold outside, so are my clothes and if it is warm then my clothes will be warm as well. Best feeling to put on warm clothes in the morning :) Today has passed really quickly and unfortunately I have done nothing at all!
I read in the newspaper that the budget of California is basically non-existing and during the "reign" of "The Governator" it has decreased to almost nothing. They say that by next week California will have NO money!!! It is a scary thought and one would think this could be somewhat predicted and measures could be taken. Then again when you put a bunch of disagreeing people in a room to agree on a issue concerning millions of lives what can we expect? I try not to get involved in politics but in this day in age we have no other choice but to Stop and Speak Up! Budget was being cut in the wrong places to be added in other areas. When I first moved here the economy was not too bad yet there were many concerns about the economy. Had the administration reacted and started making wise decisions earlier we might have been spared this situation we find ourselves in today. If you live in California and you want to make a small difference I suggest; when you go shopping make sure your products are Californian based. This way the money will go around and benefit California.
Who would have thought that "The Land of Dreams" is wiped clean, financially. Hollywood is poor...Let us hope things will turn to the better and soon....I am curious for the coming election here in California, time for a new Governor!!

Until later darlings....


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