Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Treasure life

So I didn't go to sleep yet but I am actually in bed getting ready to sleep when a beloved friend from law school back home contacted me on msn. We haven't spoken in such a long time (her and her husband kept me sane while in law school) and she told me some, not too good, news that kinda bummed me out. Makes one appreciate life and the small things. Take care of your lives, your loved ones and yourselves. We only have one chance in life so live it to the fullest!!! No excuses!! I miss G. and her husband B. so much...I am so proud of you guys and how you pull each other up....I hope I will be as lucky, as the two of you, and find a best friend to spend the rest of my life with. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I am sending my love your way....G. you are an amazing woman. You are strong, intelligent, beautiful, funny, and caring woman. You made my life so much fun when I lived by myself in Uppsala. Our study sessions for final exams each semester will always be remembered. Your husband making us food, trying to stay out of the kitchen so we would focus (even though that never worked), is something I think about every day. I have found true friends for life. Thank you! And to B: yes I still remember the time I was on the bus and saw a guy (well his back n semi-profile haha) and thought he was cute!! HAHAHA...he had a nice jaw and that is all I needed to desire him hahahaha...You know I have good taste in is a fact loool...I love how you still remember it and mention it every time we meet :)

I love you both so much...take care of yourselves and each other and hopefully I will talk to you soon again....

Now my eyes are fucking each other (H's expression) so I need to sleep...Until later my lovely readers...


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  1. Tack, skont att fa lite sanna ord...det ar latt att anklaga sig sjalv och vara svag, men nu ar det som du sager och vi har inte tid eller rad. STOR KRAM!