Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Am I gonna or not?

To S: when u leave a comment as anon you don't have to sign w S. hahahaha u can instead of anon put S. so I will know it is you..hahaha..too funny..
So yesterday S. got a new keyboard for her computer (her old one was effed up) and she decided she was gonna take it apart herself with my help. I am a handy girl (I used to take care of the electronics back home hahah) so I was more than happy because I like doing it. The feeling when I have put everything together and it works, is amazing!!!!! So what happened was; she was unscrewing and putting everything in different places so they wouldn't mix up. Funny thing is after she put them aside and was about to put them back, she couldn't remember which group of screwes go where HAHAHA so she ended up screwing one wrong and it went through to the other side of the keyboard. Now she has a hole right next to the power button, so I simply said it will remind her next time to know where to put the screws and where they belong, or simply give it to a professional so they can do it :) She wasn't too happy (because S. loves her electric gadgets haha). Well now she has a nice clean keyboard with no hair from Nala lol.

I'm gonna grab something to eat so I can take some advil (or swedish alvedon) because I might be getting sick (damn you S. if you got me sick!!! I have been so good and stayed away from this for soo long and now it caught up to me) let's hope it is just lack of food and liquid. Until later beloved ones..

(I refuse to let you win! I will not get sick!!)


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