Thursday, February 5, 2009

To go or not go? That is the question (of the day)

Just finished eating and contemplating whether I should go to the gym or not. My body is screaming stay at home by your computer but my mind is screaming get your butt to the gym and work on that sucky cardio of yours. The reason why I go to the gym is not to lose any weight but it is to get better cardio and get stronger. However, I do prefer outdoor activities rather than going to a small gym in my building. I would rather go outside for a jog than run on the treadmill. I want to go swimming, rock climbing, hiking, play volleyball, and so on rather than lifting weights at the gym. To go for a jog or do any outdoor activities I have to have "means" to get there (it is not like in Sweden where you step outside your door and walk for like 5 mins and you have a place to do all these things). When it gets warmer me and S. go down to the pool and swim but it is not the best exercise because the pool is not big enough to do long laps, but it sure is fun! Anyone that knows me knows I am like a fish in water. I am the first one in and last one out. I can't wait to hit the pool again. S.F wanted to go to the beach this weekend so we thought we would go to Malibu but the A. said it would rain this weekend. She was right. Damn it! So A. suggested we go ice skating, now you don't have to ask me twice haha I love ice skating. One thing they definitely teach you in school is ice skating and where I grew up we have a rink next to our house so winters were spent there or at the indoors pool across the street. A. does not know how to ice skate and the only reason she asked was because she knows how much I love it. She would put her life at risk (her words haha) so that she can see me happy again. How can I not love this girl? She is an amazing friend!!!
(Where I skate when I am home. Not the place next to my house but it is very close though)
Well I think I made up my mind. I am going to the gym, with or without S.
See you later beauties...

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