Friday, February 13, 2009


I GOT SICK!!!! :( I tried so hard to tell myself I was not sick but I woke up with a stuffy nose, aching throat, and slightly throbbing head. Even so I will not let it get the best of me! I sleep with a HUGE sweater to keep warm in this god-forsaken apartment that seems to have NO insulation at all!!! I take one pill after the other (yes every four hours mom) and drink LOTS of water (no tea because I don't like it at all yuck). I got my fever blisters so now my bottom lip looks like I have a fat lip. H. and S. love it because they say it looks like I have gotten filling in my lips. My lips are full already so now we are talking Angelina Jolie full (just the bottom right side though haha). Also I am not the only one sick, my computer decided to just turn black so again I am using S's computer :( This sux because I just got it back from Dell where they supposedly fixed it!!! Someone shall feel my wrath!!!

So tomorrow is Valentine's day, BS day if you ask me. No I am not bitter, it is just that there should not have to be a specific day to celebrate love. It should be celebrated every day!! Plus it has turned out to be too much of a Hallmark celebration!! Read this link to see what some ideas of how this day came about interesting....girls and boys, show your loved one that they mean everything to you every day

Now I will go take some pills and bury myself under my covers...and call DELL to yell at them, or try to scream-whisper because my throat hurts so much haha...until later sweeties


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