Sunday, February 15, 2009

A sad day!!

Last night was wonderful as well as very sad. It was the goodbye party for S.F and it was spent at a restaurant in Pasadena called Twin Palms. There was live music (mostly oldies but I like it!) and filled with older couples celebrating Valentine's Day. The menu was horrible as they made a special menu for V-day (sharing portions...aaawwww how cute...or not) and the selection was horrible!!! When we finally got past dinner which took forever because our waitress was the slowest waitress in all of LA (I exaggerate but you get what I mean) and she would not stop smiling. In the beginning it was cute but after a while it gets creepy, I mean she would literally not stop smiling, she kinda reminded me of the joker in batman :) By the time S got her food we were all ready to move to the bar ASAP!!!! I had several drinks on an empty stomach (I am now suffering!) and danced a little with S.F and some people. It feels weird that she is leaving (don't think it has hit me yet to be honest) but her flight is today at 4 pm :(.......S.F if you are reading this I just want you to know I love you and you will be very missed so hurry up and work your butt off so I can see you again!!! After the restaurant a few of us went over to her house and it felt weird seeing all the boxes (N. is moving to a smaller place)....made me realize she was actually going through with the whole leaving...UGH I don't know what to say about this anymore other than it really saddens me....Damn you S.F I told you I was gonna cry!

Well now I am waiting for the girls to get ready so we can go to the museum of Tolerance in Beverly Hills (H. has to go because of class so me and S are gonna tag along) so I am expecting more tears today....just a sad day in my life....Until later beauties


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