Friday, February 6, 2009

On top of the world!!

When you hit the shower after you sweat your butt off at the gym, how do you feel? Do you feel exhausted, on top of the world, in between, or simply no difference than when you walked in to the gym? Well for me it is usually full of energy when I step out of the shower. I feel like I can take on the world! 300 (the movie) is nothing compared to me!!! But not long after that (like an hour) I come back down to earth and take back anything I might have said. When I go to the gym I sometimes feel great and excited, sometimes lazy and not in the mood. When I start working out and the sweat comes out, the burning sensation in my muscles, and shortness of breath, I curse everything and everyone out! I just want to stop. I always ask myself why I am doing this instead of outdoor activities where I will not feel the pain until after. I hold on to the machine as my body is BURNING and aching. I check the time...come on a couple more minutes, I can do this and so the pep-talk begins. I curse and then pep-talk and then curse and before I know it I am done!! I stretch and when my body has cooled off, my pulse slows down I start thinking it was not too bad. I can easily do that again....
What is it with us people that when we are in the middle of something painful we want to cry, yell and sometimes just die but when we have overcome it we look back and forget all the pain. We always say; I can do that again, it was not too bad...Interesting how the mind works. Even when we are happy, we forget why we were sad earlier until something happens to remind us of the pain. I say without sadness we do not know true happiness. When you have overcome a great obstacle the joy you feel is unexplainable so it is easy to forget what you had to do to achieve such joy. I guess what I am trying to say is; remember where you come from, what you had to do, take nothing for granted, appreciate what you have, because before you know it it might all be gone. I do not know how I got from writing about the gym to taking on the world..oh wait my hour is still not up so 300 is nothing compared to me!!! See you lazy butts at the gym!!!!


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  1. GRATTIS!! Ah jag vet kanslan av att tyngden lyfts ifran en nar man far ngt sant gjort....snart kommer det efterlangtade tillstandet!! :)