Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh what a walk...

What a walk!!!!! Me and S. walked to the bank. Before we left S. told me where the bank was and simply stated "it is not far at all". I calmly (not) told her that it is too far to walk to...She kept insisting on us going so I got up and started getting ready and got all my documents together and off we went. The first bank was about 10-15 minutes walking distance but it was closed so we kept walking toward the next one. After more than an hour of walking we decided we would not make it to the other bank either so we turned and headed home. This experience made me realize that S. has NO sense of localization whatsoever!!!! As we are walking back she says:

S: Well, we are gonna hit Canoga...

Me: Mmm....(pause) what?! No, Canoga is a parallel street to this street and so is Topanga..

S: Uhm, well this street is going to intersect with Canoga and it's soooooo faaaaaar awaaaaay from hooooome (yes she did complain haha)

Me: No, you are not listening to me!! (now I have stopped and decided to explain by using crazy gestures)..We are here and Topanga is on our left side, parallel, and Canoga is on our right...We just have to keep walking straight to hit our street and make a right...

S: Hmmm, let me get this straight....We are here (showing by hands) and Topanga is there? And Canoga is there? But how???

Me: You are joking right?? No, really? Are you serious?? (I realize she is) Ok, when we hit Sherman Way we were walking on Topanga. We made a left on Sherman Way. Right?

S: Yeaa....ookeey

Me: Ok, so we walked 2 streets down, or so, and made another left on Owensmouth (funny name)??

S: Uhhuu...ok...

Me: Which means we have Topanga on our left side and all we have to do is keep walking straight and we will get to our street!

S: Huh...ok, I get it...I think we should get back to Topanga..

Me: WHAT?! WHY??!!! NO, we are gonna walk straight forward and you are gonna trust me.

S: (Several blocks later) Why did you have to choose streets that resemble alleys? We are gonna get killed and I am gonna blame you!!! You pass a house and think it's pretty but when they take you and kill you, you will not think the same way...

Me: (laughing) Uhm ok..these are all residential streets and there are cars passing all the time and people walking....

S: What are they gonna see if someone pulls me in to the bushes??!!

Me: You are not tiny (no she is not fat either) that no one will notice...besides there are fences all over..what are they gonna do? Pull you through one of the tiny holes? Come on now! Keep walking we are getting closer...

S: You said that half an hour ago..

Me: Well, as I recall it, you told me the bank was not too far away and you thought this would be great exercise..

S: What do I know? Now you listen to me?!

You can imagine our conversations about S's fear of being dragged in to a house and being held hostage or killed and me trying to rationalize why it will not happen. Well, when we came home S. asks me where our neighbors building is. I tell her she really has no sense of localization and she simply says "I told you so...I base it all on memory"...I say no more..We get closer to the house and I show her the building, which on the street, is on our building's right side she goes "Ooooohhhhh ok, now I know" and keeps smoking her cigarette. We get inside the door and I take of my shoes (wore the totally wrong shoes!!!) n my feet were sooo swollen and blisters everywhere. I decided that I was gonna put them in hot water and when I put my feet in, the darn water is freezing. I drain the water and wait for it to turn hot and feeling with my cold hands (yes I know..cold and cold turns warm) the water felt warm but putting my feet in, the water is cold. I give up the idea of soaking my feet and pout my way back to S. in the living room. I start feeling hungry and get a bit grumpy...I tell S. I am craving chocolate covered gummy bears because of a certain someone and those are nowhere to be found. I need something to still this need. We go to Vons (on Topanga I might add) and walk (me limping haha) around there for a while and return with some goodies. I had one bite and was over my craving. Now I realize I am hungry so thinking about what I can eat while watching a movie and listening to Nala farting on my lap...She has been doing that A LOT lately...The other night I actually felt the damn vibration while she is lying on top of my covers!!! Oh, long entry today yet a small excerpt from my day...Until later beloved ones


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