Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh what a day!!!!!!

My day started late today by S. waking me up telling me A. has been trying to reach me all morning. I don't say a word. She asks me if I want to keep sleeping, I simply lift my eyebrow as a no. She continues asking me questions and I keep giving her answers by moving various muscles in my face. Finally she asks the last question; do you want to keep sleeping? YES OH I JUST WANT TO KEEP SLEEPING NOW GET OUT!!! But I don't say that, I just look at the time, damn 2 p.m. I raise my eyebrow and out she goes. Nala jumps up on my bed and starts licking my face (usually makes me happy but not this morning). I push Nala off of me (gently so you don't have to call PETA on me) and start to get ready.
I left my phone outside and S. was kind enough to bring it to my room and I see that A. called me several times plus left messages such as WAKE UP WOMAN! I put all my papers together and get ready to take the passport pics the government need for my work permit and wait for A. to come. She calls me from the market;
"babe what do you prefer, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigiot, or what?"
Me; "huh? Uhm I dunno...Where are you. I thought you were coming here and we would go get all the things together..."
A; "oh no, I thought it would be better for me to get it out of the way. So which wine hun. Chardonnay ok?"
Me; "sounds great just let me know when you get here."
She comes and we realize there are some things missing so we decide that after I have taken my pics and send out the package we will go to the market. We get to CVS to take the pics, they tell me the lady taking the pics will be back in half an hour. I tell them I don't have half an hour I wanna do this now. They say well there is another CVS market further down the street. So me and A. drive there and 20+ mins later I have 6 copies of a picture where I am smiling looking like I want to kill someone. Mind you to take the picture took like 2 mins, to develop it took 5 mins but for the lady to fix everything and help another customer, before ringing me up added to more than 20 mins. While I am waiting for her to come back so I can pay for my pictures I realize I left all my papers at the other CVS. I call S. and ask her to call the other CVS and tell them to see if my papers are still there and if so then just keep them until I get back. We leave the store as soon as I paid and hurry back to the other store. I get there and the guy at the register asks if the CSUN papers are mine. I get so happy they did not throw them out and I take the papers. I realize Mr. salesman went through my papers because the paper where it states CSUN is the last page. I didn't care as I took my papers with my new pics and was ready to mail them out. I check that I have everything and "I HAVE TO STAPLE THEM?! WTF!!!" I call S. for the 500th time in less than an hour and ask her to come down and bring a stapler before I head to the post office. We get to the post office and as I put the package in the box a weight lifts off my shoulders and all of the sudden I get this rush of joy and I let out a scream (thinking we were alone in there). I go to throw some papers and guess what, we were not alone at all. I walk shamefully out of there but still with a smile on my lips. Finally! The papers that have haunted me for soo long are now out of my hands and now all I have to do is wait. We went to the market and bought what was missing, A's treat (again my sweet sweet beloved friend thank you!!!), and headed home to be welcomed by a wonderful scent and a joyous dog. S. had started preparing the lasagna (A. suggested we would have that because I told her I have been craving it for a loooooooooong time. So typical A. always thinking of her friends).
S. makes the lasagna and I make the salad. When we made garlic bread A. tells me to be careful with the knife while cutting the bread. I tell her it is fine and she says; "that's what she said". Both me and S. stop what we are doing and look at A. "what? who said?". A; (casually) "the random girl." We crack up and I scream I will use that next time I get the chance. 30 seconds later the knife slips and I cut my index finger, deep. I let out a small ouch and keep cutting. A. looks over and sees the blood and takes the knife away so I can put my finger under water. I keep it there for a while until S. feels the water and yells; "COLD WATER WOMAN not lukewarm" I say; "But my hands are so cold already, the blood is as cold as it can get." Obviously they do not listen to my lame excuse and turn the faucet to the cold side and I stand there freezing while they are laughing at me. I turn to A. and say; "well, now you don't have to say that the random girl said that. You can say Amanda said that". We all laugh (on my expense as usual haha) and patch me up.
While we wait for the food to get ready we sip on the wine A. bought and oh wow it tastes horrible but me and A. continue drinking (don't ask why, we just did haha). We sit down to eat and OH MY GOD!!! THE FOOD TASTES SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! You don't understand, the only one who can make amazing lasagna is my mamma but as she is in Sweden and not here so I cannot have it. But this lasagna just blew me away. S. I give you 5 stars out of 5!! Just wonderful. After I stuffed my face with lasagna, we wait for a while and then have dessert (strawberry ice cream, which is my favourite, and chocolate angel cake or something like that). When we were at the market A. asked if I wanted strawberry angel cake but I went for the chocolate. A very quickly noted I do not like chocolate! Well it looks good and light so it can't be too bad. I had two bites and then I was disgusted haha. We rented 2 movies (My Best Friend's Girl, because I love Dane Cook and Jason Biggs oh and not to mention Kate Hudson haha. We also rented The Secret life of Bees, a very beautiful movie starring Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson and more). We watched the movie with popcorn, and Kettle chips. Of course I had to experiment with flavors so I chose a flavor I had not tried before (salt and pepper) how bad can that taste? Well apparently very bad. A. looks at me and shakes her head like I told you so at the market missy. We enjoy the movie and then it is time for A. to head back home.
Now I am sitting on the sofa, with a full belly, writing this entry while thinking about my VERY productive day. Thank you A. for always making my days joyous and productive when we hang out. Thank you S. for making one of my favourite dishes sooo delicious!! Now I will go call my mother and recap all of what I told you guys. Until tomorrow sugar crumbs (think it's the whole cake thing that is still in my head haha)


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  1. Thanks hun!!! Ja jag forsoker koka soppa pa en spik nu hihi....kramis!!