Friday, February 27, 2009

oh so old haha

This morning is letting me know I am getting older...I am suffering from last night's "escapades". The blisters are making it hard to walk and the pain in my right leg makes it IMPOSSIBLE. It seems like walking to the bank is most likely out of the question!!! S. woke up with a swollen foot and she cannot walk either. She said she pulled an "Amanda", which means she got injured while sleeping :P
I called FedEx and they will pick up my computer on Monday, which is good because I will be home all day. The manager told us that all doors in the building are gonna be changed and ours will be changed Monday as well. Nala will go crazy hahahaha....luckily I will be here and keep her in my room lol....

Ears popping up, head jerked up, hair standing up, and OFF the sofa she goes! She is on the prowl...what is it?! Oh, a of Nala's favourite activities, chasing flies all over the house..she actually caught one poor fly once and ATE IT, yuck!!!! She had never caught one before so I didn't know what she would I know, which means I have to keep an eye on her so it will not happen again...Ok, now I guess she got bored and more interested in tanning on the balcony. She is a Cali native hahaha....First chance to tan and Nala is there hahaha..Well she needs to stop being lazy and go out for a walk...Until later intriguing people


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