Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A new person has arrived!!

So we spent the whole day eating, buying baby clothes (took us forever as most baby clothes are sooooo adorable) and paid a quick visit to H's family. It has been freezing outside so now we are all sitting in S and H's room trying to warm up or should I say defrost!
The reason we went buying baby clothes is because H's friend H (haha I know too many H's) and his wife L just had a baby girl. Interesting fact is that the doctor told them they were having a boy but out comes a girl. If I were in their shoes (not that I wanna find out the sex of the baby before hand) I would seriously consider suing the hospital for that mistake. I mean, think about all the things they have prepared for a boy's arrival and now it is a girl instead. So many things bought and fixed *sigh*. Anyways just wanted to say congrats to both of you and welcome to your little girl E!!!!!
(not a boy hahaha)

Ok, as my hands are frozen I am having trouble writing anything so I will write later...until then cuties



  1. Defrosting is the answer to all things in life! hahahaha "damn it A...I screwed it wrong! A: Well if you would have kept track of why you put the screws where you put them, maybe you wouldn't have a hole in the computer now" muahahahahaha S.!

  2. Tack!!! Tror att bonerna hjalper i slutandan...KRAM!!!