Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Tuesday

A day at the gym with yelling at S. because she REFUSES to do what I tell her, was my today. All I hear is "I CAN'T DO IT!!!" And I retort with "YES YOU CAN!!! GET UP!!! COME ON!! JUST SIX MORE!! GEEEEET UUUUUUUUP!!!" The result; she did what I told her (half-assed) and because I smooth talked her...If I worked as someone's personal trainer and they are not willing to do what I tell them to do, I think I would kill them...Can you see it: "Personal Trainer had enough, killed client while screaming YOU CAN DO IT! GIVE ME ONE MORE!!" friends would say that it definitely sounds like me which is why I will never work as a Personal Trainer! So while I was doing my push ups, sit ups, and all other ups, as well as doing cardio, S. sat right next to me (after she was done with her idea of workout) watching TV and me. After I stared her down, did she attempt doing a couple of sit ups and then the yelling began. When we were done, we went to the vending machine outside the gym and I got this kind of chips because I had been craving that for a really long time. When I reached to take the bag I noticed there was a pop tart there as well. I do not eat pop tart (do not really know what they are) so I gave it to S. I started reading the back of this little chips bag and after 3 pieces I felt guilty so I just gave that to S. as well. Damn my conscience!! Now the bag is just staring at me like; "damn you woman! You purchase me and leave me to rot! You should have left me for someone who would appreciate me!!!" Ok, now I have really lost it. Changing subject...after this pic...

(Dude, know when to stop! I really think bodybuilders bodies are too much. Sorry if I offended anyone but it ain't for me. This guy is just hilarious..Don't know if it is real but when I saw it I had to share it with you guys haha..he looks soo funny)

Completely different topic; Since doing the whole poylvore thing (mentioned in an earlier entry) I realized I really like to assemble outfits for other people. Go shopping and dress people up is awesome. I would not want to do it full time because I'd get bored but it is really fun to spend/waste time (when the financial means are there that is). Well, now I will take Nala out for a walk and enjoy the lovely screams of our neighbors (being sarcastic...and yes they are still together)...Until next time my lovelies



  1. Hmmm mysko! Men intressant! Hur mycket far du av det hela da och hur ofta gor du detta?

  2. i thought this was about losing the weight..not eating pop tarts and chips!! tsk tsk tsk.! im so bored..i woke up at 9 and i have work at 12! if only u had been upi woulda played with u a little LOL MWAH loving the blogs love!

  3. oh and this beautiful..i mean..i totally want the one on the right side :P

  4. Hera: HAHAHA you can have the one on the right side if you think you can handle him loool..BTW I was up, just to lazy to get out of bed that's all time just come in n check :)