Saturday, February 21, 2009

My little sister, my angel!!!

Did I ever tell you how much I love my sister?! She is 12 years younger than me, safe to say not planned but a pleasant surprise...I basically took care of her until I started law school and had to move to Uppsala (about an hour away from home). She will not admit this but I remember clearly that I am the one who got her off the pacifier (mission impossible I should say), I thought her to sit, walk, ride the bike, read. I CHANGED HER DIAPER DAMN IT!! :) and so much more. She is my little angel in our family...When I moved here she was 9 years old and it was hard! Now the little one is 13 years old and such a smart girl. When I talk to her it is as though I am having a conversation with an adult (sometimes good and sometimes bad :P)...She is a VERY cocky little girl with attitude to spare so we bicker all the time. However, when either of us are not feeling too good we talk and things get better. She is the baby of the family (my brother still calls her bebis which means baby in a non-romantic way haha) and she gets away with A LOT of things. Of course she has a lot of pressure on her, as my brother graduated with a B.A in the States, as myself, and he works with stocks and when I am done I will hopefully be a lawyer. People expect great things from her but I keep telling her to just be a kid and enjoy her childhood and figure out what she wants to do...When she was very young she started writing her own songs and when she started school she started performing them. We both have a passion for the entertainment business (which is why I am gonna mix my two passions by working with entertainment law). I have always loved singing (not professionally even though people think I should) and more so acting, this is something me and my sister share. Unlike the rest of the family we always sing out loud at home, blast the music (especially if we are alone) and take any chance we get to perform...I will take the credit for her love of art as I would always sing for her when I put her to bed or made up stories (remember Farbror Kantarell haha) and I would always have music on when she was a little baby....Anyways of course I did not give her the gift of singing (Lord knows that girl can sing) or any other talent but like I said I take credit for introducing her to it hahaha!!!!

I know I do not tell you this enough or show you but D. I love you. Believe it or not but I am very protective of you, which is why I at time yell at you for things that you have done :) Thank you for being my little sister :)

Of course I love my parents and brother but this is written for my sister :)...Until later beloved readers


  1. Oh my, stop it you're making me blush (a)^^

    I kinda new I wasn't planned although to find the truth out from your blog was a little dissapointing -___-'' Well I see it as if I were a surprise from God 8D He thought that you needed more life into that boring place so he sent me ;) (u know it's true) XD

    The pacifier story still stands unsolved...

    Who can forget Farbror Kantarell? Seriously u should write a book out of that story!

    Well this comment is starting to get really long so I should just say
    I love you too sis and I wouldn't trade you for the world!!

    ps.Pffft!! Ofc I know that you love me, I mean who wouldn't? :P)

  2. It's supposed to say knew not new XD I was tired, kay!? ><