Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long night...

So I ate, I drank, and I slept for a while (an indication of illness coming my way). My head is still throbbing, throat hurting, eyes stinging, and ears ringing. I assume I might be getting sick after all. However, I have made up my mind; I WILL NOT GET SICK!!! Now, I am sitting in a extremely over sized sweater, under my covers, on the sofa, watching My Best Friend's Wedding and right now is my favorite part. The scene where they are sitting at the lunch table, and Rupert Everett starts singing (love him!!!)...I crack up every time!!! I am literally grinning stupidly to myself hahaha..oh I must look like a vision :P
I have to say Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses and this movie is no exception and Dermot Mulroney is just soooo handsome :) and wonderful singing voice...

I think I am gonna have some strawberry ice cream (my favourite) and continue watching the movie, and perhaps later I will watch The Wedding Planner (long night because I slept during the day. It is never good when I take long naps, it makes going to sleep at night so much harder.)

Until later wonderful people...


1 comment:

  1. Vad mysigt du verkar ha det då med glass och film!
    Hoppas du slipper bli sjuk bara.

    Nyfiken, var i L.A bor du? Du har inte funderat på att sätta ihop din egen L.A-guide. Skulle va så intressant läsning att höra hur du som bott där länge ser staden.

    KRam Mia