Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lingerie, lingerie, and more lingerie!!!!

I have found something new to sit and dream I could have, a walk-in lingerie closet, or should I say room. I envision my house with a room for my clothes and shoes, a room for my accessories, and a room for my lingerie!! I know it is very wishful thinking but if I can't dream here then where can I? I have a passion for shoes, accessories but mostly lingerie! My friend S.M introduced me to a new brand on her blog (in Swedish) (if you like fashion check it out!! She is amazing!) anyways, the brand is called Aubade and it's French. The collections are wonderful, a nice change from dull Victoria Secret! Victoria Secret is nice for every day use but the regular collections are really boring. They do have some collections that stand out but very few! I am always looking for new beautiful and sensual lingerie brands so if you know any let me know!! There was a time where I wanted to create my own lingerie collection but then I realized I cannot design even if my life was on stake so I gave up the idea, now I am on the prowl for new interesting collections to fill my future lingerie room!!

Now you know another passion of mine :) Until later sensuality...


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