Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HELP!!! :(

MOTHER F*&%$ING BAAAANK!!!!!! As I wrote earlier about the Mystery Shopper job, I had finished one assignment when A. calls and tells me that it might be a scam. As soon as she told me I emailed Jonathan Anderson (May you rot in hell!!!!) stating I want no part in any illegal activity. I told him if this was one of the scam companies then I would like to know...of course I get no response...Luckily S's teacher is a lawyer and she explained the situation and he told her that if anything should happen to me she should contact the authorities....So 2 weeks after I cash the damned check (I KNOW I AM TOO GULLIBLE PLEASE NO LECTURES BECAUSE I REALLY CAN'T TAKE IT) I get an email from my bank stating I have insufficient funds!! They withdrew 2660 dollars, 2660 dollars I do NOT have!!! So now my bank account is negative! I started panicking and could not breath. Of course S. was on the case at once and called the bank...the manager was extremely rude and said they would not refund the money so S. simply stated they would be contacted by her lawyer...After I had a mental collapse S. pulled me together and printed all the emails that were mailed between me and Jonathan Anderson and we headed down to the police station. When there of course the damn police officer that took care of me was slower than a turtle and to make him understand the situation (while shaking and in despair) took forever!! It did not help at all!! S contacted her friend at the bank, Wells Fargo (which is also my bank...sons of B$%^^ES) and she said the bank is at fault...They did not even check to see if the check was legit or ask any questions.....What I have to do now is go to the bank branch and talk to the manager and if that doesn't work S's teacher will act as my legal representative and deal with the bank himself...OMG..I was complaining before about not having any money, now I am MINUS!!!! Ugh, what is worse is that the government didn't cash the check for my OPT so if they do it now, there will not be enough money and I will not get my work permit....Just when I thought I saw a window of joy in my life it had to shut and lock!!! I really hope this will be resolved as soon as possible...Now I have to figure out a way to get to the bank branch (preferably in Glendale because they are very understanding there) and start dealing with this issue...these kinds of set backs in my life makes me wanna become a lawyer even more!! Damn you scam people and damn you hungry banks!!! You will pay!!!!!!

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  1. I know what you mean, I've had some terrible experiences with US banks as well...awful! Hope it works out for you...