Monday, February 2, 2009

Grooming day

Today has been a day where I have done absolutely nothing except clean the house a little, do the dishes and the hardest thing; cut Nala's nails and give her a shower. Some of you might think there is nothing hard about cutting a dog's nails or giving a shower. Well to you I will say, when the dog is black you do not see where the nerve is on the nail and after my dog has been cut several times by dumb ass groomers (PetCo) she is scared shit less as soon as she sees the cutters. If she is cut she bleeds a lot! It is just time consuming and needs lots of patience, and the little dog is strong and slippery haha so trying to pin her down to get a chance to actually cut is the hardest part. The shower is not as hard but it's just the fact that she hates water hahaha so she can't wait to get out, she looks actually pretty funny when I put her in the tub. She starts swimming in the air, one paw straight the other to the side, looks hilarious...omg Nala was just sleeping when a couple of bags suddenly fell. Because of that Nala flew out of her bed (on the sofa next to me) over the back of the sofa toward my room, while she was growling and barking hahaha...Looked really funny. Now she is inspecting the bags cautiously while growling and slowly approaching. The way she slowly approaches something unfamiliar is keeping her back legs in place and moving her front body toward the object/s. She has returned to her bed now, after her inspection, but sleeps with her head toward the bags. I have an amazing watchdog. She may be small but she has mad grown ass men run away, I kid you not! She just keeps me amused :)

Anyways, I have a job, as a mystery shopper. Here is how it works; I receive a check (today it was $2660. Yea I wish I could keep it all but this is my life we are talking about haha) I have to take out $300 out of that amount and head out to nearest Wal Mart and evaluate the store. What I have to do is purchase a couple of products, write what I think about the quality and about costumer service as well as the cleanliness in the store. When I am done with that I have to send the remaining money via Western Union in order to see how well the transfer works. Then I have to email my employer (in England) and voila my work is done...Sounds interesting huh, this will be a completely new experience for me so I will tell you more tomorrow when I am done. For now I will make something to eat and pop in a movie...Until next time dear readers


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  1. Tack hjartat, jag hoppas det....nervigt nu!!
    Forresten, det dar med mystery shopper har jag alltid undrat over, behover ett jobb nu, kan du beratta lite mer om det??? KRAMIS