Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gloomy day?

Yesterday was nice and warm, today? IT IS RAINING MEN! No scratch that, it is pouring down! But not men, unfortunately! Outside my apartment it looks like a flood. Should I get a boat just to take Nala out? I am used to rain and snow and all that "good" stuff growing up in beautiful Sweden but when it rains in California or should I say LA, the streets turn in to danger zone. People simply do not know how to drive in rain. As soon as the first drop hits the ground it is like SAVE YOURSELVES!!! People do not understand that if you just slow down a little and take precaution things will go much smoother. Ah but I still love this place :)

I got my computer today! Yeay!! They changed my screen, the plastic around the keyboard (I am technologically handicapped so do not laugh when I try to explain various things concerning technology) and they fixed several things on the inside too haha. This computer is not a year old yet but one would think that I have had it for more than 5 years! Best thing is, the fan does not make any noise at all!! No more special effects hahaha....The bad thing is my computer now smells like grease. Don't ask because I don't know. My guess is that the person fixing my computer was eating at the same time so now I have to "air out" my computer. Is that even possible? Because of the rain we cannot really do anything. I mean I suggested we should dance in the rain but S. just looked at me and said: yea, you go ahead and I'll meet you up after. I say: oh no! I will not fall for that one again! Anyways so we are gonna do what we do best, sit on the sofa and watch Supernatural! One could say we are addicted haha..Now it is time for bedtime story (an episode of Supernatural, I'm not gonna tell you one!) Until later beautiful people...


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  1. Eller hur, skitdaligt tycker jag...hoppas andra kommer in i hennes stalle som du sager! Fin header gumman, love it :) KRAMIS