Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fartsy dog!

Before I go to sleep I have to share this with you wonderful people out there; Nala has been sleeping on my stomach for the past hour and she has been farting non-stop. This is something she has been doing a lot lately!!! I can be sitting reading something when I all of the sudden hear a silent ppffffttt...Some times she looks at me like, "I wonder if she heard it", other times she is walking and just lets one out after the other. She is a very rude dog hahaha...farts and burps all the time, could not be more different from me on that aspect hahahah...Well at least I am happy they do not smell because if her farts would all smell as they usually do I would need a gas mask ASAP!! They show no mercy!!!!! Anyways, thought I would share this with you as it makes me crack up every time....OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE!!! hahahahah...this time she woke up and looked at me!!!! WTF, I am not the one farting!!! Darn dog! Maybe her diet needs to change?? Until next time....
(How I feel when she has farted)
(Smart move Cartman! I need me one of those!!)

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