Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Enough is enough!

I just had to write before I go to sleep that I was reading some of the blogs I usually read and noticed this nasty ass person leaving comments on different women's blogs. His comments are usually of the sexual nature, to the extent where one gets a little freaked out because of how this dude's mind works. He seems like a total freak (even comments his own blog entries by using other people's names. FREAK!). I am not one to judge or bully at all but when someone says or does things that will hurt people it's enough! That is when my mouth will not shut! I am tired of moronic people getting away with their actions simply because others brush it off as stupidity. When these people step over the line and actually commit crimes people always say; Oh My God, if we only knew then we would have stopped it before it got out of hand. That is always the damn excuse. Well, guess what people, the signs are all out there so read them already and stop it before it is too late. I have always stood up for myself, my friends and family. I have gotten in to fights because I protect my loved ones without any hesitation. When something is wrong I put my foot down. There is a lot I brush off but when it comes to some actions I will fight until the day I die! Now, enough is enough! Stand up for yourselves and your loved ones and end these moronic behaviors before they get out of hand!!
Now I will retire to bed, all this justice fighting wears me out haha...


  1. vem är den där äcklet som du skrev om i carolinas gynnings blogg har du hans sida?
    fin sida förresten

  2. girl, this is the way you've always been and this is why we love you. You stand up for yourself and for people you love and you know what's right and wrong! Love this entry!

  3. That was really good! I think you're right about the fact that we dont stand up for your loved ones. It's good that tere are people like you who can remind us :) keep on writing, I love it :) / Sofie

  4. Nu har den lymmeln lämnat ett uppkäftigt svar inne hos Gynning under JAPAN-PORR:

    Nils Petter Nilsson kommenterar:
    februari 4th, 2009 at 20:01

    Det bästa med min blogg är att jag ändå är med på Wordpress “blog of the day” med min Blogg på 62:e plats den 28 November 2008, vilket jag inte tror på att du någonsin kommer att placera dig, så dra någonting gammalt över dig innan du kritisera mig igen och ja jag vet att min engelska inte är den bästa, men ändå är jag med på denna placeringen, du kallar mig äckel, känner du min ens NEJ…..!

  5. aaahahahahahahhahahahahahah 62:a plats? WOW...ska det vara nåt att skryta om?? hahahaha