Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The clorox lady

(Not working too hard, just a hard time in life)

My body is so heavy..I couldn't sleep last night at all so getting out of bed this morning was awful, my head weighed a ton...Every time my eyes would shut I would wake up from something, of course one of the things were my neighbors fighting but luckily it didn't last long at all...I just feel so restless because I cannot do anything right now, I hate waiting!!! I just want this to be solved and Lord knows that I will definitely call A's friend A. because that girl can make a grown man cry if she pleases without making an effort...Need her strength in this :(

I don't like to write too much negative so I will keep it short today...

Yesterday we went out to dinner with S's Swedish friend E. and that put me in a better mood quickly. She was the only blonde girl at the restaurant (it was middle eastern) and when we walked in we were hit by the Hookah scent (smells good because it smells like candy). Everyone were smoking and luckily the place was outside so great ventilation, since I am allergic to cigarette or any kind of smoke it would have been hell for me to stay there but like I said ventilation was good, I just smelled the flavor of the different Hookahs. We had good food (probably because we were all starving). Before my collapse I spent the whole day cleaning or as S. calls it, cleaning frenzy hahaha....I vacuumed and dusted and then I found myself on all fours scrubbing the floor...with Clorox YUCK!!! (my mom loves the smell of Clorox but I cannot stand it so I was using rubber gloves!). Since we don't have any Swiffer cloths left, I had to improvise by cutting an old tank top and scrub on all fours...After all the wildfires we have had here the floor was almost black because ash would come in from under the door...It is easy to say I was completely exhausted when I was done...Now I know why my mom is so petite hahaha. She is always cleaning (surgery can be performed on our floor) and if she could she would drink Clorox hahah (her words I swear). I was talking to my sister the other day and she was telling me:

D: Mom is cleaning and saying how much she loves the smell of Clorox...yuck it stinks!! Every Friday it's the same story!!!!

Me: Yea, I can't stand it at all!!! We are not our mother's daughters when it comes to this hahaha

D: (Pause) Dude, seriously it smell sooo bad!!! You know what? They should put mom's picture on the Clorox bottle...Or put her in the commercial, she would not have to act at all!! Spokesperson for Clorox! That's our mom!! She would love it so much, she would probably clean the whole studio for real hahaha

Me: We should give mom a lifetime supply of Clorox, she would be joyous..

D: I was planning on giving her a bottle of perfume with the scent of Clorox...She would walk around sniffing it all day hahhaha

Me: Yea, sounds good except it is kinda DANGEROUS hahaha..Lose a couple brain cells hahaa..but at least she would lose them smiling hehe

D: *sigh* Our mom is special....

Dunno how I thought of this conversation but I did hahah...

(My mom's name and picture belong on this oh so boring bottle haha)

Now I am text yelling at S. and her lack of ability to use names or any clarification of any kind. We can be sitting talking about something and then she changes the subject (in her head) because she was thinking about something, leaving the rest of us looking like question marks!!! She just did the same, I was texting about Swiffer and a while earlier I had told her my manager had the computer box from FedEx at her office the whole time without telling me anything (I called and asked). While texting about Swiffer S. says,
"so she had the box."
I am thinking she is saying H. has a box with Swiffer cloths and was asking why she didn't give em to me when I was cleaning yesterday...S. laughs and says "no, our manager has your box?" WTF, talk about jumping back and forth between subjects without any warning.

S. please spare us more confusion when talking to you and tell us everything that is going on in your head during a conversation and not just excerpts so we have to guess what you are talking about.
Sometimes talking to her is like talking to a chicken with no head!!! :P

Well it is time to take sleeping beauty next to me (Nala) out for a walk and pick up my box so I can send out my computer to bad Dell. Until next time lovelies


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  1. Aaaaw, vad glad jag blir att du bryr dig sa mkt!! Det varmer bigtime!!! Tack tack tack!
    BIG HUG!!