Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A's birthday!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!!!!!!!!! Today is A's 26th birthday and me, S. and A's friend A (I know it is starting to get really confusing now haha) and A. had an early lunch at Americana in Glendale. The restaurant is called Grandville Cafe, and the food is mostly organic and was really good!!! Would recommend it!!! Americana is a place that is like The Grove in Hollywood. It has a romantic feeling to it. The stores and restaurants are of the more expensive and exclusive kind (well I mean they have H&M which for us Swedish people is not expensive or exclusive at all). Basically this is a place you would take your loved one to walk around, listening to music, watching the water show, checking out stores, as well as eating at nice restaurants. For the one who is interested in having dinner and go to the movies this place is perfect. For the single one this place is good for shopping but it can get a little annoying as it is very romantic....I am gonna find some pictures for you to get an idea of what it looks like.

Two years ago the girls took me to The Grove in Hollywood for my birthday and since it is during the month of December they had Christmas decoration and at certain hours they actually had fake snow!!!! I loved every second of it!!!!!! I realized I really missed the snow but was grateful because it was not as cold as it gets in Sweden hahahaha...The Grove is a typical hangout spot for tourists, celebrities, and so on....if you go to LA this is one of the places I recommend (as well as Americana of course :))

Well it was a good day (as it always is with A.). We laughed so much over lunch, feels good to be able to laugh again :) A is going to Vegas on Friday but I can't for reasons I won't mention here, complicated situation with A LOT OF DRAAAMAAAAAA!!!! Anyways, we are hoping that when A. comes back there will be no more rain and LA is dried up so we can go hiking. There is a trail in Pasadena which apparently takes 1.5 hours to walk up and 1.5 hours to walk down, but the reward is that there a waterfall at the end so that is very exciting. I don't know what kind of waterfall but I will take pictures to show what it looks like. We just have to hope there is no more rain now!!!

Got off the phone with S.F and it hurts to hear her voice because she sounds so sad. I hope things will get better soon, otherwise she knows LA is waiting for her return. (*to S.F: like we said, if you don't want anyone to know you came back, you are more than welcome to hide out here at our apartment hihi)........
Nala is not leaving me alone which means she wants to go out, so until later...


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