Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are YOU threatening me??!!

I have been getting threats my 13 year old sister haha....She is mad at me because I do not know when or if I am gonna go to Sweden this summer which means she will not see me for 2 years...Little rascal...also she was mad because she finds out stuff about me on the blog, even though my mom knows everything...communication has never been strong in my household hahaha...Well now she is up-to-date....But thank you little sis for still reading the blog even after you complained my entries are tooooo long haha!!! Love you and miss you!!

Well I am sending my computer in again, if something is wrong again after they fix it they will send me a new one...It better be good now because this is getting old!!! BAD DELL, BAD BAD DELL!!!

Well I am getting really hungry so I gonna get something small to eat until the girls come home from school. Before I go I just wanted to promote this beauty school called European School of Makeup...this is the link to their blog so check it out!

Now I will go and heat some soup YUM! and maybe pop in a movie while I wait...Until later beauties



  1. COME TO SWEDEN!!!!! Come ON!!! I haven't seen you in AGES!!!!! just for a holiday!!

  2. Tack gumman, uppskattar det verkligen!!! KRAAAAAAM