Saturday, February 21, 2009


Why does it hurt so much?!! My heart is trying to heal but it is taking too long, I am drowning in my tears night after night. My soul is crying out for a break, can anyone hear? I want to laugh from the bottom of my heart and not retreat to my solitude and tears...My breath is short as I try to live...The pain will never go away....I hate how I can have wonderful days but always horrible nights...If it wasn't for my angel Nala I would have been lost. I am forced to remain sane as I am in care of another soul but when I have moments to myself sorrow overcomes and I find myself unable to stay afloat. I am forced to open my eyes every morning and welcome a new day when all I want to do is hide...I mask my pain I paint a smile but fear when the facade will crack and the world will see...I don't know how much more I can take..My soul cannot bear it all, I am weary and feeling heavy...can someone lift this stone of pain off my shoulders so I once again can float and live? Hear my prayers please Lord and save me from this ache...In this shallow land of la la I disappear...Anyone out there?


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  1. Nej syrran nu tycker jag att du latar dig för mycket! Du skriver ju bara 1 inlägg per dag för fan >< Skriv lite mer...annars kmr dom som läser din blogg att bli uttråkade OCH DET VILL VI INTE!! So far so good^^ Du vet att om de e nåt så e d bara att ringa mig...som du nt heller gör så ofta -____-'' Bye for now...I'LL BE BACK!