Friday, February 13, 2009

Animal adoption

H. is looking to adopt a kitten for one of her friends and tomorrow she is going to shelters and try to find THE kitty. The thing is when H. goes to a shelter she ends up breaking down in tears. I have heard the stories when S and H were getting Nala for me. They both went through hell and back but still they did not find what they were looking for. S told me that she had to drag H out of the shelters because she wanted to adopt all of them. Let me tell you something about H. She sees a stray animal and immediately wants to take it home (she has a couple of times). Then the voice of reason (also known as the evil bitch), me that is, speaks up:
Me: H. you cannot keep this huge dog in this apartment. He most likely belongs to someone.

H: But he is soooo adorable!!!!! I want, I am keeping him!

Me: H. if he has an owner then they will want him back...

H: they should not have let him get away in the first place. Plus I found him behind the shop all alone and he just looks soooooo cute!!!!!

Me: H. his nails are cut and he looks groomed...

H: OK, OK!!! I will call the animal rescue and check if anyone reported a missing animal.
(Warning, I am paraphrasing because this was around Thanksgiving and I do not have a great memory, so H. don't be mad if I did not quote you correctly haha)

So the dog stayed for the night and the day after the owner called the animal rescue and H. took him there. It was really hard on her but like the strong trooper she can be, she saved the owner's Thanksgiving day. The owner ended up being a vet. which is good to know because we now know the dog has a good home. Funny thing with this dog is that he didn't like to walk up and down the stairs. So we would spend 20-30 mins trying to get him from A to B without any luck. H. ended up carrying him up and down. We would take him out so he would do his "business" with no luck so I thought maybe I should take Nala out and show him how to do it. But no luck there. I suggested we call Ceasar Milan because this dog is in serious need of help but H. and S. just looked at me like I am a mad person and kept walking. As soon as we would come home the rascal goes in to MY room and pees (as I said before he is huge so his pee was a loooot, in comparison to Nala's tiny stains, not that she pees inside...any longer hehe). I yell at him and H. takes him in to her room and shuts the door. There he continues his lovely business. So we try again to take him out but no luck. We come back and I see he left a goodbye gift to us in the living room (the size of Nala). It is picked up and he is taken inside the room to sleep, on the floor, next to H. (she wasn't sleeping on the floor obviously).

So tomorrow is gonna be interesting. I am not happy about the idea of H. going alone to the shelter as I know it will be hard for her. If she wants us to go with her I would be more than happy to accompany her there.

Me and S. just finished eating,with Nala circling around the table showing us her big eyes and putting her paws on our thighs in hope we will give her some food. Of course when H. is here she always gets something (don't think I don't see you H. when you smuggle food to Nala!) But when it is me and S. she hardly gets any. Anyways I digress as usual, I am gonna do the dishes, hop in the shower and watch the new episode of Supernatural :) Until later gentle people.

(If you are interested in adopting a pet this is a good website )

(WTF!! Or as S. would say...what the fruit?!! Just too funny!)

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