Monday, February 9, 2009

Addicting game!!

There is this game called virus buster and I am playing it on S's. DS. It claims to be something to help you relax but I would like to have a chat with the creators. This is anything but relaxing. It is frustrating when the thing does not do what I want it to do. If it is supposed to line up as I put it then it should not just flip on its own, causing havoc and resulting in me losing! I hate losing and if the DS was mine it would have been one with the wall by now. So just wanted to say that the creator of virus buster is WRONG!! This game is NOT relaxing!!
If you can try to find this game (it is part of a game called Brain Age 2. After you have done x amount of tests the virus buster is unlocked) try it and let me know if you are having difficulties as well. Also as Brain Age 2 is like "workout" for the brain, it measures how old your brain is by having you take 3 tests. Let me first say that the game, where we are supposed to speak to the DS, is completely out of function. We have tried speaking in every possible way except dolphin language but still it will not read what we say. And if you write like a 4 it will sometimes read it as a 9 which means it will register it as a wrong answer..Now come on!! how can you calculate my brain age if you cannot even register what I write. The horrible thing about that is you can only register your brain age once a day. So when you are done, and you noticed that your age went up by like 20 years, you have to sit there like a good little child and wait to retake the damn thing and pray it will not mess up again.

Many of you will think I am silly for getting upset at a game but the thing is I try to beat my own records in whatever I do (I have issues I know but what can I do, my whole family is like this so let it go!) and I despise technical mistakes because it means I will not know how far I actually could have gotten. Maybe that would be the time I would break my record!! I will never find out because the DS messed it up for me!!!!

Ok, so now that I have ventilated I will return to the game....I will break my record damn it!!!

Until next time...


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