Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sere Nere...

I am hooked on this song by Tiziano Ferro, an Italian singer. I think the translation of the title is Black/Dark nights...if anyone knows please feel free to correct me....I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am....

Until next time...


Friday, February 27, 2009

oh so old haha

This morning is letting me know I am getting older...I am suffering from last night's "escapades". The blisters are making it hard to walk and the pain in my right leg makes it IMPOSSIBLE. It seems like walking to the bank is most likely out of the question!!! S. woke up with a swollen foot and she cannot walk either. She said she pulled an "Amanda", which means she got injured while sleeping :P
I called FedEx and they will pick up my computer on Monday, which is good because I will be home all day. The manager told us that all doors in the building are gonna be changed and ours will be changed Monday as well. Nala will go crazy hahahaha....luckily I will be here and keep her in my room lol....

Ears popping up, head jerked up, hair standing up, and OFF the sofa she goes! She is on the prowl...what is it?! Oh, a of Nala's favourite activities, chasing flies all over the house..she actually caught one poor fly once and ATE IT, yuck!!!! She had never caught one before so I didn't know what she would I know, which means I have to keep an eye on her so it will not happen again...Ok, now I guess she got bored and more interested in tanning on the balcony. She is a Cali native hahaha....First chance to tan and Nala is there hahaha..Well she needs to stop being lazy and go out for a walk...Until later intriguing people


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Oh what a walk...

What a walk!!!!! Me and S. walked to the bank. Before we left S. told me where the bank was and simply stated "it is not far at all". I calmly (not) told her that it is too far to walk to...She kept insisting on us going so I got up and started getting ready and got all my documents together and off we went. The first bank was about 10-15 minutes walking distance but it was closed so we kept walking toward the next one. After more than an hour of walking we decided we would not make it to the other bank either so we turned and headed home. This experience made me realize that S. has NO sense of localization whatsoever!!!! As we are walking back she says:

S: Well, we are gonna hit Canoga...

Me: Mmm....(pause) what?! No, Canoga is a parallel street to this street and so is Topanga..

S: Uhm, well this street is going to intersect with Canoga and it's soooooo faaaaaar awaaaaay from hooooome (yes she did complain haha)

Me: No, you are not listening to me!! (now I have stopped and decided to explain by using crazy gestures)..We are here and Topanga is on our left side, parallel, and Canoga is on our right...We just have to keep walking straight to hit our street and make a right...

S: Hmmm, let me get this straight....We are here (showing by hands) and Topanga is there? And Canoga is there? But how???

Me: You are joking right?? No, really? Are you serious?? (I realize she is) Ok, when we hit Sherman Way we were walking on Topanga. We made a left on Sherman Way. Right?

S: Yeaa....ookeey

Me: Ok, so we walked 2 streets down, or so, and made another left on Owensmouth (funny name)??

S: Uhhuu...ok...

Me: Which means we have Topanga on our left side and all we have to do is keep walking straight and we will get to our street!

S: Huh...ok, I get it...I think we should get back to Topanga..

Me: WHAT?! WHY??!!! NO, we are gonna walk straight forward and you are gonna trust me.

S: (Several blocks later) Why did you have to choose streets that resemble alleys? We are gonna get killed and I am gonna blame you!!! You pass a house and think it's pretty but when they take you and kill you, you will not think the same way...

Me: (laughing) Uhm ok..these are all residential streets and there are cars passing all the time and people walking....

S: What are they gonna see if someone pulls me in to the bushes??!!

Me: You are not tiny (no she is not fat either) that no one will notice...besides there are fences all over..what are they gonna do? Pull you through one of the tiny holes? Come on now! Keep walking we are getting closer...

S: You said that half an hour ago..

Me: Well, as I recall it, you told me the bank was not too far away and you thought this would be great exercise..

S: What do I know? Now you listen to me?!

You can imagine our conversations about S's fear of being dragged in to a house and being held hostage or killed and me trying to rationalize why it will not happen. Well, when we came home S. asks me where our neighbors building is. I tell her she really has no sense of localization and she simply says "I told you so...I base it all on memory"...I say no more..We get closer to the house and I show her the building, which on the street, is on our building's right side she goes "Ooooohhhhh ok, now I know" and keeps smoking her cigarette. We get inside the door and I take of my shoes (wore the totally wrong shoes!!!) n my feet were sooo swollen and blisters everywhere. I decided that I was gonna put them in hot water and when I put my feet in, the darn water is freezing. I drain the water and wait for it to turn hot and feeling with my cold hands (yes I know..cold and cold turns warm) the water felt warm but putting my feet in, the water is cold. I give up the idea of soaking my feet and pout my way back to S. in the living room. I start feeling hungry and get a bit grumpy...I tell S. I am craving chocolate covered gummy bears because of a certain someone and those are nowhere to be found. I need something to still this need. We go to Vons (on Topanga I might add) and walk (me limping haha) around there for a while and return with some goodies. I had one bite and was over my craving. Now I realize I am hungry so thinking about what I can eat while watching a movie and listening to Nala farting on my lap...She has been doing that A LOT lately...The other night I actually felt the damn vibration while she is lying on top of my covers!!! Oh, long entry today yet a small excerpt from my day...Until later beloved ones


Ciao Tutti!!

Finished doing the dishes (feels like that is all I have been doing lately) and just got off the phone with A. She gave me instructions on what to do and say when I go to the bank today...I am so mad and yet so scared...what if they don't put my money back in my account?!! Ugh, no! I need to think positive!!!! Well, the sun is shining over the Valley today so that is a good thing..summer is getting closer yeay!!! Soon we will go on trips to the beaches and other fun activities...Me and A. have been planning some fun stuff...She is gonna come over next week and spend the night here so we can do what we do best, mischievous stuff hahaha...We started planning a trip around Europe when we are both done with school, hopefully in 3 years if I get accepted to law school :) Well, I have to send the application first hahah so I am gonna call the University and check everything. But now I have to take a shower, try to catch my manager today so I can send out my computer and then head out to the bank...So much to do, I will be exhausted at the end of the day which is good because I just want to crawl in bed and sleep...Until later sweethearts
(Someone has a sweet tooth :) Talk about tiny yet STRONG!! They work hard for their money lalala)


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The clorox lady

(Not working too hard, just a hard time in life)

My body is so heavy..I couldn't sleep last night at all so getting out of bed this morning was awful, my head weighed a ton...Every time my eyes would shut I would wake up from something, of course one of the things were my neighbors fighting but luckily it didn't last long at all...I just feel so restless because I cannot do anything right now, I hate waiting!!! I just want this to be solved and Lord knows that I will definitely call A's friend A. because that girl can make a grown man cry if she pleases without making an effort...Need her strength in this :(

I don't like to write too much negative so I will keep it short today...

Yesterday we went out to dinner with S's Swedish friend E. and that put me in a better mood quickly. She was the only blonde girl at the restaurant (it was middle eastern) and when we walked in we were hit by the Hookah scent (smells good because it smells like candy). Everyone were smoking and luckily the place was outside so great ventilation, since I am allergic to cigarette or any kind of smoke it would have been hell for me to stay there but like I said ventilation was good, I just smelled the flavor of the different Hookahs. We had good food (probably because we were all starving). Before my collapse I spent the whole day cleaning or as S. calls it, cleaning frenzy hahaha....I vacuumed and dusted and then I found myself on all fours scrubbing the floor...with Clorox YUCK!!! (my mom loves the smell of Clorox but I cannot stand it so I was using rubber gloves!). Since we don't have any Swiffer cloths left, I had to improvise by cutting an old tank top and scrub on all fours...After all the wildfires we have had here the floor was almost black because ash would come in from under the door...It is easy to say I was completely exhausted when I was done...Now I know why my mom is so petite hahaha. She is always cleaning (surgery can be performed on our floor) and if she could she would drink Clorox hahah (her words I swear). I was talking to my sister the other day and she was telling me:

D: Mom is cleaning and saying how much she loves the smell of Clorox...yuck it stinks!! Every Friday it's the same story!!!!

Me: Yea, I can't stand it at all!!! We are not our mother's daughters when it comes to this hahaha

D: (Pause) Dude, seriously it smell sooo bad!!! You know what? They should put mom's picture on the Clorox bottle...Or put her in the commercial, she would not have to act at all!! Spokesperson for Clorox! That's our mom!! She would love it so much, she would probably clean the whole studio for real hahaha

Me: We should give mom a lifetime supply of Clorox, she would be joyous..

D: I was planning on giving her a bottle of perfume with the scent of Clorox...She would walk around sniffing it all day hahhaha

Me: Yea, sounds good except it is kinda DANGEROUS hahaha..Lose a couple brain cells hahaa..but at least she would lose them smiling hehe

D: *sigh* Our mom is special....

Dunno how I thought of this conversation but I did hahah...

(My mom's name and picture belong on this oh so boring bottle haha)

Now I am text yelling at S. and her lack of ability to use names or any clarification of any kind. We can be sitting talking about something and then she changes the subject (in her head) because she was thinking about something, leaving the rest of us looking like question marks!!! She just did the same, I was texting about Swiffer and a while earlier I had told her my manager had the computer box from FedEx at her office the whole time without telling me anything (I called and asked). While texting about Swiffer S. says,
"so she had the box."
I am thinking she is saying H. has a box with Swiffer cloths and was asking why she didn't give em to me when I was cleaning yesterday...S. laughs and says "no, our manager has your box?" WTF, talk about jumping back and forth between subjects without any warning.

S. please spare us more confusion when talking to you and tell us everything that is going on in your head during a conversation and not just excerpts so we have to guess what you are talking about.
Sometimes talking to her is like talking to a chicken with no head!!! :P

Well it is time to take sleeping beauty next to me (Nala) out for a walk and pick up my box so I can send out my computer to bad Dell. Until next time lovelies


Leona Lewis, amazing singer!

This song gets to me somehow...beautiful!!!!! Listen and enjoy beloved ones


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

HELP!!! :(

MOTHER F*&%$ING BAAAANK!!!!!! As I wrote earlier about the Mystery Shopper job, I had finished one assignment when A. calls and tells me that it might be a scam. As soon as she told me I emailed Jonathan Anderson (May you rot in hell!!!!) stating I want no part in any illegal activity. I told him if this was one of the scam companies then I would like to know...of course I get no response...Luckily S's teacher is a lawyer and she explained the situation and he told her that if anything should happen to me she should contact the authorities....So 2 weeks after I cash the damned check (I KNOW I AM TOO GULLIBLE PLEASE NO LECTURES BECAUSE I REALLY CAN'T TAKE IT) I get an email from my bank stating I have insufficient funds!! They withdrew 2660 dollars, 2660 dollars I do NOT have!!! So now my bank account is negative! I started panicking and could not breath. Of course S. was on the case at once and called the bank...the manager was extremely rude and said they would not refund the money so S. simply stated they would be contacted by her lawyer...After I had a mental collapse S. pulled me together and printed all the emails that were mailed between me and Jonathan Anderson and we headed down to the police station. When there of course the damn police officer that took care of me was slower than a turtle and to make him understand the situation (while shaking and in despair) took forever!! It did not help at all!! S contacted her friend at the bank, Wells Fargo (which is also my bank...sons of B$%^^ES) and she said the bank is at fault...They did not even check to see if the check was legit or ask any questions.....What I have to do now is go to the bank branch and talk to the manager and if that doesn't work S's teacher will act as my legal representative and deal with the bank himself...OMG..I was complaining before about not having any money, now I am MINUS!!!! Ugh, what is worse is that the government didn't cash the check for my OPT so if they do it now, there will not be enough money and I will not get my work permit....Just when I thought I saw a window of joy in my life it had to shut and lock!!! I really hope this will be resolved as soon as possible...Now I have to figure out a way to get to the bank branch (preferably in Glendale because they are very understanding there) and start dealing with this issue...these kinds of set backs in my life makes me wanna become a lawyer even more!! Damn you scam people and damn you hungry banks!!! You will pay!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

The book worm, correction: nerd

The little book nerd is back :) My friends always call me nerd because I would spend most of my school days reading as I majored in English Literature. I chose that major because I have always loved the English subject and LOVE reading....These past months I have not picked up a book (after a couple years of mandatory reading a break cries out in my head!!) but now my brain has had enough of rest....I looked through my TOO SMALL personal library (a must in my future home but it will be BIG) and found a sappy novel. It is perfect for my brain that does not want to be overworked...all the Blake, Henry James, Hemingway, De Bois, Faulkner, Angelou, Austen and of course my beloved Shakespeare and many many more will have to wait until I am ready again. Until then the sappy, semi-erotic, novels will do....
I understand why my friends call me book nerd..I get lost in my books and will finish a novel in one day...Sometimes I do not eat and stay up very late, or not go to sleep until I am done. I once finished a Harry Potter book in one night because I was so intrigued :) yes, I am a Harry Potter fan hahhaa...I read books and watch movies to disappear from this world and enjoy another time and in some cases another world. Now I have taken a break from my book but in the back of my head it's all about the world of Duncan and Gwynne hahahah....can't wait to get back to my reading...Reading is like therapy for me I have realized...

When I was a kid my parents were very strict when it came to and my brother had to go to sleep at a certain hour (unlike my spoiled sister :P) and the only time my parents would let me stay up was if I was reading a book. I have always had a passion for books, love the smell of old books and the turning page after page while indulging the words rushing off the page...anyways, I need to go back to my book because I have taken a too long of a break...Until later fellow readers...


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Late night, early morning!

(Words can hurt more than actions)
My neighbors that I mentioned earlier in the blog have been quiet lately. Until last night that is....I was in the living room trying to watch Numbers when my Internet cut so I started playing on S's DS...all of the sudden I hear loud moaning...oh neighbors are back together! Last fight she told him to take his shit and leave...I mean I live in the building across (not that great distance though) and 2 stories above but I hear them as though they are in my room.
Her moaning is just embarrassing! We all literally know everything about them (they don't spare details in fights or in the bedroom). Last fight got really nasty, neighbors called the cops (again) on their asses. However, the difference in this fight was that the roommate joined the fight as well. So I will say their names because I honestly don't give a damn about people that do not respect anyone...
Angela is the one dating Andrew (Drew) and Melissa is Angela's roommate. So the night starts with Drew going out on the balcony (where all the fights take place) and starts ranting on about something and then Angela comes with her unbearably whining voice saying: "Baby I just wanted to have sex and you said bla bla bla and I don't know why you said that"....Drew answers with; "you always say the wrong things at the wrong are you asking me if I wanna sleep with her bla bla bla"....So after several minutes of whining and macho screaming we hear


"IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT ANGELA?! YOU WANT ME INSIDE YOU??!!! TAKE IT THEN!!!" and she starts screaming for him to stop which is when S. called the cops. She finds out that several neighbors have called in already.

I have spared you details that would want you to take out your eyes after reading this. It went on the whole night and it was getting worse before it ended...My guess was that the cops finally came and took them away because both were at fault...and to all you wondering, he never raped her because we kept hearing him yell: get off of me and so on...
This is what we have lived with since we moved in here in August. Up until last night we have not heard a sound from that apartment. I thought they had moved out but then the moaning came and I knew they were back together...This morning I wake up around 7 am (I went to sleep at 4) by Drew talking and then arguing with Angela...I swear I have never heard the two talk without arguing when they are alone.

Imagine having these two as neighbors! They don't care what time at night they start fighting (has happened at 2 am) or what time in the morning...they show no respect to the people living around them and there has been times where Melissa has told Angela to shut up because everyone will know her business and Angela's answer is; "well they know everything anyways, I mean they have called the cops on me before so I don't give a shit."
Neighbors from HELL! They start fights with an old couple that live in my building on the first floor, facing them. I talked to the woman and she says that everything ricochets in to their apartment...We are now anticipating the next round between Drew and Angela.

Well I think I'm gonna get dressed and take Nala out for a walk also try to talk to A. when she is back from Vegas, probably hungover hahaha..That girl sniffs alcohol and gets drunk so this weekend is probably a blurr haha....just kidding A. :P

Until later sweeties...


Saturday, February 21, 2009

Great song to motivate me and make me feel good

I love this song because it makes me feel good every time I listen to it. It motivates me and makes me feel like I can do anything. Almost the way I feel after a good workout...if I have an interview I should work out and blast this song! I will get the job hahaha....Enjoy this song and until later...


Lingerie, lingerie, and more lingerie!!!!

I have found something new to sit and dream I could have, a walk-in lingerie closet, or should I say room. I envision my house with a room for my clothes and shoes, a room for my accessories, and a room for my lingerie!! I know it is very wishful thinking but if I can't dream here then where can I? I have a passion for shoes, accessories but mostly lingerie! My friend S.M introduced me to a new brand on her blog (in Swedish) (if you like fashion check it out!! She is amazing!) anyways, the brand is called Aubade and it's French. The collections are wonderful, a nice change from dull Victoria Secret! Victoria Secret is nice for every day use but the regular collections are really boring. They do have some collections that stand out but very few! I am always looking for new beautiful and sensual lingerie brands so if you know any let me know!! There was a time where I wanted to create my own lingerie collection but then I realized I cannot design even if my life was on stake so I gave up the idea, now I am on the prowl for new interesting collections to fill my future lingerie room!!

Now you know another passion of mine :) Until later sensuality...


My little sister, my angel!!!

Did I ever tell you how much I love my sister?! She is 12 years younger than me, safe to say not planned but a pleasant surprise...I basically took care of her until I started law school and had to move to Uppsala (about an hour away from home). She will not admit this but I remember clearly that I am the one who got her off the pacifier (mission impossible I should say), I thought her to sit, walk, ride the bike, read. I CHANGED HER DIAPER DAMN IT!! :) and so much more. She is my little angel in our family...When I moved here she was 9 years old and it was hard! Now the little one is 13 years old and such a smart girl. When I talk to her it is as though I am having a conversation with an adult (sometimes good and sometimes bad :P)...She is a VERY cocky little girl with attitude to spare so we bicker all the time. However, when either of us are not feeling too good we talk and things get better. She is the baby of the family (my brother still calls her bebis which means baby in a non-romantic way haha) and she gets away with A LOT of things. Of course she has a lot of pressure on her, as my brother graduated with a B.A in the States, as myself, and he works with stocks and when I am done I will hopefully be a lawyer. People expect great things from her but I keep telling her to just be a kid and enjoy her childhood and figure out what she wants to do...When she was very young she started writing her own songs and when she started school she started performing them. We both have a passion for the entertainment business (which is why I am gonna mix my two passions by working with entertainment law). I have always loved singing (not professionally even though people think I should) and more so acting, this is something me and my sister share. Unlike the rest of the family we always sing out loud at home, blast the music (especially if we are alone) and take any chance we get to perform...I will take the credit for her love of art as I would always sing for her when I put her to bed or made up stories (remember Farbror Kantarell haha) and I would always have music on when she was a little baby....Anyways of course I did not give her the gift of singing (Lord knows that girl can sing) or any other talent but like I said I take credit for introducing her to it hahaha!!!!

I know I do not tell you this enough or show you but D. I love you. Believe it or not but I am very protective of you, which is why I at time yell at you for things that you have done :) Thank you for being my little sister :)

Of course I love my parents and brother but this is written for my sister :)...Until later beloved readers


Why does it hurt so much?!! My heart is trying to heal but it is taking too long, I am drowning in my tears night after night. My soul is crying out for a break, can anyone hear? I want to laugh from the bottom of my heart and not retreat to my solitude and tears...My breath is short as I try to live...The pain will never go away....I hate how I can have wonderful days but always horrible nights...If it wasn't for my angel Nala I would have been lost. I am forced to remain sane as I am in care of another soul but when I have moments to myself sorrow overcomes and I find myself unable to stay afloat. I am forced to open my eyes every morning and welcome a new day when all I want to do is hide...I mask my pain I paint a smile but fear when the facade will crack and the world will see...I don't know how much more I can take..My soul cannot bear it all, I am weary and feeling heavy...can someone lift this stone of pain off my shoulders so I once again can float and live? Hear my prayers please Lord and save me from this ache...In this shallow land of la la I disappear...Anyone out there?


Friday, February 20, 2009


I am known for being very clumsy because I hurt myself in the weirdest ways. A couple of years ago I was walking from my room to the kitchen to help my mom out with something and on my way back to my room I was waiving my arms back and forth when I somehow hit the wall with my right hand. I ended up getting a fracture between my long finger and ring finger, OUCH!! When me and S. first moved here we found a place in Glendale and one day I am sitting on the floor while S. was cooking and I had my legs stretched out in front of me and somehow I twisted my ankle, WHILE SITTING!! I could not walk for a couple of days....These are just a few of the times I have gotten injured in a very weird way. Last night I was cracking my back when I must have pulled a muscle because I got a sharp pain on my right side of my back. I woke up this morning and could not move without being in excruciating pain!!! Typing right now takes time and it really hurts...I can add this to my list of clumsy moves...I have many more stories to say about me being clumsy but that will have to wait until my back gets better....Until later cuties(I am not a blondie but clumsy!)


Thursday, February 19, 2009

What now?!

I do not have much to say except THE SUN CAME OUT TODAY!!!! It felt sooo good when I opened my closet to take out a shirt and it was warm!!!! My closet is facing the outside wall so if it is cold outside, so are my clothes and if it is warm then my clothes will be warm as well. Best feeling to put on warm clothes in the morning :) Today has passed really quickly and unfortunately I have done nothing at all!
I read in the newspaper that the budget of California is basically non-existing and during the "reign" of "The Governator" it has decreased to almost nothing. They say that by next week California will have NO money!!! It is a scary thought and one would think this could be somewhat predicted and measures could be taken. Then again when you put a bunch of disagreeing people in a room to agree on a issue concerning millions of lives what can we expect? I try not to get involved in politics but in this day in age we have no other choice but to Stop and Speak Up! Budget was being cut in the wrong places to be added in other areas. When I first moved here the economy was not too bad yet there were many concerns about the economy. Had the administration reacted and started making wise decisions earlier we might have been spared this situation we find ourselves in today. If you live in California and you want to make a small difference I suggest; when you go shopping make sure your products are Californian based. This way the money will go around and benefit California.
Who would have thought that "The Land of Dreams" is wiped clean, financially. Hollywood is poor...Let us hope things will turn to the better and soon....I am curious for the coming election here in California, time for a new Governor!!

Until later darlings....


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are YOU threatening me??!!

I have been getting threats my 13 year old sister haha....She is mad at me because I do not know when or if I am gonna go to Sweden this summer which means she will not see me for 2 years...Little rascal...also she was mad because she finds out stuff about me on the blog, even though my mom knows everything...communication has never been strong in my household hahaha...Well now she is up-to-date....But thank you little sis for still reading the blog even after you complained my entries are tooooo long haha!!! Love you and miss you!!

Well I am sending my computer in again, if something is wrong again after they fix it they will send me a new one...It better be good now because this is getting old!!! BAD DELL, BAD BAD DELL!!!

Well I am getting really hungry so I gonna get something small to eat until the girls come home from school. Before I go I just wanted to promote this beauty school called European School of Makeup...this is the link to their blog so check it out!

Now I will go and heat some soup YUM! and maybe pop in a movie while I wait...Until later beauties


Treasure life

So I didn't go to sleep yet but I am actually in bed getting ready to sleep when a beloved friend from law school back home contacted me on msn. We haven't spoken in such a long time (her and her husband kept me sane while in law school) and she told me some, not too good, news that kinda bummed me out. Makes one appreciate life and the small things. Take care of your lives, your loved ones and yourselves. We only have one chance in life so live it to the fullest!!! No excuses!! I miss G. and her husband B. so much...I am so proud of you guys and how you pull each other up....I hope I will be as lucky, as the two of you, and find a best friend to spend the rest of my life with. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I am sending my love your way....G. you are an amazing woman. You are strong, intelligent, beautiful, funny, and caring woman. You made my life so much fun when I lived by myself in Uppsala. Our study sessions for final exams each semester will always be remembered. Your husband making us food, trying to stay out of the kitchen so we would focus (even though that never worked), is something I think about every day. I have found true friends for life. Thank you! And to B: yes I still remember the time I was on the bus and saw a guy (well his back n semi-profile haha) and thought he was cute!! HAHAHA...he had a nice jaw and that is all I needed to desire him hahahaha...You know I have good taste in is a fact loool...I love how you still remember it and mention it every time we meet :)

I love you both so much...take care of yourselves and each other and hopefully I will talk to you soon again....

Now my eyes are fucking each other (H's expression) so I need to sleep...Until later my lovely readers...


Fartsy dog!

Before I go to sleep I have to share this with you wonderful people out there; Nala has been sleeping on my stomach for the past hour and she has been farting non-stop. This is something she has been doing a lot lately!!! I can be sitting reading something when I all of the sudden hear a silent ppffffttt...Some times she looks at me like, "I wonder if she heard it", other times she is walking and just lets one out after the other. She is a very rude dog hahaha...farts and burps all the time, could not be more different from me on that aspect hahahah...Well at least I am happy they do not smell because if her farts would all smell as they usually do I would need a gas mask ASAP!! They show no mercy!!!!! Anyways, thought I would share this with you as it makes me crack up every time....OH MY GOD ANOTHER ONE!!! hahahahah...this time she woke up and looked at me!!!! WTF, I am not the one farting!!! Darn dog! Maybe her diet needs to change?? Until next time....
(How I feel when she has farted)
(Smart move Cartman! I need me one of those!!)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A's birthday!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY A!!!!!!!!!! Today is A's 26th birthday and me, S. and A's friend A (I know it is starting to get really confusing now haha) and A. had an early lunch at Americana in Glendale. The restaurant is called Grandville Cafe, and the food is mostly organic and was really good!!! Would recommend it!!! Americana is a place that is like The Grove in Hollywood. It has a romantic feeling to it. The stores and restaurants are of the more expensive and exclusive kind (well I mean they have H&M which for us Swedish people is not expensive or exclusive at all). Basically this is a place you would take your loved one to walk around, listening to music, watching the water show, checking out stores, as well as eating at nice restaurants. For the one who is interested in having dinner and go to the movies this place is perfect. For the single one this place is good for shopping but it can get a little annoying as it is very romantic....I am gonna find some pictures for you to get an idea of what it looks like.

Two years ago the girls took me to The Grove in Hollywood for my birthday and since it is during the month of December they had Christmas decoration and at certain hours they actually had fake snow!!!! I loved every second of it!!!!!! I realized I really missed the snow but was grateful because it was not as cold as it gets in Sweden hahahaha...The Grove is a typical hangout spot for tourists, celebrities, and so on....if you go to LA this is one of the places I recommend (as well as Americana of course :))

Well it was a good day (as it always is with A.). We laughed so much over lunch, feels good to be able to laugh again :) A is going to Vegas on Friday but I can't for reasons I won't mention here, complicated situation with A LOT OF DRAAAMAAAAAA!!!! Anyways, we are hoping that when A. comes back there will be no more rain and LA is dried up so we can go hiking. There is a trail in Pasadena which apparently takes 1.5 hours to walk up and 1.5 hours to walk down, but the reward is that there a waterfall at the end so that is very exciting. I don't know what kind of waterfall but I will take pictures to show what it looks like. We just have to hope there is no more rain now!!!

Got off the phone with S.F and it hurts to hear her voice because she sounds so sad. I hope things will get better soon, otherwise she knows LA is waiting for her return. (*to S.F: like we said, if you don't want anyone to know you came back, you are more than welcome to hide out here at our apartment hihi)........
Nala is not leaving me alone which means she wants to go out, so until later...


Monday, February 16, 2009

another day in NOT so sunny LA

Another day with pouring rain mixed with drizzle....feel like I am in Sweden during early fall and not LA!!! Come on sun, do what you are supposed to do, WARM US UP!!! I feel a little better today in comparison to yesterday (filled with tears all day and night). A. stayed up with me until 4 am (talking about heaven and earth...lots of memories..) on the phone. There were moments I was about to fall asleep but then we would talk about interesting things and just like that I was wide awake. We kept talking until she told me her ass had gotten numb (she was in the bathroom for some privacy because she shares a room with her sister who moved back home) so we hung up the phone but not until she made sure I was feeling better. I fell asleep almost right away...Morning was a little difficult but it is getting a little easier...I know S.F has probably landed in Syria so I hope I am gonna hear from her soon but she is probably busy...getting settled again...
Oh by the way I forgot to say I got my diploma in the mail a couple of weeks ago and my mom asked me about it this morning. She was asking where it was and I told her it was in my drawer...she was speechless...the phone was silent for a couple of seconds which was followed by:


Me: Mom, calm down. It is in an envelope...I will give it to you when I come back..but really it does not mean that much to me. It just means I am one step closer to my goal...

Mom: Well an important step. You have put down a lot of time and effort to get this degree so it does mean something. It sure does mean something to us!!

Me: Which is why I am gonna give it to you when I get there...

Mom: You could sound a little more excited for your accomplishment!

Me: I will when I graduate law school...

Mom: (sigh) ok, you win. Just take care of the diploma so I can hang it on the wall next to your brother's.

I don't mean to upset my parents but it's just that I am not too excited about the BA as I literally see it as a step. I am a proud owner of a degree but I will be VERY happy and proud when I am holding my law degree in my hand....

Again, I don't know how I ended up writing about this, my mind is all over the place...A. told me that the mystery shopper thing might be a scam (some are and some are legit) and if the company I got offers from is a scam then the person doing the job would owe the bank money (talking thousands of dollars)...this is something I cannot afford to get in trouble with...S. is checking all kinds of websites and asking all her teachers that are affiliated with legal matters so I know if I can get in trouble or not. Can you imagine, another problem I really do not need!!

S.F just called me!!!! Now I feel a lot better...her flight went ok with exception of tears and some minor issues with the plane. She is taking it day by day for now...I just hung up the phone and I can't wait to talk to her again...

Now I have to figure out what to eat because H. asked me like 2 hours ago so for her not to bite my head off I must start thinking....Until later sweet people
(Better think faster so I won't be the first to go)


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Oh by the way I have some corrections to add here about previous entries. H's friend played a joke on her, his baby is not due until March and it is a boy! So she had to go back to the mall and exchange the clothers to boy clothes instead of girl clothes. Well no harm done, can't wait for the little one to arrive!!! Congrats in advance :) Also we never got a chance to actually walk in to the museum because of an incompetent worker but it is a long story. I really am not in the mood of doing anything as I have been on the phone with S.F right before she got on the plane and let me just say my eyes are really swollen. Until later...


A sad day!!

Last night was wonderful as well as very sad. It was the goodbye party for S.F and it was spent at a restaurant in Pasadena called Twin Palms. There was live music (mostly oldies but I like it!) and filled with older couples celebrating Valentine's Day. The menu was horrible as they made a special menu for V-day (sharing portions...aaawwww how cute...or not) and the selection was horrible!!! When we finally got past dinner which took forever because our waitress was the slowest waitress in all of LA (I exaggerate but you get what I mean) and she would not stop smiling. In the beginning it was cute but after a while it gets creepy, I mean she would literally not stop smiling, she kinda reminded me of the joker in batman :) By the time S got her food we were all ready to move to the bar ASAP!!!! I had several drinks on an empty stomach (I am now suffering!) and danced a little with S.F and some people. It feels weird that she is leaving (don't think it has hit me yet to be honest) but her flight is today at 4 pm :(.......S.F if you are reading this I just want you to know I love you and you will be very missed so hurry up and work your butt off so I can see you again!!! After the restaurant a few of us went over to her house and it felt weird seeing all the boxes (N. is moving to a smaller place)....made me realize she was actually going through with the whole leaving...UGH I don't know what to say about this anymore other than it really saddens me....Damn you S.F I told you I was gonna cry!

Well now I am waiting for the girls to get ready so we can go to the museum of Tolerance in Beverly Hills (H. has to go because of class so me and S are gonna tag along) so I am expecting more tears today....just a sad day in my life....Until later beauties


Friday, February 13, 2009

Animal adoption

H. is looking to adopt a kitten for one of her friends and tomorrow she is going to shelters and try to find THE kitty. The thing is when H. goes to a shelter she ends up breaking down in tears. I have heard the stories when S and H were getting Nala for me. They both went through hell and back but still they did not find what they were looking for. S told me that she had to drag H out of the shelters because she wanted to adopt all of them. Let me tell you something about H. She sees a stray animal and immediately wants to take it home (she has a couple of times). Then the voice of reason (also known as the evil bitch), me that is, speaks up:
Me: H. you cannot keep this huge dog in this apartment. He most likely belongs to someone.

H: But he is soooo adorable!!!!! I want, I am keeping him!

Me: H. if he has an owner then they will want him back...

H: they should not have let him get away in the first place. Plus I found him behind the shop all alone and he just looks soooooo cute!!!!!

Me: H. his nails are cut and he looks groomed...

H: OK, OK!!! I will call the animal rescue and check if anyone reported a missing animal.
(Warning, I am paraphrasing because this was around Thanksgiving and I do not have a great memory, so H. don't be mad if I did not quote you correctly haha)

So the dog stayed for the night and the day after the owner called the animal rescue and H. took him there. It was really hard on her but like the strong trooper she can be, she saved the owner's Thanksgiving day. The owner ended up being a vet. which is good to know because we now know the dog has a good home. Funny thing with this dog is that he didn't like to walk up and down the stairs. So we would spend 20-30 mins trying to get him from A to B without any luck. H. ended up carrying him up and down. We would take him out so he would do his "business" with no luck so I thought maybe I should take Nala out and show him how to do it. But no luck there. I suggested we call Ceasar Milan because this dog is in serious need of help but H. and S. just looked at me like I am a mad person and kept walking. As soon as we would come home the rascal goes in to MY room and pees (as I said before he is huge so his pee was a loooot, in comparison to Nala's tiny stains, not that she pees inside...any longer hehe). I yell at him and H. takes him in to her room and shuts the door. There he continues his lovely business. So we try again to take him out but no luck. We come back and I see he left a goodbye gift to us in the living room (the size of Nala). It is picked up and he is taken inside the room to sleep, on the floor, next to H. (she wasn't sleeping on the floor obviously).

So tomorrow is gonna be interesting. I am not happy about the idea of H. going alone to the shelter as I know it will be hard for her. If she wants us to go with her I would be more than happy to accompany her there.

Me and S. just finished eating,with Nala circling around the table showing us her big eyes and putting her paws on our thighs in hope we will give her some food. Of course when H. is here she always gets something (don't think I don't see you H. when you smuggle food to Nala!) But when it is me and S. she hardly gets any. Anyways I digress as usual, I am gonna do the dishes, hop in the shower and watch the new episode of Supernatural :) Until later gentle people.

(If you are interested in adopting a pet this is a good website )

(WTF!! Or as S. would say...what the fruit?!! Just too funny!)


I GOT SICK!!!! :( I tried so hard to tell myself I was not sick but I woke up with a stuffy nose, aching throat, and slightly throbbing head. Even so I will not let it get the best of me! I sleep with a HUGE sweater to keep warm in this god-forsaken apartment that seems to have NO insulation at all!!! I take one pill after the other (yes every four hours mom) and drink LOTS of water (no tea because I don't like it at all yuck). I got my fever blisters so now my bottom lip looks like I have a fat lip. H. and S. love it because they say it looks like I have gotten filling in my lips. My lips are full already so now we are talking Angelina Jolie full (just the bottom right side though haha). Also I am not the only one sick, my computer decided to just turn black so again I am using S's computer :( This sux because I just got it back from Dell where they supposedly fixed it!!! Someone shall feel my wrath!!!

So tomorrow is Valentine's day, BS day if you ask me. No I am not bitter, it is just that there should not have to be a specific day to celebrate love. It should be celebrated every day!! Plus it has turned out to be too much of a Hallmark celebration!! Read this link to see what some ideas of how this day came about interesting....girls and boys, show your loved one that they mean everything to you every day

Now I will go take some pills and bury myself under my covers...and call DELL to yell at them, or try to scream-whisper because my throat hurts so much haha...until later sweeties


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long night...

So I ate, I drank, and I slept for a while (an indication of illness coming my way). My head is still throbbing, throat hurting, eyes stinging, and ears ringing. I assume I might be getting sick after all. However, I have made up my mind; I WILL NOT GET SICK!!! Now, I am sitting in a extremely over sized sweater, under my covers, on the sofa, watching My Best Friend's Wedding and right now is my favorite part. The scene where they are sitting at the lunch table, and Rupert Everett starts singing (love him!!!)...I crack up every time!!! I am literally grinning stupidly to myself hahaha..oh I must look like a vision :P
I have to say Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses and this movie is no exception and Dermot Mulroney is just soooo handsome :) and wonderful singing voice...

I think I am gonna have some strawberry ice cream (my favourite) and continue watching the movie, and perhaps later I will watch The Wedding Planner (long night because I slept during the day. It is never good when I take long naps, it makes going to sleep at night so much harder.)

Until later wonderful people...


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Am I gonna or not?

To S: when u leave a comment as anon you don't have to sign w S. hahahaha u can instead of anon put S. so I will know it is you..hahaha..too funny..
So yesterday S. got a new keyboard for her computer (her old one was effed up) and she decided she was gonna take it apart herself with my help. I am a handy girl (I used to take care of the electronics back home hahah) so I was more than happy because I like doing it. The feeling when I have put everything together and it works, is amazing!!!!! So what happened was; she was unscrewing and putting everything in different places so they wouldn't mix up. Funny thing is after she put them aside and was about to put them back, she couldn't remember which group of screwes go where HAHAHA so she ended up screwing one wrong and it went through to the other side of the keyboard. Now she has a hole right next to the power button, so I simply said it will remind her next time to know where to put the screws and where they belong, or simply give it to a professional so they can do it :) She wasn't too happy (because S. loves her electric gadgets haha). Well now she has a nice clean keyboard with no hair from Nala lol.

I'm gonna grab something to eat so I can take some advil (or swedish alvedon) because I might be getting sick (damn you S. if you got me sick!!! I have been so good and stayed away from this for soo long and now it caught up to me) let's hope it is just lack of food and liquid. Until later beloved ones..

(I refuse to let you win! I will not get sick!!)


A new person has arrived!!

So we spent the whole day eating, buying baby clothes (took us forever as most baby clothes are sooooo adorable) and paid a quick visit to H's family. It has been freezing outside so now we are all sitting in S and H's room trying to warm up or should I say defrost!
The reason we went buying baby clothes is because H's friend H (haha I know too many H's) and his wife L just had a baby girl. Interesting fact is that the doctor told them they were having a boy but out comes a girl. If I were in their shoes (not that I wanna find out the sex of the baby before hand) I would seriously consider suing the hospital for that mistake. I mean, think about all the things they have prepared for a boy's arrival and now it is a girl instead. So many things bought and fixed *sigh*. Anyways just wanted to say congrats to both of you and welcome to your little girl E!!!!!
(not a boy hahaha)

Ok, as my hands are frozen I am having trouble writing anything so I will write later...until then cuties


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a quicky

Quick post before I leave for lunch with the girls. I have been talking to sweet M. for a couple of days and her boyfriend is leaving for Harvard after this summer. She lives in London so the distance is freaking her out. I keep telling her that long distance is awful but if it is meant to be then it will work out. What do you think of long distance relationships?

On Saturday S.F is having a goodbye party and I am not happy to go because that means she is really leaving. It's gonna be lots of people there so a lot of goodbye and tears....She is busy packing and things so there has not been a chance to see her as much as I would like to but it's not her fault at all. I don't have a damn car so I can't go see her or help her pack....feel like such a bad friend :(

Well I will come back with more things later but for now bye lovelies...


Monday, February 9, 2009

Oh by the way...

D (S's oldest brother) if you are reading this blog then I will say; yes I did say what S. told you about her lasagna. It almost gave me an orgasm was that good and I bet you A. would agree. So feel free to leave a comment if you don't believe me :)


Addicting game!!

There is this game called virus buster and I am playing it on S's. DS. It claims to be something to help you relax but I would like to have a chat with the creators. This is anything but relaxing. It is frustrating when the thing does not do what I want it to do. If it is supposed to line up as I put it then it should not just flip on its own, causing havoc and resulting in me losing! I hate losing and if the DS was mine it would have been one with the wall by now. So just wanted to say that the creator of virus buster is WRONG!! This game is NOT relaxing!!
If you can try to find this game (it is part of a game called Brain Age 2. After you have done x amount of tests the virus buster is unlocked) try it and let me know if you are having difficulties as well. Also as Brain Age 2 is like "workout" for the brain, it measures how old your brain is by having you take 3 tests. Let me first say that the game, where we are supposed to speak to the DS, is completely out of function. We have tried speaking in every possible way except dolphin language but still it will not read what we say. And if you write like a 4 it will sometimes read it as a 9 which means it will register it as a wrong answer..Now come on!! how can you calculate my brain age if you cannot even register what I write. The horrible thing about that is you can only register your brain age once a day. So when you are done, and you noticed that your age went up by like 20 years, you have to sit there like a good little child and wait to retake the damn thing and pray it will not mess up again.

Many of you will think I am silly for getting upset at a game but the thing is I try to beat my own records in whatever I do (I have issues I know but what can I do, my whole family is like this so let it go!) and I despise technical mistakes because it means I will not know how far I actually could have gotten. Maybe that would be the time I would break my record!! I will never find out because the DS messed it up for me!!!!

Ok, so now that I have ventilated I will return to the game....I will break my record damn it!!!

Until next time...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

My best friends girl

This movie was real fun but I think my expectations were too high...The chemistry between Dane Cook and Kate Hudson is awesome!! There were moments where I was thinking; ok come on already! Move the story forward...but the movie as a whole was good and entertaining. I think you should see it. If you wanna see a real asshole (Dane) at work then this is the movie to see.

Gonna force Nala to go out for walk (she hates the cold weather. Good thing is she takes care of her business very quickly so our walks are very short) so I will talk to you later...Until then


On the sofa, in front of the TV

Hello seems to be a day that will be spent at home, on the sofa, in front of the TV. It looks very gloomy and cold outside. Even Nala is just staying in her bed. She saw a ray of sunshine for like 2 minutes and ran to that part of the floor to "tan" haha but it quickly disappeared and back she came to her cozy bed...When will my beloved Cali Sun return and warm my cold body again. I miss you oh dear sun...come back!!!!
Getting hungry so gonna heat some food and watch my movie after I have finishes chatting with my sweet M. that I miss soo much...I haven't seen her since my 21st birthday but everytime we talk it is like we saw each other the day before...the twin I never had haha...She lives in London now and I live in butt fuck Egypt (can I say that?? well to calm all your nerves down it is just a saying when describing something far away. I don't know how it came about but it is used here in L.A. haha). It was friendship at first sight hahahaha...

How does she do that?! She is sleeping and all of the sudden the ears pop up and she starts barking (w her mouth closed) because someone in New York farted in their apartment. I swear sometimes I wonder if Nala is hearing voices in her head or if I have gone deaf...Ahh this dog...Until later darlings

(The King of couch potatoes, Al Bundy haha...his Queen, who actually takes the prize as couch potatoe, is not by his side this time)

sorry.. hehe

I just noticed how long previous entry is....Well what can I say, when your day has been this productive you need to write about it. And trust me there is a lot I left out haha...Until next time


Oh what a day!!!!!!

My day started late today by S. waking me up telling me A. has been trying to reach me all morning. I don't say a word. She asks me if I want to keep sleeping, I simply lift my eyebrow as a no. She continues asking me questions and I keep giving her answers by moving various muscles in my face. Finally she asks the last question; do you want to keep sleeping? YES OH I JUST WANT TO KEEP SLEEPING NOW GET OUT!!! But I don't say that, I just look at the time, damn 2 p.m. I raise my eyebrow and out she goes. Nala jumps up on my bed and starts licking my face (usually makes me happy but not this morning). I push Nala off of me (gently so you don't have to call PETA on me) and start to get ready.
I left my phone outside and S. was kind enough to bring it to my room and I see that A. called me several times plus left messages such as WAKE UP WOMAN! I put all my papers together and get ready to take the passport pics the government need for my work permit and wait for A. to come. She calls me from the market;
"babe what do you prefer, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigiot, or what?"
Me; "huh? Uhm I dunno...Where are you. I thought you were coming here and we would go get all the things together..."
A; "oh no, I thought it would be better for me to get it out of the way. So which wine hun. Chardonnay ok?"
Me; "sounds great just let me know when you get here."
She comes and we realize there are some things missing so we decide that after I have taken my pics and send out the package we will go to the market. We get to CVS to take the pics, they tell me the lady taking the pics will be back in half an hour. I tell them I don't have half an hour I wanna do this now. They say well there is another CVS market further down the street. So me and A. drive there and 20+ mins later I have 6 copies of a picture where I am smiling looking like I want to kill someone. Mind you to take the picture took like 2 mins, to develop it took 5 mins but for the lady to fix everything and help another customer, before ringing me up added to more than 20 mins. While I am waiting for her to come back so I can pay for my pictures I realize I left all my papers at the other CVS. I call S. and ask her to call the other CVS and tell them to see if my papers are still there and if so then just keep them until I get back. We leave the store as soon as I paid and hurry back to the other store. I get there and the guy at the register asks if the CSUN papers are mine. I get so happy they did not throw them out and I take the papers. I realize Mr. salesman went through my papers because the paper where it states CSUN is the last page. I didn't care as I took my papers with my new pics and was ready to mail them out. I check that I have everything and "I HAVE TO STAPLE THEM?! WTF!!!" I call S. for the 500th time in less than an hour and ask her to come down and bring a stapler before I head to the post office. We get to the post office and as I put the package in the box a weight lifts off my shoulders and all of the sudden I get this rush of joy and I let out a scream (thinking we were alone in there). I go to throw some papers and guess what, we were not alone at all. I walk shamefully out of there but still with a smile on my lips. Finally! The papers that have haunted me for soo long are now out of my hands and now all I have to do is wait. We went to the market and bought what was missing, A's treat (again my sweet sweet beloved friend thank you!!!), and headed home to be welcomed by a wonderful scent and a joyous dog. S. had started preparing the lasagna (A. suggested we would have that because I told her I have been craving it for a loooooooooong time. So typical A. always thinking of her friends).
S. makes the lasagna and I make the salad. When we made garlic bread A. tells me to be careful with the knife while cutting the bread. I tell her it is fine and she says; "that's what she said". Both me and S. stop what we are doing and look at A. "what? who said?". A; (casually) "the random girl." We crack up and I scream I will use that next time I get the chance. 30 seconds later the knife slips and I cut my index finger, deep. I let out a small ouch and keep cutting. A. looks over and sees the blood and takes the knife away so I can put my finger under water. I keep it there for a while until S. feels the water and yells; "COLD WATER WOMAN not lukewarm" I say; "But my hands are so cold already, the blood is as cold as it can get." Obviously they do not listen to my lame excuse and turn the faucet to the cold side and I stand there freezing while they are laughing at me. I turn to A. and say; "well, now you don't have to say that the random girl said that. You can say Amanda said that". We all laugh (on my expense as usual haha) and patch me up.
While we wait for the food to get ready we sip on the wine A. bought and oh wow it tastes horrible but me and A. continue drinking (don't ask why, we just did haha). We sit down to eat and OH MY GOD!!! THE FOOD TASTES SOOOO GOOOOOOOOD!!!!! You don't understand, the only one who can make amazing lasagna is my mamma but as she is in Sweden and not here so I cannot have it. But this lasagna just blew me away. S. I give you 5 stars out of 5!! Just wonderful. After I stuffed my face with lasagna, we wait for a while and then have dessert (strawberry ice cream, which is my favourite, and chocolate angel cake or something like that). When we were at the market A. asked if I wanted strawberry angel cake but I went for the chocolate. A very quickly noted I do not like chocolate! Well it looks good and light so it can't be too bad. I had two bites and then I was disgusted haha. We rented 2 movies (My Best Friend's Girl, because I love Dane Cook and Jason Biggs oh and not to mention Kate Hudson haha. We also rented The Secret life of Bees, a very beautiful movie starring Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keyes, Jennifer Hudson and more). We watched the movie with popcorn, and Kettle chips. Of course I had to experiment with flavors so I chose a flavor I had not tried before (salt and pepper) how bad can that taste? Well apparently very bad. A. looks at me and shakes her head like I told you so at the market missy. We enjoy the movie and then it is time for A. to head back home.
Now I am sitting on the sofa, with a full belly, writing this entry while thinking about my VERY productive day. Thank you A. for always making my days joyous and productive when we hang out. Thank you S. for making one of my favourite dishes sooo delicious!! Now I will go call my mother and recap all of what I told you guys. Until tomorrow sugar crumbs (think it's the whole cake thing that is still in my head haha)


Friday, February 6, 2009

On top of the world!!

When you hit the shower after you sweat your butt off at the gym, how do you feel? Do you feel exhausted, on top of the world, in between, or simply no difference than when you walked in to the gym? Well for me it is usually full of energy when I step out of the shower. I feel like I can take on the world! 300 (the movie) is nothing compared to me!!! But not long after that (like an hour) I come back down to earth and take back anything I might have said. When I go to the gym I sometimes feel great and excited, sometimes lazy and not in the mood. When I start working out and the sweat comes out, the burning sensation in my muscles, and shortness of breath, I curse everything and everyone out! I just want to stop. I always ask myself why I am doing this instead of outdoor activities where I will not feel the pain until after. I hold on to the machine as my body is BURNING and aching. I check the time...come on a couple more minutes, I can do this and so the pep-talk begins. I curse and then pep-talk and then curse and before I know it I am done!! I stretch and when my body has cooled off, my pulse slows down I start thinking it was not too bad. I can easily do that again....
What is it with us people that when we are in the middle of something painful we want to cry, yell and sometimes just die but when we have overcome it we look back and forget all the pain. We always say; I can do that again, it was not too bad...Interesting how the mind works. Even when we are happy, we forget why we were sad earlier until something happens to remind us of the pain. I say without sadness we do not know true happiness. When you have overcome a great obstacle the joy you feel is unexplainable so it is easy to forget what you had to do to achieve such joy. I guess what I am trying to say is; remember where you come from, what you had to do, take nothing for granted, appreciate what you have, because before you know it it might all be gone. I do not know how I got from writing about the gym to taking on the world..oh wait my hour is still not up so 300 is nothing compared to me!!! See you lazy butts at the gym!!!!


Small window of hope

So I spoke with my advisor and explained that I do not have the missing papers and that they date back to 2004 which means that they are long gone. She told me to send everything in anyways and in case I get a phonecall about the papers I should explain what has happened but most likely they will not call me. So that is a relief to say the least. I needed a small break and got one. Tomorrow I will take the passport pictures and send out the package and wait for an answer. Let's hope this goes my way and let's hope I find a job haha because someone is running out of money here...Until later


Love for fashion!

I have decided that if I were ever to design anything it would be evening gowns. I just have this love for long gorgeous dresses. Even short dresses are beautiful. Looking in my closet you would find several pairs of jeans but deep down inside I am a dress kinda girl. Just do not have any occasions to wear dresses but when I do I will have a closet just for dresses!

Battle of the dresses

Here is what I put together (one of many sets haha) at The dresses are by two amazing designers; Elie Saab (light) and Marchesa (black). Just so you guys know, I had to figure out on my own how to embed this image in my blog. It was not easy but I did it. When there is a will there is a way. I am advancing slowly within technology yeay!!!

Battle of the dresses - by rkh83 on

I will put up more images now that I know how to do it so that you can see what kind of styles I like in fashion. Until next time darlings


Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have been going through my whole room and all my papers but I still cannot find that one crucial paper I need to send out my application for my OPT card. Without this card I cannot work here legally. If I do not send the application before the 24th I will be in trouble with immigration. What do I do?! I need a miracle right now!! If there is anyone out there with a wish to spare send it this way because I need as much help as I possibly can get. Damn forms and process work!!! Ugh!!!


To go or not go? That is the question (of the day)

Just finished eating and contemplating whether I should go to the gym or not. My body is screaming stay at home by your computer but my mind is screaming get your butt to the gym and work on that sucky cardio of yours. The reason why I go to the gym is not to lose any weight but it is to get better cardio and get stronger. However, I do prefer outdoor activities rather than going to a small gym in my building. I would rather go outside for a jog than run on the treadmill. I want to go swimming, rock climbing, hiking, play volleyball, and so on rather than lifting weights at the gym. To go for a jog or do any outdoor activities I have to have "means" to get there (it is not like in Sweden where you step outside your door and walk for like 5 mins and you have a place to do all these things). When it gets warmer me and S. go down to the pool and swim but it is not the best exercise because the pool is not big enough to do long laps, but it sure is fun! Anyone that knows me knows I am like a fish in water. I am the first one in and last one out. I can't wait to hit the pool again. S.F wanted to go to the beach this weekend so we thought we would go to Malibu but the A. said it would rain this weekend. She was right. Damn it! So A. suggested we go ice skating, now you don't have to ask me twice haha I love ice skating. One thing they definitely teach you in school is ice skating and where I grew up we have a rink next to our house so winters were spent there or at the indoors pool across the street. A. does not know how to ice skate and the only reason she asked was because she knows how much I love it. She would put her life at risk (her words haha) so that she can see me happy again. How can I not love this girl? She is an amazing friend!!!
(Where I skate when I am home. Not the place next to my house but it is very close though)
Well I think I made up my mind. I am going to the gym, with or without S.
See you later beauties...

Gloomy day?

Yesterday was nice and warm, today? IT IS RAINING MEN! No scratch that, it is pouring down! But not men, unfortunately! Outside my apartment it looks like a flood. Should I get a boat just to take Nala out? I am used to rain and snow and all that "good" stuff growing up in beautiful Sweden but when it rains in California or should I say LA, the streets turn in to danger zone. People simply do not know how to drive in rain. As soon as the first drop hits the ground it is like SAVE YOURSELVES!!! People do not understand that if you just slow down a little and take precaution things will go much smoother. Ah but I still love this place :)

I got my computer today! Yeay!! They changed my screen, the plastic around the keyboard (I am technologically handicapped so do not laugh when I try to explain various things concerning technology) and they fixed several things on the inside too haha. This computer is not a year old yet but one would think that I have had it for more than 5 years! Best thing is, the fan does not make any noise at all!! No more special effects hahaha....The bad thing is my computer now smells like grease. Don't ask because I don't know. My guess is that the person fixing my computer was eating at the same time so now I have to "air out" my computer. Is that even possible? Because of the rain we cannot really do anything. I mean I suggested we should dance in the rain but S. just looked at me and said: yea, you go ahead and I'll meet you up after. I say: oh no! I will not fall for that one again! Anyways so we are gonna do what we do best, sit on the sofa and watch Supernatural! One could say we are addicted haha..Now it is time for bedtime story (an episode of Supernatural, I'm not gonna tell you one!) Until later beautiful people...


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I will not give up on this!

I just wanted to say thank you to all you people that have left sweet comments. I am truly happy that there are people out there that want this insanity to end. Unfortunately I did not get all sweet comments. The jerk I was telling you about left me a nasty comment and then he leaves another comment on another blog telling me I do not know him and I should not call him a creep. What does he expect me to call him? Sweet? When someone writes in their blogs about their day, they do not wish to read some comment about having sex with some nasty dude in detail. One comment he actually included the blogger, himself, sex and poop. Come on, that is just nasty! How twisted is your mind. Then you leave a comment on my blog and expect me to be merciful toward you?! You have no idea what you have just started...
I tried to leave him a direct comment on the woman's blog but it kept saying error so I will leave it here for him to read:

"Du sager att du lag pa 62:a plats pa listan, vem bryr sig? Anledningen till varfor folk ens laser din blogg ar for att se vad det ar for manniska som lamnar kommentarer som du gor. Har du inget vettigt att saga sa sag inget alls. Dina kommentarer ar ackliga och nervarderande. Jag kallar dig ackel for det du skriver, bryr mig inte om vem du ar. Du respekterar inte dessa kvinnor sa da respekterar jag inte dig. Show respect to get respect!"

rough translation:
"You say you were on spot 62nd on the list, who cares? The reason why people even read your blog is for them to see what kind of person is leaving these comments. If you have nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. Your comments are disgusting and degrading, I call you a creep for what you write, I do not care about who you are. You do not respect these women so I do not respect you. Show respect to get respect!"

Now I will tell you all ladies and men, do not ignore people like this! The women writing these blogs are sick of this guy and therefore it easy for them to just look past this moron but for someone like me it is hard to look past that. I refuse to simply close my eyes and let him get away with his writing. You will not leave comments of that nature on my blog and expect to get away in one piece, no sir! I know many of you will say that giving him attention is just what he wants but I will not sit quiet and let him keep doing what he does. I do not want to put his name out there for him to get more attention but if you keep writing nasty things your name will appear here and on several other blogs so that in the end you will have no other choice but to retire from the world of blogs or change your name. I am done letting people like yourself get away with your actions!



Enough is enough!

I just had to write before I go to sleep that I was reading some of the blogs I usually read and noticed this nasty ass person leaving comments on different women's blogs. His comments are usually of the sexual nature, to the extent where one gets a little freaked out because of how this dude's mind works. He seems like a total freak (even comments his own blog entries by using other people's names. FREAK!). I am not one to judge or bully at all but when someone says or does things that will hurt people it's enough! That is when my mouth will not shut! I am tired of moronic people getting away with their actions simply because others brush it off as stupidity. When these people step over the line and actually commit crimes people always say; Oh My God, if we only knew then we would have stopped it before it got out of hand. That is always the damn excuse. Well, guess what people, the signs are all out there so read them already and stop it before it is too late. I have always stood up for myself, my friends and family. I have gotten in to fights because I protect my loved ones without any hesitation. When something is wrong I put my foot down. There is a lot I brush off but when it comes to some actions I will fight until the day I die! Now, enough is enough! Stand up for yourselves and your loved ones and end these moronic behaviors before they get out of hand!!
Now I will retire to bed, all this justice fighting wears me out haha...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blog change

So I changed the blog a little. Now you can read something other than my entries. I have added some quotes from Supernatural and daily quotes (bottom of page) as well as sports quotes, fitness and beauty tips (on the left side)...Hopefully they will be updated daily as promised so keep checking :)


My Tuesday

A day at the gym with yelling at S. because she REFUSES to do what I tell her, was my today. All I hear is "I CAN'T DO IT!!!" And I retort with "YES YOU CAN!!! GET UP!!! COME ON!! JUST SIX MORE!! GEEEEET UUUUUUUUP!!!" The result; she did what I told her (half-assed) and because I smooth talked her...If I worked as someone's personal trainer and they are not willing to do what I tell them to do, I think I would kill them...Can you see it: "Personal Trainer had enough, killed client while screaming YOU CAN DO IT! GIVE ME ONE MORE!!" friends would say that it definitely sounds like me which is why I will never work as a Personal Trainer! So while I was doing my push ups, sit ups, and all other ups, as well as doing cardio, S. sat right next to me (after she was done with her idea of workout) watching TV and me. After I stared her down, did she attempt doing a couple of sit ups and then the yelling began. When we were done, we went to the vending machine outside the gym and I got this kind of chips because I had been craving that for a really long time. When I reached to take the bag I noticed there was a pop tart there as well. I do not eat pop tart (do not really know what they are) so I gave it to S. I started reading the back of this little chips bag and after 3 pieces I felt guilty so I just gave that to S. as well. Damn my conscience!! Now the bag is just staring at me like; "damn you woman! You purchase me and leave me to rot! You should have left me for someone who would appreciate me!!!" Ok, now I have really lost it. Changing subject...after this pic...

(Dude, know when to stop! I really think bodybuilders bodies are too much. Sorry if I offended anyone but it ain't for me. This guy is just hilarious..Don't know if it is real but when I saw it I had to share it with you guys haha..he looks soo funny)

Completely different topic; Since doing the whole poylvore thing (mentioned in an earlier entry) I realized I really like to assemble outfits for other people. Go shopping and dress people up is awesome. I would not want to do it full time because I'd get bored but it is really fun to spend/waste time (when the financial means are there that is). Well, now I will take Nala out for a walk and enjoy the lovely screams of our neighbors (being sarcastic...and yes they are still together)...Until next time my lovelies


Monday, February 2, 2009

Grooming day

Today has been a day where I have done absolutely nothing except clean the house a little, do the dishes and the hardest thing; cut Nala's nails and give her a shower. Some of you might think there is nothing hard about cutting a dog's nails or giving a shower. Well to you I will say, when the dog is black you do not see where the nerve is on the nail and after my dog has been cut several times by dumb ass groomers (PetCo) she is scared shit less as soon as she sees the cutters. If she is cut she bleeds a lot! It is just time consuming and needs lots of patience, and the little dog is strong and slippery haha so trying to pin her down to get a chance to actually cut is the hardest part. The shower is not as hard but it's just the fact that she hates water hahaha so she can't wait to get out, she looks actually pretty funny when I put her in the tub. She starts swimming in the air, one paw straight the other to the side, looks hilarious...omg Nala was just sleeping when a couple of bags suddenly fell. Because of that Nala flew out of her bed (on the sofa next to me) over the back of the sofa toward my room, while she was growling and barking hahaha...Looked really funny. Now she is inspecting the bags cautiously while growling and slowly approaching. The way she slowly approaches something unfamiliar is keeping her back legs in place and moving her front body toward the object/s. She has returned to her bed now, after her inspection, but sleeps with her head toward the bags. I have an amazing watchdog. She may be small but she has mad grown ass men run away, I kid you not! She just keeps me amused :)

Anyways, I have a job, as a mystery shopper. Here is how it works; I receive a check (today it was $2660. Yea I wish I could keep it all but this is my life we are talking about haha) I have to take out $300 out of that amount and head out to nearest Wal Mart and evaluate the store. What I have to do is purchase a couple of products, write what I think about the quality and about costumer service as well as the cleanliness in the store. When I am done with that I have to send the remaining money via Western Union in order to see how well the transfer works. Then I have to email my employer (in England) and voila my work is done...Sounds interesting huh, this will be a completely new experience for me so I will tell you more tomorrow when I am done. For now I will make something to eat and pop in a movie...Until next time dear readers