Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Writing resume!

I have been looking for a job now for a very long time. I had no idea of how to write a resume since I don't know what the American standard is so finally A. send me her resume as a sample and now I can proudly say; I have written my first resume in America! Now let us see who will want to hire me!! I NEED A JOB ASAP!!! As I wrote yesterday I found all my paperwork that I need and now all I need is 340 dollars as a fee to apply for work permit for us unlucky non-American citizens. I need a job and money so of course it makes sense to pay shit loads of money to apply for the little piece of paper so I can make money. Is it just me or does that sound a little messed up?!! Anyways, I came here by own choice so I have to shut up about all the fees we are slapped with right and left as international students such as paying tuition over 2000 dollars at my old college when my American friends pay like a couple of hundreds dollars. I had to reject UC Berkeley University, UC Santa Barbara and instead attend Cal State Northridge (not complaining cz the work load is crazy!! This Cal State has the status of a UC school so there!!) because I have no rich parents and would not get sufficient funds to pay for my education. But as I said I am not complaining about attending CSUN because when comparing to some friends at UCLA my schedule was so much tougher than theirs (English majors that is and if anyone of you out there dare say it is an easy major then I dare you to have a 600 paged novel picked out for you to read in a week along with papers and other novels to read!). I think it is ridiculous that me as a graduate from CSUN will have a harder time to get in to law school than a UCLA grad simply because of the status UCLA has. I do not regret my choice in attending CSUN because the year and half I was there (for you that didn't believe I could graduate that fast I would like to say; HA!) was tough but great. I met great teachers and friends. My view when I first landed in LA has completely changed but I still love it here and cannot see myself move back to Sweden, which explains why I am freaking out about not being able to stay here. I BELONG IN SHALLOW LA (f y i I am not shallow at all but more about that later hihi....)

As I graduated from CSUN my next school to conquer is Loyola Marymount University, Law. Their entertainment law program is one of the best and since I want to work within entertainment law it is perfect. I went to visit the school and it just felt right to be there. Now I hope I get accepted or else I will attend Southwestern (lower status but still great entertainment program) and perhaps after a year I will transfer to Loyola Law School.

Now that I noticed I have skipped from one subject to another it is time for me to end this entry so til next time ciao


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  1. Sweetie don't give up you'll find something! I understand that it's absolutely absurd to have to pay money to make money, but you know...LA costs! Go for entertainment law, that would be great for you! I believe in you!!!