Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today and tomorrow

Right now, me and S are watching supernatural as we await midnight so me and H. can wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Oh by the time I am done writing this entry it will be midnight already!) so HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY S!!!!!! NOW YOU'RE AS OLD AS I AM!!!! We have started a tradition which is; when it strikes midnight we sing happy birthday to the bday child and have a cupcake or some pastry with candles in it. This year we had no cupcakes and had to reuse the candles from my bday (hey at least we recycle haha) and she got some gifts from H., and A. Tomorrow she will be in school and then I am taking her ass to the gym but on Saturday we are going out with friends to celebrate her....should be great!!!
Today has been a wonderful day, I met with my lovely S.F. It was mixed feelings for me, sad because she will only be here for 2 weeks and then leave again to stay in Syria for 2 years but thrilled to spend time with her. We were out all day, at first me and S had lunch with S.F (and heard all about her stay in Syria hehe) and Ms met us up later. We ended sitting at the restaurant for a while catching up. We were making Ms uncomfortable (or should I say I was making him feel like that). Love to make men feel uncomfortable because it is soo easy hahaha...
Later me and S. left to meet up with H. and again we ended up eating and trying to order drinks. I had forgotten my passport and when S. gave her Swedish license as I.D the moronic waiter did not understand what it was. He went to show his manager and they literally spent minutes checking a manual HAHA. I told S. to tell them it was Swedish and when she did they were like oh ok well your drinks are on their way. Since I didn't have my I.D but really wanted a drink the girls tried to order a couple but the waiter said one drink at a time, damn! I am 25 and still need to show I.D..I mean it is flattering but sometimes a girl just wants her drinks! When the waiter came to the table with the drinks he was like: how old are you? (to S.) at first we were all shocked because he had just checked her I.D. He had to ask twice because we were just sitting there wondering how stupid this man really is. Anyways S. said she would be 25 tomorrow so he gave her the drinks. Ridiculous. Even though I did not show my I.D I still drank the damn drinks on the table HA! We sent S. to tell the waiter not to bother bringing out a wrong order so we could tell another waiter it is her birthday. We thought they would come and sing for her. However, the stupid waiter came with the ice cream and pazookie and just left. WHAT THE HELL!! So me and H did the singing and I thought I should get the waiter's tip because I did his job..the girls just looked at me like I was an alien and simply said "no." Oh well the offer still stands hahaha..Now I should go and spend time with grandma (S.) here because we are both writing and watching supernatural at the same time. This is the reason why it took me an hour to finish this entry hahaha...til next time!


  1. Haha ja precis!! My life to...

    Mar bra i alla fall tack...och hoppas du mar bra ocksa! :) KRAMIS

  2. Happy birthday to ME muahahaha ;) thank you for the singing and holding the candles and scaring my buttox off of me by screaming HAPPY BIRTHDAY granny hahahahah :D love GRANNY S!