Friday, January 16, 2009


New episode of Supernatural is out yeay!!! So me and S. (with Nala laying on my legs) are sitting on my bed watching Supernatural season 4 and eating candy YUM!! I just love this show and both me and S. are devoted viewers of this show. S. has a celebrity crush on Dean (Jensen Ackles) and who can blame her, me on the other hand after watching Sam (Jared Padalecki) grow up to this HUNKY DUDE I have developed a small crush hihi...For anyone out there who has not seen this show yet I highly recommend you to start watching it ASAP!!! It is a show filled with humor, thriller and of course later seasons, what are you waiting for?!!
Anyways now we are going to return to our show and then mope because we are gonna have to wait another week for another exciting episode to air...See you go watch it!! GO!!

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  1. Tack gumman! :) Ja, jag tror jag ska be Jeff skjutsa mig, han ska lana ut sit kit till mig ocksa eftersom jag var tvungen att lamna mitt i Sverige :)

    Kul att du har mig pa din blogglista ;) KRAM!!