Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New President, new era!

Well as I live in the States it is inevitable for me to mention the new President of the United States, Barack Obama! Who would have thought that so "soon" would America be ready for a non white President? I surely have been hoping for some time now. Since I am not an American citizen I did not have the privilege to vote but the one I would vote for won. Now we all anticipate what the President can do to improve the mess created by the former President. When I saw Bush and his wife get on the helicopter to leave the White House my only thought was; not a day too soon. I hope we all have patience for the new President because surely there will be difficult tasks ahead of him the following years and "mistakes" will be made.
When I watched the inauguration speech it was nice to see that he said things will not be easy and these are difficult times. If things did not go as planned it would be shut down, America will withdraw slowly from Iraq and so on and it just feels refreshing to hear no bullshit but what is actually going on in America. When President Obama took the oath he did mess up but guess what that only shows he is just one of us. The world is in a state of chaos and we need great leaders to guide us to sanity and hopefully President Obama will live up to our expectation. Good luck Mr. President, we believe in you!

to watch the speech click on these 2 links, in order, part 1 and 2:


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  1. I really hope everything will work out for Obama because i believe in him as he's the only politician in today's society that really believes in CHANGE! He' the face of "nothing is impossible!"