Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok so I didn't know if I should mention my neighbors in the blogg but I guess now I will cause they are getting on my nerves...When me S., H., and Nala moved in to our apartment (August 2008) we started noticing the people on the first floor in the building across ours...We live on the 3rd floor btw and the first time we heard the couple was like the first night we spend here...There was no sound from our surroundings until it turned midnight and all of the sudden we hear screaming and laughter and so on..So we look out our balcony and see that the couple are having friends over and they are sitting outside on their balcony. At first we were like yeay young people (me and S. used to live in a building with old people and families only, then we moved out w H. to another place and it was a big complex so it was mixed but not where we met that many neighbors). After a couple of nights where the same thing was going on, start the same crap at midnight and would not go inside until 4 am (mind you the three of us were in school at that time and getting up was hell). A couple of months later we hear this horrific screaming and that is when the fights started. They would curse (mostly she would be the one making most noise) and yell and we even heard like slamming around in their apartment, it went to the extent that the people in my building on the first floor (facing the couple) called the cops. It sounded like the boyfriend was hitting her but as always she was just exaggerating. A couple of weeks later I wake up in the middle of the night hear weird moaning, yes they are having sex. She sounded soo weird and all I kept thinking was; if I was the boyfriend I would shut her up as soon as possible. We have heard them have sex a couple of times but we hear them fight almost every day and it is the same story every time. The fight is always about money or pot. One night H. had enough and she went out on the balcony and yelled at them telling them to get therapy and if they won't stop fighting she would call the cops.

Urgh all I can say is; when we are in a relationship we want out, but when we are alone, we want "in"...Any relationship is about working on it and never take it for granted because as soon as you assume the other person is always going to be there, they are gone...Appreciate everyone good around you and let them know they matter in your life before it is too late...Lots of love



  1. wow...that couple could do with some counselling.

  2. sascha: Oh yes they def. do..hahaha