Monday, January 26, 2009

Mixed feelings

Ladies and gentlemen, I GOT TO LEAVE THE APARTMENT TODAY!! For the first time since OOOVER a week I got to get out. A., came this morning and picked my ass up (her words) and we had lunch (her treat awww love her) and she bought Nala food because I was running out. We enjoyed our meal as she forced me to speak with a British dialect to the waiter (kinda hard because he kept passing us and I had to either lower my voice, stop speaking, or simply change to the British dialect again). We ate and talked about everything in our lives (we have gone through similar things lately so relating to the others sorrow is easy for us haha) and then we head out to the mall and had some Starbucks. We were supposed to study (for A. cz she has a paper due soon) but as I started reading her stuff and trying to make sense of it she got a phone call from her boyfriend and I was inside sketching evening gowns (I do that when I am bored). When she came back we forgot all about her paper and started talking about S's. birthday gifts. I will not say if any of us got anything because S reads this blog so I tell you on wednesday, S's 25th birthday!! After we walked around in the mall (I got blisters on both my heels, hate when that happens) we decided to be good girls and go home to try to work on the paper. So we head home and I see that I got a phone call from S.F saying she is back from Syria but only for two weeks. WHAT!!!! I called her and was soo happy to hear her voice again. She told me she got a job in Syria and she has to stay there for 2 years...the only thing going through my mind, as I try to focus on what she is saying is, no you can't leave...I can't be without you for that long. She is one of my oldest friends in America and one of my closest. She is like a sister to me. We have laughed, cried, yelled, partied, stressed out, worked on school work, and graduated together AND SOO MUCH MORE!!...Whenever she calls to hear my opinion she knows she will get the truth, how harsh I may be (trust me I can be a bitch) and the same goes for me. We have gone through A LOT together and share a special bond. A. kept telling me 2 years will fly by but what if I am not here then?! Ugh, anyways I will try to make the best out of the 2 weeks she is here and who knows she might be back earlier or before I know it 2 years will have passed by and I will see her again.

As you probably guessed we did not study at all when we got home. I was in shock so I didn't know what to do. A. kept checking her facebook (she admitted she is addicted to it, which is why I refuse to sign up with facebook so STOP asking me why I don't have an account haha) and before we knew it she had to head back home. Now H., and S. just walked in with food from McD so I'm gonna have a bite and then watch a movie perhaps and tomorrow I will see S.F. Talk to you later...



  1. Tack!!!

    Och du - du kommer vara har om tva ar. ;)

  2. LOL of course not!! :P KRAMIS!

    Hoppas verkligen det blir av den har gangen....!