Saturday, January 24, 2009

Live every day like it is your last

Imagine having a parent who is admitted to the hospital on several occasions for various reasons. Then imagine the second parent to have their own illnesses and is admitted to the hospital several times. Also imagine these parents not living together so being moved from one place to another several times a week. Oh and also imagine to be 9 years old. This is the situation my neighbor's son is in. I have met the father and the son a couple of times since I moved in here but it was not until some days ago I started talking to them. I always take Nala out for walks (all weird hours of the day and night) and every time we pass the father's apartment. One can never see in through the front window and since they are on the floor, the balcony/patio is in view for people that pass. Every night I heard the TV in the bedroom on and always heard coughing. One day Nala passed the balcony and started barking. I came around the corner and saw that the father was on the balcony reading his newspaper and smoking a cigarette. One thinks that with his condition he would not continue a habit such as smoking but that was not the only unhealthy habit he had. His son would mostly eat fast food and sit in front of the TV. But one thing is for sure with these two, they had unconditional love toward each other. The father was very loving toward his son and I could tell he taught him good values. I stood there talking to both of them and found out that the father was from Egypt and belonged to a "part" of my background (Syriac-orthodox). The boy was fascinated by my dog and just kept petting her while me and his father were talking. I left that night telling them; I'll see you later". Here is the thing, I would not see them later. I took Nala out and saw a woman crying by the elevator, so I walked around the corner and saw more people with cops. I get to the father's apartment and it is filled with people and cops. I had no idea what happened and did not want to disturb the people. Many thoughts went through my head, did something happen to the kid? Did something happen to the dad? Is any one of them in the hospital and so on. I kept passing the apartment but everything looked the same but the odd thing was that the lights were on yet the TV was off. That was never the case before. So since Tuesday I have passed the balcony and wondered what has happened. Yesterday I took S. with me to go knock on his door to see if everything was ok. No answer. Today I took Nala out and was gonna go down to the manager to ask if she knew what has happened and saw the father's door open and things were outside. Are they moving? As I returned from the manager's office (who was not there) I see a woman dressed in black moving things out. I go to S. to ask her to come with me in case I need someone who speaks Arabic because I don't. We go down and knock on the door and the mother of the son comes to the door. I explain the situation and ask if everything is ok and she says that my neighbor, the father of her son, has passed away. He died from his heart exploding on Tuesday night and the one who found him was the son. *sigh*. What can one say?! This boy has gone through so much and now he does not have his father left. The thought that keeps coming up is; he died alone in his room. The mother told me that the son ran back to his uncle when he went to wake his father up and said; dad is not waking up and there is blood coming out of his mouth. *sigh*. Can you imagine how the boy feels?! The sad thing is when I was speaking with the mother of the son she did not seem too upset. She felt sorry for her son but as far as the father she had nothing good to say. She cared for him but that is where it ended. From what she told me the father's family is no family to be proud of, but my instinct is not to judge based on what the ex tells me, who knows maybe the family is bad and maybe it is not. All I know is that she has been doing all the moving out herself and no one from his side have come to help her out which adds credit to her side of the story. Anyways, my heart and thoughts go out to this boy. I hope he will grow up as a good strong man who will never forget his father and the time they had together.

Losing someone is not easy, especially a family member. Seeing this happen has put a lot of things in perspective for me. It is easy to forget what really matters in life. My advice to all of you is; live each day to the fullest, let your loved ones know they are loved, do not take anything for granted, be the best you can be...R.I.P Basham.


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