Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little angel Nala

Right now I am just sitting in my room with my little baby, my dog that is, haha...Ever since I can remember I had always wanted a dog but my mom kept telling me that when we get a big house we will get a dog, of course that never happened...My mom never liked dogs (I know weird haha) so when she found out my two roommates got me a small dog (I know! It is my best birthday gift by far!) she totally flipped!! She was like "well missy when you come home to visit and you bring your dog, you cannot enter my house!" Well that day came when I went home for summer break, with Nala. Now there is one thing you need to know about this little angel, if she doesn't know you, or like you hehe, she barks!!! So when I let her lose in my parents apartment she went around really quiet until someone would approach her and then there was no stopping her...She barked at everyone except..MY MOM!!haha, itsn't that she would sit and watch my mother cook in the forward two years, my mom absolutely LOVES Nala (little secret, my mom forces me to put my cell on speaker so she can speak with Nala haha but shhh don't tell anyone:))

Second time we went home to visit, my mom got so sad when I returned to LA with Nala, not because I was leaving but because I was leaving WITH Nala hahaha...That summer was horrible for me and my dog..when we got to the airport in Stockholm, customs claimed I did not have all of the documents for my dog so after several hours being stuck at the airport, crying my eyes out, they decided to take my dog and put her in quarantine, which made me cry even more and my mother as well...They kept her for a week but it felt like an eternity..I didn't wanna do anything but sleep to make the days pass faster and didn't eat either..I was on the phone trying to hurry the process...I got her back after a week, cz there was absolutely nothing wrong with her, and omg she looked like a skeleton, it was soo bad...When my parents saw her, they grew even more attached to her and now she is like the baby of the family!! No need to say I LOVE MY NALA!!!
As odd as it may sound but whenever I feel sad or crying she comes to me and licks my tears and sleeps on my lap...she always puts a smile on my lips (except when she misbehaves, which is often trust me, she is a little rascal).
I know a couple of ppl who did not like dogs at all but they end up loving Nala simply for being (as my friends and family say) like an 80 year old woman, up to no good, trapped in a dog's body HAHAHA..If a camera would follow her around and record things she does people would be shocked but definitely entertained loooool....

Little Nala (she was wearing that ribbon to show xmas spirit, 2007 hihi)



  1. Tack :) Ah vad gullig hon ar Nala!! Stackars liten som fick sitta i karantan, inte forstod hon nagot heller :( LRAMIS

  2. Hahaha.. Din mamma + Nala = ett mysterium :)


  3. anna: tackar sa hjartligt! nej hon va helt forstord nar ja fick tillbaka darrar hon sa fort vi kommer i narheten av en flygplats...

  4. sascha: thank you soo much..I adore her lol..

  5. Jen: Jo ja vet hahaha det ar det verkligen men om ngn vet det sa e d du hahahaha