Saturday, January 24, 2009


As I wrote in previous entries if I could not fix my situation soon I would have to return to Sweden. Well I spoke with my advisor and she said if I leave it will be very difficult for me to come back to the States, so if I can't find a job soon I will have no money meaning no way to live meaning must to go back to my family. However, I don't have the option to go home because if I wish to start law school fall 2009 it will be hell for me to return. This means I am just stuck in between, I am in limbo between USA and Sweden, hard to stay and hard to leave...

This new year has not begun so well for me at all and yesterday I got some news that brightened my year so far, can't say anything yet because I don't wanna jinx anything. For the first time in a long time did I go to bed with hope but morning came and it did not take long for my hope to shrink to nearly nothing...I am still working on everything and I have to hurry because I do not have much time left to send out the papers. The sad thing is when I have send my papers for work permit I must wait a minimum of 3 months for the process to be done...I understand that they are busy but come on they give us, to fix everything, less than 60 days but they need at least 90?? The thing is that the people working with our papers do not do anything else but work on the papers, granted they work with several hundreds applications but we have school, jobs and so on also on the side. When we need to fix our things and gather everything they need, it is a process of 3 steps after we have attended a workshop...Why is governmental work sooo slow?? Ugh enough with the complaining already!!

I just wanna take some time to thank all my loving friends out there who try their best to keep me here with them, E., S., H., A., A.L., during this period of my life. You guys are absolutely amazing...I have spent so many nights crying and whenever I call A (2, 3 am) she picks up the phone and assures me things will work out and she refuses to let me return to Sweden hahaha...S. is doing her best by checking around, doing some "field work" (one day we will have the same clients and like you said you'll get them in trouble and I will get them out of trouble haha)....H. I know does not say much but when she does she calms me down by just saying a couple of words and asks around on my behalf. E., with her sassy personality, is great for trying so hard to help me stay and find a job even though our friendship is new, but girl when you just know if it is quality friendship. A.L., who got engaged xmas eve (I was soo excited you would think I was proposed to!! And your fiance J. proposed in a wonderful way but I don't have to tell you that haha), you are there when your friend freaks out so you can freak out with me. I will never forget our English 436 Theory class and how we spend a whole semester worrying about all the major theorists within the English subject. You made my first semester at CSUN amazing and it was horrible when you graduated a semester before me but here we are still going strong like true friends...Thank you guys soo much!!! If it wasn't because of all of you I would have been in cold Sweden sulking after sunny LA....

Ok enough of complaining and nostalgia for one blog entry. If I don't stop now I can go on forever, I have a Bachelor Degree in English and boy can we write!!

Now I have to try to sleep even though my room reaks of Nala's pee (which is very odd considering she has not peed in the apartment hhmm wonder where it came from). It is horrible because my room is really tiny, actually called the doll room haha. I guess carpet cleaning is in order so I won't have to hear the famous line by N. "It kinda smells like pee here". Really in both apartments N. stated that haha but at that time Nala was still training hahaha. Anyways won't have to worry about N. making that comment again considering we do not talk any longer but that is a completely different story which I will not tell you my darlings :P For now, have a wonderful night! (found this link with weird ass pictures!! Warning do not click if you are sensitive and a minor. VERY graphic pictures!!! Some funny, some weird, some obscene, some cute, and some just WRONG!)


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  1. Honey! I'm sorry to hear that...hope it'll work out! I don't know what to say because there is no easy solution for this...but i really hope you'll fix it and find a job just to have the chance to do what you want where you want to be!!!