Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jobs but nothing to do...

I haven't explained what I do now that I graduated as an English Lit. major, well let me tell you...NOTHING....I have to fix papers so I can legally work in the States and meanwhile I have to look for a job, but since I can't apply for a license because my paperwork is not as DMV wishes, so getting to work (if I actually can find one) will be a pain...So now all I do is look for jobs online, working on fixing my paper, clean the house, play with my dog and watch various things online (we have no cable cause it is a distraction, so is the excuse haha). I am a 25 year old woman living in LA spending most of her days being utterly bored...depression? maybe, we will just have to wait and see what I will do haha (no no nothing like that, I may be bored but I still love life)....Well as soon as I get a little better I was promised by S. to go out for a couple of drinks (knowing me they may be several, especially me being in this state BRING ON THE DRINKS!!) Well we have to see what will happen in the coming weeks, either I go back to Sweden when I am done with my applications for law schools, or I find a job and stay here. The latter is the one I am hoping for so any ideas let me know!!

See you later



  1. Tack hjartat!Ja, jag ska verkligen forsoka...svart att fa tid for mig sjalv med lilla Jordan och jag ska se till att skapa tid. KRAM!!!

  2. Ja det visade sig att det var lite narmre, ungefar 7 mil...:/ Andre var tvungen att flytta i morgon sa jag maste jobba i stallet for honom i morgon iaf. Men som sagt, nasta gang kanske...:P

  3. Many MANY drinks that is ;) muahahahahaha "can you feel the thundaaaaaa"?!!! hahahahahahaha...S!