Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting day...

So today started early, starting to get back to my regular morning hours. I got up to shower and shave but of course my hot water decided to stop functioning (GRRRR) and my only option was to get out of the shower and shave by the damn sink (thank God I am flexible haha)...So after a while (felt like forever) I was done and hopped in the shower and voila the hot water was back! I rushed to get ready because my dear friend A. was on her way to spend a whole day with little me. She hadn't seen S. since she got back so the three of us headed out. Our first stop was the bank...well our intentional first stop because we ended up running out of gas as we are entering the intersection..I am screaming COME ON PUSH and A. is getting more and more nervous and S. is like LEMME GO OUT SO I CAN PUSH THE CAR (maybe not screaming but we were all panicking that is for sure). So we crawl up to the gas station (there was one right by the intersection luckily) and guess what, a VERY small uphill. The car starts going back...HIT THE BRAKES A! So S. gets out to push the car and me in my skirt and heels get out to push as well...No luck at all...this man (reaking of alcohol) comes up to us and says he saw us as we are crawling through the intersection and he got off the bus to help us...As we are standing in the way of other cars this dumbass dude says I'll help if you give me a ride down the block...I'm like dude just help out and we'll take you...So there is S. with a random ass dude and the gas station manager (half MY size, looking like a shrimp haha) behind A's car, pushing...We fill the car up and head toward our destination..Now mind you, in the car this drunken man won't shut up so I do what I always do when I talk to people that bore me...I nod, laugh and say oh really, or wow, or uhu, or interesting...we drop him off and continue with our day...

After running errands and lunch we decide to go home and tackle the damn cookies me and A. failed last time we tried to bake em..I have to say, I am a good baker but only because I enjoy baking hahaha...We were happy it turned out to be a success...I can't eat any because I feel kinda ill because of the smell, not that it smells bad but that is just how I am...So me and S. are waiting for H. to come home from work to see what we will do later on tonight...maybe a drink? Until then ta ta


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