Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am soo tired of this certain swedish blogger, will not give his name or blogURL, cz I refuse to promote his stupidity..He writes about this Paris Hilton diet (just the name should make a person shiver), where you don't eat for 5 days and on the 6th you eat whatever you want....WHAT IS HE, AN IDIOT OR WHAT?! He claims to be very smart and will study law in Sweden but please dear lord let this man have no more influence on people...He is saying this diet is the best thing that ever happened to him and combined with his workout w his Personal Trainer he is feeling better than ever...First of all that moronic Personal Trainer should get fired if he agrees to his clients diet, second of all I would love to built a time travel machine and travel to the future so I can say LOOK AT YOURSELF!! YOU LOOK HIDEOUS!! Does he not understand the effects of this diet, his body will pay the costs!!! I just hope no one out there actually reads his blog and decide to do the same thing...This eating issue has gotten out of hand, not only in the world of fashion, Hollywood or any other "celebrity" sphere but in our own living rooms...We need to end this disease now!! It has and still ruins too many lives...


  1. i think i know who you mean and i've always thought that as this person is completely lacking a brain, blogging might be just a way to capture people's attention (and look, he's succeeding!). anyways, i'm with you on this one.

  2. oh my god was i wrong!!! it's SO NOT who i thought it was!!! this guy is actually one of the bloggers i read all the time and I really like him! oh god what happened to him?? i still agree with you but i am just so shocked he would do something stupid like this.

  3. Jag har haft overseende med Dennis forut och tankt att han bara skriver sjuka saker for att nu nar han propagerar svalt sa racker det for mig, ignoransen ar pa sa hog niva - jag kampade sjalv mot anorexia i manga ar och blev inlagd pa sjukhus i flera manader. Blir fruktansvart arg.