Saturday, January 10, 2009

Damn internet!!

Hello everyone again. I feel like such a flake for starting my blog and not updating it regularly. Well there is actually a good reason for that; our internet got disconnected. Me and my roommates (2 girls) tried to fix the problem but of course as it is normal in America (at least from my experience) to be stuck on the phone being directed from one operator to the other. However, now we have our internet back! Yeay!! So not only did we have problems with the internet but paying for the warm water was a pain in the butt. We actually attempted paying our bill THREE times! I was without hot water for 4 weeks (worst thing ever during the month of December) Now u might ask well how did you shower or do the dishes etc, well let me tell you. I had to boil 2 pots of water n take them to the shower where I had to use a bucket to pour water over me…it was indeed very interesting but exhausting. I had to do the dishes is freezing water (wearing rubber gloves helps a lot haha). The result from all the use of cold water is; freaking dry hands and never having the ability to warm up (my hands and feet are usually cold). When the bill was finally paid the gas company said they could not send anyone out here to fix it until a week later so, me being tired of all the BS they put us through simply said, LISTEN LADY! I HAVE TRIED TO PAY THE DAMN BILL AND IT IS NOT MY FAULT YOU WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT! I AM ALREADY SICK AND IT IS GETTING WORSE SO YOU BETTER SEND SOMEONE SOONER THAN THAT! She says; how about Saturday? That will be in 4 days? I say; yes that is fine thank you. Then she says; or Friday? I say; why didn’t you say that in the first place? Yes Friday will be great, I will be home all day. So Friday came and the lady came n fixed the hot water so now I HAVE HOT WATER!! I will never take something like that for granted again!!
One of my roommates, S, decided to go home (Sweden) for the holidays and I chose to stay here in LA and she was supposed to arrive today, Saturday, but since it was really bad weather they delayed her flight to London by 3 hours. When she arrived in London the poor thing had to run to the check point where she pleaded people to let her pass so she wouldn’t miss her flight to LA. The people in line were in no rush whatsoever but do you think they let her pass? Of course not! So when she got to her gate the man told her that her flight left 10 mins ago…That is a pain in the ass!! And all the flights that day were fully booked. So instead of being here with me and H and my dog Nala, she is stuck at Heathrow airport spending a night at a room. Poor S. So now I am sitting in the dark with Nala resting on my legs waiting for H to come home so we can make dinner, and thinking of S all alone in London. Me and H rented a cpl movies, The Duchess (love Keira, amazing actress), Fred Clause (what can a say, ima sucker for xmas and Vince Vaugh), Crank (H is in love with John Statham) and Women (everyone should see that movie, wow. Laugh attack in one of the last scenes, Jada Pinkett Smith was amazing haha). So now I will get ready to walk Nala and make some dinner and enjoy watching The Duchess with a glass of wine. Enjoy your night all you lovely people out in the world!!


  1. Hihi ok det ska jag tanka pa...:P Men om man har social security racker det val om man tar med sig det eller? Skont att vet att ngn annan klarar sig utan bil, man kanner sig sa dum ibland...(fast jag har ju startat firma och har barn och allt sa folk undrar ju) Kampade verkligen i Sverige men det e sa sjukt svart i Stockholm nu och med tidspressen hann jag helt enkelt inte.

    Kul da kanske vi far det samtidigt :) KRAM

  2. S. not only are they stupid at that airport...they think I'm a lttle rag doll as well! 9am the plane is supposed to depart...we don't take off until 12!! because Heathrow airport in London wouldn't let us land becaus of a storm...oki so far we're still good...I make it to London at 1:30...but the problem is the plane takes off at 2:10 and they won't let us off the flight! stinky breath next to me won't shut up about his life and I wanna go home already! :( many many hours later, just waiting in the God damn line with people who as "Mandy" said are not in a hurry won't let me skip the line...I see the turn is up...Little cute boy tels me in weird english..." MA'am yu missed the last flight, you'll be sleeping hee because the rest of the flights are over booked! So me and stinky breath spent the night in a hotel...seperate rooms thank sweet JESUS! anyway...before i leave the hotel...I made sure i snatched as many things I could muahahahahahaha I'd love me some miniature JAM! hahahah ;)