Saturday, January 31, 2009


My sister D. just called and wanted to talk a little. She got spooked by something sounding as though someone was trying to open the front door so she needed to calm down and called me. I asked her if anyone was home with her but she reminded me that my parents are at J's. engagement party and my brother S. is not home (not to be confused with S, my roommate haha...Yes I know a lot of people with first names starting with the letter S! Anyways I am digressing). It sucks to know that one of my closest friends is celebrating one of her most important nights and I cannot be there and celebrate with her. As kids we would plan on who we were going to marry, when we were getting married and that we were going to be each others maid of honor. Well time flies and we all grow up. I just hope I will not miss the wedding because that would really bum me out!

Well here in LA we have our own celebration tonight, S's birthday! I made pancakes, while being in a grumpy mood (what can I say, I woke up on the wrong side I guess), for breakfast. H. came home with S's cake (huge!). Now S is getting ready (feels like a bride is getting ready for her wedding haha) by H. starting to fix her hair so I can finish it and then I am doing her makeup. She is gonna look all decked out haha...I need to fix my hair and think about what to wear tonight, I'm thinking dark jeans, black top with my red does that sound? Sad thing with the red shoes is that I don't have a red purse or any other red accessories but as always I improvise so we will see what I will end up looking like hahaha..Well I have to get going so I can finish plucking S's eyebrows and give her a mini facial...So much to do and so little time and one can tell my mind is all over the place because I am not even writing coherently haha!!! Before I get more confusing I should stop writing so until next time sweethearts.
(my heels but in red...nice huh? xmas gift from H. and her sister P.)


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  1. I can't get married without my maid of honor right? :)