Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Boys, boys, boys

Whitney from her new show The City and Momma's Boys

Oh my God!! I just watched the latest episode of The City (spin off w Whitney from the Hills) and the whole drama so far is about boys. I can't wait for the next episode because then it is about Whitney's boyfriends roommates (who are dating). So Whitney finds out that Adam has kissed another girl when his girlfriend was out of town and the preview was so sad (by that I mean pathetic) but I can't judge til the episode has aired. His girlfriend confronts him saying, and I am paraphrasing; "as soon as I leave town you have these parties with a bunch of drunken girls" he says; "sorry honey" if that is gonna make everything better...the interesting part is that so far every episode this guy has been in he has been telling Jay (Whitney's boyfriend) to play around and that there is no point in having one girlfriend and so on...He is good looking but that does not stop me from thinking he is an ASSHOLE!! Funny thing, this boy talks big with his friends but when he was confronted by his girlfriend he looked like a little girl on timeout haha..Hey Adam, grow a pair and start walking the walk or stop talking the talk...

Another show I have been watching is Momma's boys..and oh boy is that worth to watch...soo funny cz it's a dating show with 3 boys finding a girl with the help of....momma!!! Of course there is a lot of drama there as well!!! Mrs. B (Jojo's mom) is the main drama creator on this show...going from stating various racist comments to stalking her son on dates (and sometimes crashing them haha) to crying on the show (cz she realizes what she is doing and saying is wrong) to constantly craving her son's attention..all I can say is POOR BOY AND FUTURE WIFE wow....(Btw Mrs. B is the one in the front of the picture and Jojo, her son, is the one wearing the blue and white striped shirt standing across from her...Behind Mrs. B is Esther and her son Rob, across from her, and the last ones are Lorraine standing next to her son Michael)

All I can say is boys will be boys but watch the shows, it's worth it hahaha...sorry bout the text the post won't edit as I want it too...

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  1. Tack gumman, ja det ligger en trader joes pa La Brea och sen finns det ju whole foods...skulle garna handla dar, men ja nar man inte har bil och ar en familj sa tar man helst den korta sa fort jag har bil ska jag handla pa andra stallen an ralphs believe me...hehe KRAM