Friday, January 30, 2009

Bargains!!! But never for me :)

Just returned from the gym with S. and omg did we laugh at how evil I can be. I kept pushing her, there were moment where it looked as though she was about to collapse but I must say she did really good...I was tough but only because I knew she could do it...I would make a great personal trainer haha NOT....anyways that was not the only exercise we had today. We walked around the mall for 4 hours looking for something for S. to wear for her birthday celebration tomorrow. She is now a proud owner of her first pair of high heels. It looks great and it was about damn time too! (Loved how the salesman knew the minute she put on the heels that she does not own one single pair of heels). It was a great experience and tomorrow she is going to shock people with her outfit!! Before I forget miss S. bought amazing things we thought would be kind of expensive but guess what; She got all her items half off and we don't know how!!! So typical haha when I go shopping the only change the salespeople make is raise the damn price but with her she gets things cheaper for no reason at all..and no the items were NOT on shall remain a mystery but for now she can enjoy her lovely bargains. Now we are two hungry girls dying to get some food in our system so gonna see what we can put together. I am really exited about tomorrow because I am doing S's makeup and H. is painting S's toes (since I have foot phobia..HATE feet ugh) and then we are doing her any guys reading I have to tell you that doing these things make girls really happy because it is like bonding time and almost like a pre-party hahaha...well not quite :) For now, Ta Ta my lovelies...
(This is the shoe S bought...Isn't it cute..funny thing, looks like a cross of my steve madden shoes and chinese laundry hahaha....great taste, what can I say)

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  1. An ar inte kampen over (maybe ;), men jag hoppas hoppas sa mkt jag vagar......

    Om det blir bra framover kommer jag verkligen inte glomma svarigheterna, you're right!!