Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just another day

As you know yesterday was S's birthday but we did not do anything special because she was at school the whole day. We are going out on Saturday instead and have our fun...She got really cute gifts from the girls; clothes from H., underwear from A., and a really nice diary (environmental) and a pen from S.F. She loved them all. I cannot say what I will get her as it is in process...

I haven't been able to use my computer because I had to send it in to Dell as it was giving me soo many problems. It is less than a year old and it was acting really weird. The worst thing was when the fan started making drilling noises. I mean ok special effect noises are cool but not when you are trying to listen to music or watch a show. I am using S's computer right now to check my every day things such as email, blogs, jobs and so on. It is smaller than mine and the keyboard is weird but I am not complaining at all. I am just happy to use a computer again and have access to internet. I noticed that most of my day is spend in front of my computer so when I did not have my computer I felt restless and did not know what to do. I ended up watching Ps, I Love You (made me cry throughout the whole movie, more than the first time I watched it) and Pride and Prejudice (just love it, as I said before I love most movies with Keira Knightly in them) after the movies I ended up falling asleep on the sofa and was awakened by A's phone call. After a while S.F came over and we ordered pizza (our usual routine when we hang out). Since S.F is jetlagged after her trip she got really tired while waiting for S., and H. to come home. We were watching Women (too many times for me haha) and finally they came home. Not long after that did S.F leave and S. and me ended up watching a couple more episodes of Supernatural (told you we love that show) before we went to sleep.

Btw I heard that one of my closest friends J. (our families are really close so she is like a sister to me) is getting engaged on Saturday. It is going to suck that I am not gonna be there but hopefully I will not miss the wedding. There is no way I can miss it...Anyways gonna take Nala out for a walk and then eat something. See you later


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