Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another day in Paradise

I am sitting on my bed in my room and looking out through my blinds, the sun is back but thank god the wind is still here. I love this weather!! I love walking my dog in the morning and feeling the warm wind on my face, it just brings a happy feeling :) I just got off the phone with my mom, poor thing, it can't be easy having a daughter, who is panicking every time something goes wrong, far away from home. She is trying her best to keep her cool and calm me down and all I do is make her worry (stupid selfish child). The reason I get mad at myself when I fail in anything in life, is because I want to make my parents proud! Try to give back a fraction of what I have taken but I just seem to keep taking and taking and they keep giving and giving...When I was younger I used to say I had the worst family in the world but now I know I have the best family for me!!

Just got a phonecall from Syria from a dear friend, S. F. I have missed her soo much!! She went to Syria to spend the holidays with her family and she is telling me all about her experience there, sounds like she is having a great time!! She told me I would not be able to live there one day haha and I believe her!!! My parents are from the Middle East yet I have never been day I might visit...For now I'll c u later


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