Saturday, January 31, 2009


My sister D. just called and wanted to talk a little. She got spooked by something sounding as though someone was trying to open the front door so she needed to calm down and called me. I asked her if anyone was home with her but she reminded me that my parents are at J's. engagement party and my brother S. is not home (not to be confused with S, my roommate haha...Yes I know a lot of people with first names starting with the letter S! Anyways I am digressing). It sucks to know that one of my closest friends is celebrating one of her most important nights and I cannot be there and celebrate with her. As kids we would plan on who we were going to marry, when we were getting married and that we were going to be each others maid of honor. Well time flies and we all grow up. I just hope I will not miss the wedding because that would really bum me out!

Well here in LA we have our own celebration tonight, S's birthday! I made pancakes, while being in a grumpy mood (what can I say, I woke up on the wrong side I guess), for breakfast. H. came home with S's cake (huge!). Now S is getting ready (feels like a bride is getting ready for her wedding haha) by H. starting to fix her hair so I can finish it and then I am doing her makeup. She is gonna look all decked out haha...I need to fix my hair and think about what to wear tonight, I'm thinking dark jeans, black top with my red does that sound? Sad thing with the red shoes is that I don't have a red purse or any other red accessories but as always I improvise so we will see what I will end up looking like hahaha..Well I have to get going so I can finish plucking S's eyebrows and give her a mini facial...So much to do and so little time and one can tell my mind is all over the place because I am not even writing coherently haha!!! Before I get more confusing I should stop writing so until next time sweethearts.
(my heels but in red...nice huh? xmas gift from H. and her sister P.)


Friday, January 30, 2009

Bargains!!! But never for me :)

Just returned from the gym with S. and omg did we laugh at how evil I can be. I kept pushing her, there were moment where it looked as though she was about to collapse but I must say she did really good...I was tough but only because I knew she could do it...I would make a great personal trainer haha NOT....anyways that was not the only exercise we had today. We walked around the mall for 4 hours looking for something for S. to wear for her birthday celebration tomorrow. She is now a proud owner of her first pair of high heels. It looks great and it was about damn time too! (Loved how the salesman knew the minute she put on the heels that she does not own one single pair of heels). It was a great experience and tomorrow she is going to shock people with her outfit!! Before I forget miss S. bought amazing things we thought would be kind of expensive but guess what; She got all her items half off and we don't know how!!! So typical haha when I go shopping the only change the salespeople make is raise the damn price but with her she gets things cheaper for no reason at all..and no the items were NOT on shall remain a mystery but for now she can enjoy her lovely bargains. Now we are two hungry girls dying to get some food in our system so gonna see what we can put together. I am really exited about tomorrow because I am doing S's makeup and H. is painting S's toes (since I have foot phobia..HATE feet ugh) and then we are doing her any guys reading I have to tell you that doing these things make girls really happy because it is like bonding time and almost like a pre-party hahaha...well not quite :) For now, Ta Ta my lovelies...
(This is the shoe S bought...Isn't it cute..funny thing, looks like a cross of my steve madden shoes and chinese laundry hahaha....great taste, what can I say)

New addiction

Before I leave to the mall with the chicas I have to tell you about this website called where you can put togther your own sets. It is awesome for people that are into fashion. I am already addicted. So many colors and different accessories and clothes and so on...check it out Great for inspiration to those who find themselves bored at times and love to put things together...Enjoy
Lemme know what you think..


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just another day

As you know yesterday was S's birthday but we did not do anything special because she was at school the whole day. We are going out on Saturday instead and have our fun...She got really cute gifts from the girls; clothes from H., underwear from A., and a really nice diary (environmental) and a pen from S.F. She loved them all. I cannot say what I will get her as it is in process...

I haven't been able to use my computer because I had to send it in to Dell as it was giving me soo many problems. It is less than a year old and it was acting really weird. The worst thing was when the fan started making drilling noises. I mean ok special effect noises are cool but not when you are trying to listen to music or watch a show. I am using S's computer right now to check my every day things such as email, blogs, jobs and so on. It is smaller than mine and the keyboard is weird but I am not complaining at all. I am just happy to use a computer again and have access to internet. I noticed that most of my day is spend in front of my computer so when I did not have my computer I felt restless and did not know what to do. I ended up watching Ps, I Love You (made me cry throughout the whole movie, more than the first time I watched it) and Pride and Prejudice (just love it, as I said before I love most movies with Keira Knightly in them) after the movies I ended up falling asleep on the sofa and was awakened by A's phone call. After a while S.F came over and we ordered pizza (our usual routine when we hang out). Since S.F is jetlagged after her trip she got really tired while waiting for S., and H. to come home. We were watching Women (too many times for me haha) and finally they came home. Not long after that did S.F leave and S. and me ended up watching a couple more episodes of Supernatural (told you we love that show) before we went to sleep.

Btw I heard that one of my closest friends J. (our families are really close so she is like a sister to me) is getting engaged on Saturday. It is going to suck that I am not gonna be there but hopefully I will not miss the wedding. There is no way I can miss it...Anyways gonna take Nala out for a walk and then eat something. See you later


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today and tomorrow

Right now, me and S are watching supernatural as we await midnight so me and H. can wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (Oh by the time I am done writing this entry it will be midnight already!) so HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY S!!!!!! NOW YOU'RE AS OLD AS I AM!!!! We have started a tradition which is; when it strikes midnight we sing happy birthday to the bday child and have a cupcake or some pastry with candles in it. This year we had no cupcakes and had to reuse the candles from my bday (hey at least we recycle haha) and she got some gifts from H., and A. Tomorrow she will be in school and then I am taking her ass to the gym but on Saturday we are going out with friends to celebrate her....should be great!!!
Today has been a wonderful day, I met with my lovely S.F. It was mixed feelings for me, sad because she will only be here for 2 weeks and then leave again to stay in Syria for 2 years but thrilled to spend time with her. We were out all day, at first me and S had lunch with S.F (and heard all about her stay in Syria hehe) and Ms met us up later. We ended sitting at the restaurant for a while catching up. We were making Ms uncomfortable (or should I say I was making him feel like that). Love to make men feel uncomfortable because it is soo easy hahaha...
Later me and S. left to meet up with H. and again we ended up eating and trying to order drinks. I had forgotten my passport and when S. gave her Swedish license as I.D the moronic waiter did not understand what it was. He went to show his manager and they literally spent minutes checking a manual HAHA. I told S. to tell them it was Swedish and when she did they were like oh ok well your drinks are on their way. Since I didn't have my I.D but really wanted a drink the girls tried to order a couple but the waiter said one drink at a time, damn! I am 25 and still need to show I.D..I mean it is flattering but sometimes a girl just wants her drinks! When the waiter came to the table with the drinks he was like: how old are you? (to S.) at first we were all shocked because he had just checked her I.D. He had to ask twice because we were just sitting there wondering how stupid this man really is. Anyways S. said she would be 25 tomorrow so he gave her the drinks. Ridiculous. Even though I did not show my I.D I still drank the damn drinks on the table HA! We sent S. to tell the waiter not to bother bringing out a wrong order so we could tell another waiter it is her birthday. We thought they would come and sing for her. However, the stupid waiter came with the ice cream and pazookie and just left. WHAT THE HELL!! So me and H did the singing and I thought I should get the waiter's tip because I did his job..the girls just looked at me like I was an alien and simply said "no." Oh well the offer still stands hahaha..Now I should go and spend time with grandma (S.) here because we are both writing and watching supernatural at the same time. This is the reason why it took me an hour to finish this entry hahaha...til next time!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Mixed feelings

Ladies and gentlemen, I GOT TO LEAVE THE APARTMENT TODAY!! For the first time since OOOVER a week I got to get out. A., came this morning and picked my ass up (her words) and we had lunch (her treat awww love her) and she bought Nala food because I was running out. We enjoyed our meal as she forced me to speak with a British dialect to the waiter (kinda hard because he kept passing us and I had to either lower my voice, stop speaking, or simply change to the British dialect again). We ate and talked about everything in our lives (we have gone through similar things lately so relating to the others sorrow is easy for us haha) and then we head out to the mall and had some Starbucks. We were supposed to study (for A. cz she has a paper due soon) but as I started reading her stuff and trying to make sense of it she got a phone call from her boyfriend and I was inside sketching evening gowns (I do that when I am bored). When she came back we forgot all about her paper and started talking about S's. birthday gifts. I will not say if any of us got anything because S reads this blog so I tell you on wednesday, S's 25th birthday!! After we walked around in the mall (I got blisters on both my heels, hate when that happens) we decided to be good girls and go home to try to work on the paper. So we head home and I see that I got a phone call from S.F saying she is back from Syria but only for two weeks. WHAT!!!! I called her and was soo happy to hear her voice again. She told me she got a job in Syria and she has to stay there for 2 years...the only thing going through my mind, as I try to focus on what she is saying is, no you can't leave...I can't be without you for that long. She is one of my oldest friends in America and one of my closest. She is like a sister to me. We have laughed, cried, yelled, partied, stressed out, worked on school work, and graduated together AND SOO MUCH MORE!!...Whenever she calls to hear my opinion she knows she will get the truth, how harsh I may be (trust me I can be a bitch) and the same goes for me. We have gone through A LOT together and share a special bond. A. kept telling me 2 years will fly by but what if I am not here then?! Ugh, anyways I will try to make the best out of the 2 weeks she is here and who knows she might be back earlier or before I know it 2 years will have passed by and I will see her again.

As you probably guessed we did not study at all when we got home. I was in shock so I didn't know what to do. A. kept checking her facebook (she admitted she is addicted to it, which is why I refuse to sign up with facebook so STOP asking me why I don't have an account haha) and before we knew it she had to head back home. Now H., and S. just walked in with food from McD so I'm gonna have a bite and then watch a movie perhaps and tomorrow I will see S.F. Talk to you later...


Sunday, January 25, 2009

My beach...My dream

It is hard to live in Los Angeles without a car or a license because it literally means no freedom. I go from a place (where public transportation is very available, walking will get one very far which means a car is not a necessity but a luxury) to a place where walking is no choice at all, public transportation requires a car and a can of teargas, and taxi is expensive. I feel crippled and imprisoned in my own life. In Sweden I had another type of imprisonment but at least I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I envy people like N., and S.F that whenever they feel like it they just drive wherever their hearts take them. I want to go somewhere where I get a break from everything, including myself. I am a person who loves to have people around me at all times. Before not long ago I could not do anything "social" by myself, I always needed the protection of friends but little by little I do things alone. I go for long walks by myself sometimes (with my heart racing because it is not exactly safe here), at school I would eat (when needed) by myself, work out by myself, make dinner and eat by myself more frequently, watch movies at home mostly alone, spend many days and nights alone and so on. At the end of the day this social butterfly needs to just get away from everyone and everything she knows. I need to change my environment, need to break free from this daily, weekly, monthly routine before I run in to the wall (by choice haha). I check my phone to see if there is anyone I can call, I find no one. I have 162 phone numbers but some are in other countries, others are in relationships, other just don't have space for me in their lives. So I sit in my room and close my eyes and dream myself faar away from here. The only company I need is my beauty Nala. She is with me on that white beach with the clear blue water that is calling me to just jump in. As I jump in, Nala stays on the beach (she hates water haha) chasing flies. I belong in the water, on that beach, with the sun stroking my face. This is where I want to be. I feel relaxed here...But it does not take long before my gray life calls me back and once again I just have to wait until I can close my eyes and go back to my own beach. One day that beach will become real, if I will be there by myself and Nala, or if I have someone with me, I will get to that beach! I refuse to give up on my dreams, I deserve them and no one will take them from me!! I hope you have your own dream and you pursuit it, don't ever give up on your own dream because you deserve it and your dream will never give up on you!!! Go for your aspiration and dreams and you will find true happiness, the way to fullfillment is long and hard but it will be worth it. Bye for now my darlings.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

now I am maaad

I just went over my law school application and stumbled upon something that just pissed me off!!! To apply to a school one has to pay, which is understandable I guess (not needed in Sweden as far as I can remember) and the schools I wanted to apply to charge 60+ dollars each. To be able to get all this info I had to register to something called LSAC. I read there that I need to register for something called LSDAS and it costs 117 DOLLARS JUST TO REGISTER!! On top of the "basic fee" each application will cost 12 dollars..This will all lead to 60+117+12+125ish=BLOOD, SWEAT, AND TEARS!!! What the hell do these people want...I mean this is an education and people should have the ability to go to school and make something of themselves (not everyone can succeed wout an education) and applying should not be what is in the way of not getting an education....The site also states that there is a fee waiver so I got a little hopeful but guess what, "You must be a US citizen, a US national, or a permanent resident alien of the United States with an Alien Registration Receipt Card (I-151 or I-551) to use this online fee waiver application". WTF!!! I am an F-1 Visa student and of course I pay shit loads of money (a lot more than the ones mentioned above) just to go to school and try to survive without the possibility to work and now I won't even get the same freaking opportunity to waive the damn fee...DAMNATION TO DREAMS AND ASPIRATIONS!!!!!! So much for trying to build a stable future for myself!!!! Now I shall go and release my anger somewhere no one can get hurt because once it comes out there is no stopping it!! SO DON'T TRY TO STOP ME!!!


Live every day like it is your last

Imagine having a parent who is admitted to the hospital on several occasions for various reasons. Then imagine the second parent to have their own illnesses and is admitted to the hospital several times. Also imagine these parents not living together so being moved from one place to another several times a week. Oh and also imagine to be 9 years old. This is the situation my neighbor's son is in. I have met the father and the son a couple of times since I moved in here but it was not until some days ago I started talking to them. I always take Nala out for walks (all weird hours of the day and night) and every time we pass the father's apartment. One can never see in through the front window and since they are on the floor, the balcony/patio is in view for people that pass. Every night I heard the TV in the bedroom on and always heard coughing. One day Nala passed the balcony and started barking. I came around the corner and saw that the father was on the balcony reading his newspaper and smoking a cigarette. One thinks that with his condition he would not continue a habit such as smoking but that was not the only unhealthy habit he had. His son would mostly eat fast food and sit in front of the TV. But one thing is for sure with these two, they had unconditional love toward each other. The father was very loving toward his son and I could tell he taught him good values. I stood there talking to both of them and found out that the father was from Egypt and belonged to a "part" of my background (Syriac-orthodox). The boy was fascinated by my dog and just kept petting her while me and his father were talking. I left that night telling them; I'll see you later". Here is the thing, I would not see them later. I took Nala out and saw a woman crying by the elevator, so I walked around the corner and saw more people with cops. I get to the father's apartment and it is filled with people and cops. I had no idea what happened and did not want to disturb the people. Many thoughts went through my head, did something happen to the kid? Did something happen to the dad? Is any one of them in the hospital and so on. I kept passing the apartment but everything looked the same but the odd thing was that the lights were on yet the TV was off. That was never the case before. So since Tuesday I have passed the balcony and wondered what has happened. Yesterday I took S. with me to go knock on his door to see if everything was ok. No answer. Today I took Nala out and was gonna go down to the manager to ask if she knew what has happened and saw the father's door open and things were outside. Are they moving? As I returned from the manager's office (who was not there) I see a woman dressed in black moving things out. I go to S. to ask her to come with me in case I need someone who speaks Arabic because I don't. We go down and knock on the door and the mother of the son comes to the door. I explain the situation and ask if everything is ok and she says that my neighbor, the father of her son, has passed away. He died from his heart exploding on Tuesday night and the one who found him was the son. *sigh*. What can one say?! This boy has gone through so much and now he does not have his father left. The thought that keeps coming up is; he died alone in his room. The mother told me that the son ran back to his uncle when he went to wake his father up and said; dad is not waking up and there is blood coming out of his mouth. *sigh*. Can you imagine how the boy feels?! The sad thing is when I was speaking with the mother of the son she did not seem too upset. She felt sorry for her son but as far as the father she had nothing good to say. She cared for him but that is where it ended. From what she told me the father's family is no family to be proud of, but my instinct is not to judge based on what the ex tells me, who knows maybe the family is bad and maybe it is not. All I know is that she has been doing all the moving out herself and no one from his side have come to help her out which adds credit to her side of the story. Anyways, my heart and thoughts go out to this boy. I hope he will grow up as a good strong man who will never forget his father and the time they had together.

Losing someone is not easy, especially a family member. Seeing this happen has put a lot of things in perspective for me. It is easy to forget what really matters in life. My advice to all of you is; live each day to the fullest, let your loved ones know they are loved, do not take anything for granted, be the best you can be...R.I.P Basham.



As I wrote in previous entries if I could not fix my situation soon I would have to return to Sweden. Well I spoke with my advisor and she said if I leave it will be very difficult for me to come back to the States, so if I can't find a job soon I will have no money meaning no way to live meaning must to go back to my family. However, I don't have the option to go home because if I wish to start law school fall 2009 it will be hell for me to return. This means I am just stuck in between, I am in limbo between USA and Sweden, hard to stay and hard to leave...

This new year has not begun so well for me at all and yesterday I got some news that brightened my year so far, can't say anything yet because I don't wanna jinx anything. For the first time in a long time did I go to bed with hope but morning came and it did not take long for my hope to shrink to nearly nothing...I am still working on everything and I have to hurry because I do not have much time left to send out the papers. The sad thing is when I have send my papers for work permit I must wait a minimum of 3 months for the process to be done...I understand that they are busy but come on they give us, to fix everything, less than 60 days but they need at least 90?? The thing is that the people working with our papers do not do anything else but work on the papers, granted they work with several hundreds applications but we have school, jobs and so on also on the side. When we need to fix our things and gather everything they need, it is a process of 3 steps after we have attended a workshop...Why is governmental work sooo slow?? Ugh enough with the complaining already!!

I just wanna take some time to thank all my loving friends out there who try their best to keep me here with them, E., S., H., A., A.L., during this period of my life. You guys are absolutely amazing...I have spent so many nights crying and whenever I call A (2, 3 am) she picks up the phone and assures me things will work out and she refuses to let me return to Sweden hahaha...S. is doing her best by checking around, doing some "field work" (one day we will have the same clients and like you said you'll get them in trouble and I will get them out of trouble haha)....H. I know does not say much but when she does she calms me down by just saying a couple of words and asks around on my behalf. E., with her sassy personality, is great for trying so hard to help me stay and find a job even though our friendship is new, but girl when you just know if it is quality friendship. A.L., who got engaged xmas eve (I was soo excited you would think I was proposed to!! And your fiance J. proposed in a wonderful way but I don't have to tell you that haha), you are there when your friend freaks out so you can freak out with me. I will never forget our English 436 Theory class and how we spend a whole semester worrying about all the major theorists within the English subject. You made my first semester at CSUN amazing and it was horrible when you graduated a semester before me but here we are still going strong like true friends...Thank you guys soo much!!! If it wasn't because of all of you I would have been in cold Sweden sulking after sunny LA....

Ok enough of complaining and nostalgia for one blog entry. If I don't stop now I can go on forever, I have a Bachelor Degree in English and boy can we write!!

Now I have to try to sleep even though my room reaks of Nala's pee (which is very odd considering she has not peed in the apartment hhmm wonder where it came from). It is horrible because my room is really tiny, actually called the doll room haha. I guess carpet cleaning is in order so I won't have to hear the famous line by N. "It kinda smells like pee here". Really in both apartments N. stated that haha but at that time Nala was still training hahaha. Anyways won't have to worry about N. making that comment again considering we do not talk any longer but that is a completely different story which I will not tell you my darlings :P For now, have a wonderful night! (found this link with weird ass pictures!! Warning do not click if you are sensitive and a minor. VERY graphic pictures!!! Some funny, some weird, some obscene, some cute, and some just WRONG!)


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Writing resume!

I have been looking for a job now for a very long time. I had no idea of how to write a resume since I don't know what the American standard is so finally A. send me her resume as a sample and now I can proudly say; I have written my first resume in America! Now let us see who will want to hire me!! I NEED A JOB ASAP!!! As I wrote yesterday I found all my paperwork that I need and now all I need is 340 dollars as a fee to apply for work permit for us unlucky non-American citizens. I need a job and money so of course it makes sense to pay shit loads of money to apply for the little piece of paper so I can make money. Is it just me or does that sound a little messed up?!! Anyways, I came here by own choice so I have to shut up about all the fees we are slapped with right and left as international students such as paying tuition over 2000 dollars at my old college when my American friends pay like a couple of hundreds dollars. I had to reject UC Berkeley University, UC Santa Barbara and instead attend Cal State Northridge (not complaining cz the work load is crazy!! This Cal State has the status of a UC school so there!!) because I have no rich parents and would not get sufficient funds to pay for my education. But as I said I am not complaining about attending CSUN because when comparing to some friends at UCLA my schedule was so much tougher than theirs (English majors that is and if anyone of you out there dare say it is an easy major then I dare you to have a 600 paged novel picked out for you to read in a week along with papers and other novels to read!). I think it is ridiculous that me as a graduate from CSUN will have a harder time to get in to law school than a UCLA grad simply because of the status UCLA has. I do not regret my choice in attending CSUN because the year and half I was there (for you that didn't believe I could graduate that fast I would like to say; HA!) was tough but great. I met great teachers and friends. My view when I first landed in LA has completely changed but I still love it here and cannot see myself move back to Sweden, which explains why I am freaking out about not being able to stay here. I BELONG IN SHALLOW LA (f y i I am not shallow at all but more about that later hihi....)

As I graduated from CSUN my next school to conquer is Loyola Marymount University, Law. Their entertainment law program is one of the best and since I want to work within entertainment law it is perfect. I went to visit the school and it just felt right to be there. Now I hope I get accepted or else I will attend Southwestern (lower status but still great entertainment program) and perhaps after a year I will transfer to Loyola Law School.

Now that I noticed I have skipped from one subject to another it is time for me to end this entry so til next time ciao


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Just me...

Is it possible to be soo bored and stressed at the same time. It gets so crazy that you walk in to a room and find yourself wondering what you are doing there? If that is so then that is where I am right now, confused. I am so bored out of my mind. It is not that I do absolutely nothing, no, I have read all the blogs I usually read on a daily basis, I have played all my music on my Youtube playlists (twice), I have showered and cut Nala's nails. I took a shower myself, I read the news online, and I tried to figure out what to eat only to discover I don't feel like eating (bad I know)..Should I do laundry? Well I have no quarters so that's a no. Should I clean the house again? It wouldn't take that long. Should I look for all my papers I need done? Hopefully I will find them. Should I work on my personal statement for law school applications as well as send out an email to a teacher for a letter of recommendation? WHERE TO BEGIN?! I know...bury myself under my covers with Nala and just fall asleep and wake up and book a ticket back home. There will be nothing to do there either but at least I have my family there so I will have some company...Urgh depression sucks because it is easy to see one is there but to get out is too hard...
Take care all you lovely people out there..make the best out of your days because before you know it, it's all gone!! See you soon...


New President, new era!

Well as I live in the States it is inevitable for me to mention the new President of the United States, Barack Obama! Who would have thought that so "soon" would America be ready for a non white President? I surely have been hoping for some time now. Since I am not an American citizen I did not have the privilege to vote but the one I would vote for won. Now we all anticipate what the President can do to improve the mess created by the former President. When I saw Bush and his wife get on the helicopter to leave the White House my only thought was; not a day too soon. I hope we all have patience for the new President because surely there will be difficult tasks ahead of him the following years and "mistakes" will be made.
When I watched the inauguration speech it was nice to see that he said things will not be easy and these are difficult times. If things did not go as planned it would be shut down, America will withdraw slowly from Iraq and so on and it just feels refreshing to hear no bullshit but what is actually going on in America. When President Obama took the oath he did mess up but guess what that only shows he is just one of us. The world is in a state of chaos and we need great leaders to guide us to sanity and hopefully President Obama will live up to our expectation. Good luck Mr. President, we believe in you!

to watch the speech click on these 2 links, in order, part 1 and 2:


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jobs but nothing to do...

I haven't explained what I do now that I graduated as an English Lit. major, well let me tell you...NOTHING....I have to fix papers so I can legally work in the States and meanwhile I have to look for a job, but since I can't apply for a license because my paperwork is not as DMV wishes, so getting to work (if I actually can find one) will be a pain...So now all I do is look for jobs online, working on fixing my paper, clean the house, play with my dog and watch various things online (we have no cable cause it is a distraction, so is the excuse haha). I am a 25 year old woman living in LA spending most of her days being utterly bored...depression? maybe, we will just have to wait and see what I will do haha (no no nothing like that, I may be bored but I still love life)....Well as soon as I get a little better I was promised by S. to go out for a couple of drinks (knowing me they may be several, especially me being in this state BRING ON THE DRINKS!!) Well we have to see what will happen in the coming weeks, either I go back to Sweden when I am done with my applications for law schools, or I find a job and stay here. The latter is the one I am hoping for so any ideas let me know!!

See you later


Saturday, January 17, 2009


Ok so I didn't know if I should mention my neighbors in the blogg but I guess now I will cause they are getting on my nerves...When me S., H., and Nala moved in to our apartment (August 2008) we started noticing the people on the first floor in the building across ours...We live on the 3rd floor btw and the first time we heard the couple was like the first night we spend here...There was no sound from our surroundings until it turned midnight and all of the sudden we hear screaming and laughter and so on..So we look out our balcony and see that the couple are having friends over and they are sitting outside on their balcony. At first we were like yeay young people (me and S. used to live in a building with old people and families only, then we moved out w H. to another place and it was a big complex so it was mixed but not where we met that many neighbors). After a couple of nights where the same thing was going on, start the same crap at midnight and would not go inside until 4 am (mind you the three of us were in school at that time and getting up was hell). A couple of months later we hear this horrific screaming and that is when the fights started. They would curse (mostly she would be the one making most noise) and yell and we even heard like slamming around in their apartment, it went to the extent that the people in my building on the first floor (facing the couple) called the cops. It sounded like the boyfriend was hitting her but as always she was just exaggerating. A couple of weeks later I wake up in the middle of the night hear weird moaning, yes they are having sex. She sounded soo weird and all I kept thinking was; if I was the boyfriend I would shut her up as soon as possible. We have heard them have sex a couple of times but we hear them fight almost every day and it is the same story every time. The fight is always about money or pot. One night H. had enough and she went out on the balcony and yelled at them telling them to get therapy and if they won't stop fighting she would call the cops.

Urgh all I can say is; when we are in a relationship we want out, but when we are alone, we want "in"...Any relationship is about working on it and never take it for granted because as soon as you assume the other person is always going to be there, they are gone...Appreciate everyone good around you and let them know they matter in your life before it is too late...Lots of love


Little angel Nala

Right now I am just sitting in my room with my little baby, my dog that is, haha...Ever since I can remember I had always wanted a dog but my mom kept telling me that when we get a big house we will get a dog, of course that never happened...My mom never liked dogs (I know weird haha) so when she found out my two roommates got me a small dog (I know! It is my best birthday gift by far!) she totally flipped!! She was like "well missy when you come home to visit and you bring your dog, you cannot enter my house!" Well that day came when I went home for summer break, with Nala. Now there is one thing you need to know about this little angel, if she doesn't know you, or like you hehe, she barks!!! So when I let her lose in my parents apartment she went around really quiet until someone would approach her and then there was no stopping her...She barked at everyone except..MY MOM!!haha, itsn't that she would sit and watch my mother cook in the forward two years, my mom absolutely LOVES Nala (little secret, my mom forces me to put my cell on speaker so she can speak with Nala haha but shhh don't tell anyone:))

Second time we went home to visit, my mom got so sad when I returned to LA with Nala, not because I was leaving but because I was leaving WITH Nala hahaha...That summer was horrible for me and my dog..when we got to the airport in Stockholm, customs claimed I did not have all of the documents for my dog so after several hours being stuck at the airport, crying my eyes out, they decided to take my dog and put her in quarantine, which made me cry even more and my mother as well...They kept her for a week but it felt like an eternity..I didn't wanna do anything but sleep to make the days pass faster and didn't eat either..I was on the phone trying to hurry the process...I got her back after a week, cz there was absolutely nothing wrong with her, and omg she looked like a skeleton, it was soo bad...When my parents saw her, they grew even more attached to her and now she is like the baby of the family!! No need to say I LOVE MY NALA!!!
As odd as it may sound but whenever I feel sad or crying she comes to me and licks my tears and sleeps on my lap...she always puts a smile on my lips (except when she misbehaves, which is often trust me, she is a little rascal).
I know a couple of ppl who did not like dogs at all but they end up loving Nala simply for being (as my friends and family say) like an 80 year old woman, up to no good, trapped in a dog's body HAHAHA..If a camera would follow her around and record things she does people would be shocked but definitely entertained loooool....

Little Nala (she was wearing that ribbon to show xmas spirit, 2007 hihi)


Friday, January 16, 2009


New episode of Supernatural is out yeay!!! So me and S. (with Nala laying on my legs) are sitting on my bed watching Supernatural season 4 and eating candy YUM!! I just love this show and both me and S. are devoted viewers of this show. S. has a celebrity crush on Dean (Jensen Ackles) and who can blame her, me on the other hand after watching Sam (Jared Padalecki) grow up to this HUNKY DUDE I have developed a small crush hihi...For anyone out there who has not seen this show yet I highly recommend you to start watching it ASAP!!! It is a show filled with humor, thriller and of course later seasons, what are you waiting for?!!
Anyways now we are going to return to our show and then mope because we are gonna have to wait another week for another exciting episode to air...See you go watch it!! GO!!

Are you smarter than a 5th grader!

I am watching Celebrity Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader and singer Kellie Pickler (former American Idol contestant) is just hilarious and soo stupid sometimes of the questions she had to answer was; Budapest is the capital of what European country? She has no clue and she thought Europe was a country she also kept saying France is not a country hahaha (sorry to all the french people out there but Kellie Pickler says you don't have a country LOOOL)..Here is the link for the people who might be interested

Sometimes one wonders what people learn in school haha. But to be fair some of these questions are pretty hard. For someone like me, who was in 5th grade YEARS ago, it is hard to recall some of the answers to the guy got a question about what the official language of Australia is and he said I think it is English but I am dropping out, only to find out he would have been right (that sux!!). I admire the people who have the guts to get up there and make a fool of themselves on national television cause I don't know if I could do it...

All of you funny people out there, get up there and give us good television so viewers at home can sit and laugh and criticize people entering these shows (because don't we all say when we sit at home that we could totally do better than them ehem). Some of these shows are; Idol, Are You Smarter..,Britain's got talent and so on..Now I like to say; ett gott skratt förlänger livet (swedish for; a good laugh prolongs life)...Always try to see things on the bright side and laugh as much as possible (it spreads faster than you think)

xoxo :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am soo tired of this certain swedish blogger, will not give his name or blogURL, cz I refuse to promote his stupidity..He writes about this Paris Hilton diet (just the name should make a person shiver), where you don't eat for 5 days and on the 6th you eat whatever you want....WHAT IS HE, AN IDIOT OR WHAT?! He claims to be very smart and will study law in Sweden but please dear lord let this man have no more influence on people...He is saying this diet is the best thing that ever happened to him and combined with his workout w his Personal Trainer he is feeling better than ever...First of all that moronic Personal Trainer should get fired if he agrees to his clients diet, second of all I would love to built a time travel machine and travel to the future so I can say LOOK AT YOURSELF!! YOU LOOK HIDEOUS!! Does he not understand the effects of this diet, his body will pay the costs!!! I just hope no one out there actually reads his blog and decide to do the same thing...This eating issue has gotten out of hand, not only in the world of fashion, Hollywood or any other "celebrity" sphere but in our own living rooms...We need to end this disease now!! It has and still ruins too many lives...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Interesting day...

So today started early, starting to get back to my regular morning hours. I got up to shower and shave but of course my hot water decided to stop functioning (GRRRR) and my only option was to get out of the shower and shave by the damn sink (thank God I am flexible haha)...So after a while (felt like forever) I was done and hopped in the shower and voila the hot water was back! I rushed to get ready because my dear friend A. was on her way to spend a whole day with little me. She hadn't seen S. since she got back so the three of us headed out. Our first stop was the bank...well our intentional first stop because we ended up running out of gas as we are entering the intersection..I am screaming COME ON PUSH and A. is getting more and more nervous and S. is like LEMME GO OUT SO I CAN PUSH THE CAR (maybe not screaming but we were all panicking that is for sure). So we crawl up to the gas station (there was one right by the intersection luckily) and guess what, a VERY small uphill. The car starts going back...HIT THE BRAKES A! So S. gets out to push the car and me in my skirt and heels get out to push as well...No luck at all...this man (reaking of alcohol) comes up to us and says he saw us as we are crawling through the intersection and he got off the bus to help us...As we are standing in the way of other cars this dumbass dude says I'll help if you give me a ride down the block...I'm like dude just help out and we'll take you...So there is S. with a random ass dude and the gas station manager (half MY size, looking like a shrimp haha) behind A's car, pushing...We fill the car up and head toward our destination..Now mind you, in the car this drunken man won't shut up so I do what I always do when I talk to people that bore me...I nod, laugh and say oh really, or wow, or uhu, or interesting...we drop him off and continue with our day...

After running errands and lunch we decide to go home and tackle the damn cookies me and A. failed last time we tried to bake em..I have to say, I am a good baker but only because I enjoy baking hahaha...We were happy it turned out to be a success...I can't eat any because I feel kinda ill because of the smell, not that it smells bad but that is just how I am...So me and S. are waiting for H. to come home from work to see what we will do later on tonight...maybe a drink? Until then ta ta


Boys, boys, boys

Whitney from her new show The City and Momma's Boys

Oh my God!! I just watched the latest episode of The City (spin off w Whitney from the Hills) and the whole drama so far is about boys. I can't wait for the next episode because then it is about Whitney's boyfriends roommates (who are dating). So Whitney finds out that Adam has kissed another girl when his girlfriend was out of town and the preview was so sad (by that I mean pathetic) but I can't judge til the episode has aired. His girlfriend confronts him saying, and I am paraphrasing; "as soon as I leave town you have these parties with a bunch of drunken girls" he says; "sorry honey" if that is gonna make everything better...the interesting part is that so far every episode this guy has been in he has been telling Jay (Whitney's boyfriend) to play around and that there is no point in having one girlfriend and so on...He is good looking but that does not stop me from thinking he is an ASSHOLE!! Funny thing, this boy talks big with his friends but when he was confronted by his girlfriend he looked like a little girl on timeout haha..Hey Adam, grow a pair and start walking the walk or stop talking the talk...

Another show I have been watching is Momma's boys..and oh boy is that worth to watch...soo funny cz it's a dating show with 3 boys finding a girl with the help of....momma!!! Of course there is a lot of drama there as well!!! Mrs. B (Jojo's mom) is the main drama creator on this show...going from stating various racist comments to stalking her son on dates (and sometimes crashing them haha) to crying on the show (cz she realizes what she is doing and saying is wrong) to constantly craving her son's attention..all I can say is POOR BOY AND FUTURE WIFE wow....(Btw Mrs. B is the one in the front of the picture and Jojo, her son, is the one wearing the blue and white striped shirt standing across from her...Behind Mrs. B is Esther and her son Rob, across from her, and the last ones are Lorraine standing next to her son Michael)

All I can say is boys will be boys but watch the shows, it's worth it hahaha...sorry bout the text the post won't edit as I want it too...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh I forgot...

Just wanted to thank my beloved sister, D., for all the wonderful and yummy candy!!! You rock!!! My little sister is awesome!!! haha


Another day in Paradise

I am sitting on my bed in my room and looking out through my blinds, the sun is back but thank god the wind is still here. I love this weather!! I love walking my dog in the morning and feeling the warm wind on my face, it just brings a happy feeling :) I just got off the phone with my mom, poor thing, it can't be easy having a daughter, who is panicking every time something goes wrong, far away from home. She is trying her best to keep her cool and calm me down and all I do is make her worry (stupid selfish child). The reason I get mad at myself when I fail in anything in life, is because I want to make my parents proud! Try to give back a fraction of what I have taken but I just seem to keep taking and taking and they keep giving and giving...When I was younger I used to say I had the worst family in the world but now I know I have the best family for me!!

Just got a phonecall from Syria from a dear friend, S. F. I have missed her soo much!! She went to Syria to spend the holidays with her family and she is telling me all about her experience there, sounds like she is having a great time!! She told me I would not be able to live there one day haha and I believe her!!! My parents are from the Middle East yet I have never been day I might visit...For now I'll c u later


Monday, January 12, 2009


So S. is back, landed yesterday and I have LOTS of swedish candy!!!! It's the best candy in the whole world (my opinion). If you don't believe me you should go to Sweden and try haha.

I tried to take the written exam (2nd time) for the drivers license but there is something wrong with my papers so I have to schedule a new time again and go back when my papers are fixed. We will see when I will be able to take this damn license!! For anyone out there that might consider what it would be like to study in America when from another country I have an answer IT CAN BE HELL! But since I am still here as you can tell it can be amazing! So right now I just feel blah! C u soon

(I have no affiliation with this man haha)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Damn internet!!

Hello everyone again. I feel like such a flake for starting my blog and not updating it regularly. Well there is actually a good reason for that; our internet got disconnected. Me and my roommates (2 girls) tried to fix the problem but of course as it is normal in America (at least from my experience) to be stuck on the phone being directed from one operator to the other. However, now we have our internet back! Yeay!! So not only did we have problems with the internet but paying for the warm water was a pain in the butt. We actually attempted paying our bill THREE times! I was without hot water for 4 weeks (worst thing ever during the month of December) Now u might ask well how did you shower or do the dishes etc, well let me tell you. I had to boil 2 pots of water n take them to the shower where I had to use a bucket to pour water over me…it was indeed very interesting but exhausting. I had to do the dishes is freezing water (wearing rubber gloves helps a lot haha). The result from all the use of cold water is; freaking dry hands and never having the ability to warm up (my hands and feet are usually cold). When the bill was finally paid the gas company said they could not send anyone out here to fix it until a week later so, me being tired of all the BS they put us through simply said, LISTEN LADY! I HAVE TRIED TO PAY THE DAMN BILL AND IT IS NOT MY FAULT YOU WOULD NOT ACCEPT IT! I AM ALREADY SICK AND IT IS GETTING WORSE SO YOU BETTER SEND SOMEONE SOONER THAN THAT! She says; how about Saturday? That will be in 4 days? I say; yes that is fine thank you. Then she says; or Friday? I say; why didn’t you say that in the first place? Yes Friday will be great, I will be home all day. So Friday came and the lady came n fixed the hot water so now I HAVE HOT WATER!! I will never take something like that for granted again!!
One of my roommates, S, decided to go home (Sweden) for the holidays and I chose to stay here in LA and she was supposed to arrive today, Saturday, but since it was really bad weather they delayed her flight to London by 3 hours. When she arrived in London the poor thing had to run to the check point where she pleaded people to let her pass so she wouldn’t miss her flight to LA. The people in line were in no rush whatsoever but do you think they let her pass? Of course not! So when she got to her gate the man told her that her flight left 10 mins ago…That is a pain in the ass!! And all the flights that day were fully booked. So instead of being here with me and H and my dog Nala, she is stuck at Heathrow airport spending a night at a room. Poor S. So now I am sitting in the dark with Nala resting on my legs waiting for H to come home so we can make dinner, and thinking of S all alone in London. Me and H rented a cpl movies, The Duchess (love Keira, amazing actress), Fred Clause (what can a say, ima sucker for xmas and Vince Vaugh), Crank (H is in love with John Statham) and Women (everyone should see that movie, wow. Laugh attack in one of the last scenes, Jada Pinkett Smith was amazing haha). So now I will get ready to walk Nala and make some dinner and enjoy watching The Duchess with a glass of wine. Enjoy your night all you lovely people out in the world!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

First post!

Hello everyone out there! I have now spent some time contemplating whether I should go through with this or not. I decided (as you can tell) to do so. I have another blog, older, but that was only something I had to do for class so this one is for me and my thoughts of life! I will use this blog as a way to communicate with the outside world and talk about my days and life here in Los Angeles. I dearly encourage comments, nice ones though so don't be mean hehe. I will discuss anything going on in society, from celebrities, to fashion, to education and wordly news. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and become a frequent visitor! Keeping it short for now and see you again soon.